100 Easy Trivia Questions and Answers for Kids Quiz Printable

Kids are the future generation who need the right knowledge and learning. Easy trivia questions and answers for kids are appropriately prepared on the basis of some easy and common general knowledge quizzes, from many resourceful contents. These easy trivia questions and answers for kids printables are full of fun and amusement, where cute kids find them entertaining and competitive.

These easy trivia questions and answers for kids will enable kids to grow the tendency to learn new things or practice that they already know.

Let’s solve the easy trivia questions and answers for kids with other friends and classmates!

Easy trivia questions and answers for kids

1. Who won The Nobel Prize in Physics 2019?

James Peebles “for theoretical discoveries in physical cosmology”
Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz “for the discovery of an exoplanet orbiting a solar-type star”

2. Which company has the motto — “Finger-Lickin’ Good”?

Kentucky Fried Chicken

3. What do Pentacles mean in tarot cards?


4. Who has a famous speech: The Evil Empire?

Ronald Wilson Reagan

5. What is Heliophobia?

Fear of the sun

6. Which president has a pet named Chan, a Siamese Cat?

Gerald Ford

7. Where the Wild Things Are is written in 1963 by whom?

Maurice Sendak

8. What is the oldest of the 7 wonders of the world?

Pyramids of Giza

9. Who built the Colossus of Rhodes?


10. You won’t be able to taste food if it weren’t for saliva, because our taste buds can only detect the taste of food once it’s dissolved in a liquid! T/F?


11. A Polar Bear’s fur is actually transparent, T/F?

True, but because of the way the strands reflect light, they appear to be white

12. Some hummingbirds weigh less than a-


13. The fastest falcon can outplace what?

A speeding race car

14. Most of the ancient Egyptian pyramids were built as tombs for their ‘pharaohs’ who were the rulers of ancient Egypt. T/F?


15. Many bird’s feathers weigh more than their what?


16. There are more plastic flamingos in the USA than the real ones. T/F?


17. Who started sketching when he was just four years old?

Walt Disney

18. If all the DNA in the human body is uncoiled and put together, it would be about how long of our whole solar system?

Twice the diameter

19. In tarot, what is meant by Swords?


20. If you want to see the Great Wall, which country you need to visit in?


21. Which animal’s skin under the fur is actually black in color, so it can absorb and retain heat from the sun?

Polar bears

22. Who started attending art school at the mere age of 10?

Pablo Picasso

23. Who built the Lighthouse of Alexandria?

Greeks, Ptolemaic Egyptians

24. Your eyes move about how many times a second?

80 times

25. What is the moral of the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar?

Change is inevitable in life. In fact, it’s the only constant in this world. So it’s HOW WE ADAPT TO CHANGE which sets each of us apart and defines who we are and how we live our lives.

26. The biggest bald eagle nests weigh up to how many pounds?

4000 pounds

27. If all the blood vessels in an adult’s body are laid out end to end, they will cover and circle the Earth’s equator how many times?

Four times!

28. Which island has about 887 giant statues of heads called Moai, and no one knows the purpose they serve?

Easter Island

29. Which animals have an amazing sense of hearing and can hear sounds at four times the distance than humans can?


30. During their religious Eid festival, what do Muslims say to each other?

Eid Mubarak

31. Who wrote the children’s book, Goodnight Moon?

Margaret Wise Brown

32. Your body contains about how long blood vessels?

60,000 miles (96561 km)

33. If spread out, the total surface area of adult lungs can be up to how long?

75 square meters. This is the size of half a tennis court!

34. 99 percent of people can’t lick their elbows. T/F?


35. What Are the Original Seven Wonders of the World?

The Great Pyramid of Giza.
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
The Statue of Zeus at Olympia.
The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus.
The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.
The Colossus of Rhodes.
The Lighthouse (Pharos) of Alexandria.

36. Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete. T/F?


37. What are some of the most playful sea creatures and are highly intelligent?

Dolphins. Their brain development is similar to that of humans.

38. A fully grown adult has 206 bones in their body, whereas a newborn baby has how many bones?

300 bones. Some of these bones fuse together as the baby grows.

39. In tarot, the Minor Arcana has how many individual cards?


40. Holi is a festival celebrated in which country?


41. What are the only birds that can fly backward?


42. What birds can rotate their heads up to 270 degrees without moving their body! (Humans can only rotate their heads about 80 degrees)


43. If you want to see the modern great wonder Chichén Itzá, which country you need to visit?


44. According to scientists, the human nose can detect and recognize how many different scents?

Three trillion

45. It is possible for people to get goosebumps on their faces. T/F?


46. Who has a famous speech: The Arsenal of Democracy?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

47. Which animals have also been observed to live together in large groups and hunt as well as play together?


48. How many of the cells in your body could fit on the head of a pin?

About 10 thousand

49. Some wild turkeys run up to 25 miles (40 km) an hour. T/F?


50. Who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2020?

Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer A. Doudna “for the development of a method for genome editing”

51. If you want to see the wonder of Petra, which country you need to visit?


52. Once you eat your food, it takes your body around how many hours to fully digest it?

12 hours

53. What is akhirah according to Islam?

Life in the hereafter

54. Most experts believe that birds are descended from what?


55. If you want to see the wonder of the Taj Mahal, which country you need to visit in?


56. Bangla Noboborsho is a festival celebrated in which country?


57. What are the world’s largest mammals that live on land?


58. Who built the Great Pyramid of Giza?


59. What is the earliest school of medicine known to humans?


60. Which company has the motto — “Good to the Last Drop”

Maxwell House

61. Although Christopher Columbus is credited with the discovery of America, the Vikings were the first group of people to land there. T/F?

True (The first Viking group to land there was under the Viking chief Leif Eriksson.)

62. Your fingernails take how long to grow from base to tip?

6 months

63. If you want to see the wonder of Machu Picchu, which country you need to visit in?


64. Owls can’t move their eyeballs. T/F?


65. Your brain contains around how many nerve cells?

100 billion

66. An eagle’s eyes are about how many times sharper than that of a human’s?

Four times

67. An adult elephant needs to drink how much water each day?

More than 200 liters

68. Who wrote the famous children’s book Charlotte’s Web?

American author E. B. White

69. Sugar, cinnamon, and black pepper are all foods that originated in which country?


70. Who built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?

Babylonians or Assyrians

71. Messages from your brain travel along your nerves at up to how much speed?

200 miles an hour

72. What is the smallest bird in the world and the ostrich is the largest bird in the world?

Bee hummingbird

73. Do you know who invented the lightbulb?

The actual inventor of the bulb was Warren De La Rue. (Thomas Edison was notorious for taking credit for things he did not invent)

74. Your heart beats around how many times a day?

1,00,000 (1 Lakh)

75. A lion’s roar can be heard for a whopping ___ kilometers!


76. Who built the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus?

Greeks, Lydians

77. There are about how many bacteria in your mouth right now?

A billion

78. Which insect can smell each other from miles away?


79. What is the holy book for Muslims?


80. Some honeybee queens quack. T/F?


81. If you want to see the wonder of Christ the Redeemer, which country you need to visit?


82. How long the cockroaches can survive underwater?

15 minutes

83. The hummingbird flaps its wings extremely fast, making between how many flaps per second to be able to hover?

80 to 200

84. Girls have more taste buds than boys do. T/F?


85. The smallest bone in the human body is present in the middle part of the ear. It’s called what?

The stirrup and is only 2.8 mm (millimeters) long.

86. Who wrote the famous children’s book Winnie-the-Pooh?

A. A. Milne

87. Which animal has been observed to rest for a major part of the day, usually around 20 hours?


88. What is the holy book for Christians?

The Bible

89. What is the fastest running bird in the world, having a running speed of 70 km per hour?

The ostrich

90. Who built the Statue of Zeus at Olympia?


91. The decimal number system we use today was invented in which country?


92. Your mouth produces about how much saliva per day?

1 liter

93. If you want to see the wonder of the Colosseum, which country you need to visit?


94. The Blue Whale, the largest animal in the world, needs to come to the surface of the water why?

To breathe

95. Which company has the motto — “Snap! Crackle! Pop!”

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies

96. Which animal has three hearts, nine brains, and have blue blood?


97. Who biult the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus?

Greeks, Persians, Carians

98. Human teeth are just as strong as shark teeth. T/F?


99. Famous children’s book The Cat in the Hat is written by Dr. Seuss, what was the writer’s original name?

Theodor Geisel

100. What is an Alnico?

Permanent Magnets

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