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  • May 14, 2021
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An office is a nice place for teamwork, sharing, fun, creativity, and pure learning from each other. The office trivia questions and answers printable general knowledge printable are really easy for those who go with regular learning. People with thirst and cravings for knowledge and GK quizzes will find these the office trivia questions and answers printable funny and entertaining with many interesting facts and learning. When your head is full with productive information from various easy quiz questions and answer-free quizzes, you can proudly lead others.

The office is the second home. People listen and care to form those who have up-to-date information in mind, with reference and situation, whereas the office trivia questions and answers printable can help readers from all walks of life. These easy quiz questions and answers free are applicable for any competition, time pass, gossip, or family fun.

Let’s solve the office trivia questions and answers printable now!

The office trivia questions and answers printable

1. Who invented the office cubicle?

Robert Propst, Nineteen Sixties

2. When was google map created

February 8, 2005

3. Which company has the motto— “Normal Sleeps, Super Dreams”?


3. What is the first search in Google?

Hennessy typed within the name Gerhard Casper, who was the president of Stanford at the moment.

4. What does HTTP means?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol

5. When was the phrase team first used?

12th century

6. What is Flexible working?

Is a method of working that fits an employee’s wants, e.g. having versatile start and end occasions, days or the week, or working from home.

7. What is a Workplace Server?

The office Server is a component of the Workplace service. It makes all of your information accessible by Workplace whereas retaining native, centralized knowledge storage in order that your knowledge can also be out there through your native area network (LAN). The Workplace service retains all knowledge in your LAN accessible internally and in sync with Workplace.

8. What is a License?

A Workplace license is used to provision a member or connection in order that they might access the service.

9. When was Gmail created?

April 1, 2004

10. What is essentially the most popular type of training?

On-the-job training

11. American workers forfeited nearly what percent of their paid vacation in 2017?


12. Who is a Workplace Manager?

Workplace Manager is an online portal that permits resellers of Workplace providers to handle their reseller account, in addition to their consumer groups.

13. Who invented www?

Tim Berners-Lee, Robert Cailliau

14. A study by Glassdoor suggests, what percent of women reported finding love at work, compared to only 48 percent male?


15. What is the meaning of company culture?

Company culture might be outlined as a set of shared values, targets, attitudes, and practices that characterize an organization. It’s the way in which people really feel concerning the work they do, the values they imagine in, the place they see the company going, and what they’re doing to get it there.

16. What is Sandbox?

A digital house during which new or untested software or coding might be run securely for contributors to check and practice.

17. What is a Notification?

A notification is an automatic message to alert specified users of a specific occasion. Notifications are a mechanism for collaboration.

18. What does a cadastral map present?

Large scale individual properties

19. What is Workplace Mobile?

Workplace Mobile is the Workplace software designed particularly for the varied mobile platforms, offering entry to Workplace.

20. What is an Opportunity?

An alternative is a PSA entity that lets you monitor forecasted gross sales, together with gross sales of Workplace providers. PSA supplies a workflow from creating a possibility and a quote to provisioning a Workplace team from PSA.

21. Where is the first of Google?

Menlo Park, California, United States

22. Global studies reveal that what percent of people who quit their jobs cite ‘lack of appreciation’ as their reason for leaving?

79 percent

23. What is SaaS?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software licensing and delivery model during which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted.

24. A true inspiration to so-called rookies and freshers, the Facebook prodigy’s story in which movie teaches a lesson to never write off the young kids in the block?

The Social Network (2010)

25. When was google earth created?

June 11, 2001

26. What is Policy

A policy is a configurable site-wide setting that dictates how Workplace will behave to your team.

27. What is a Co-working office?

Co-working is a working environment that gives office services for quite a lot of totally different people, whether or not they’re distant employees, contractors, or quite a lot of companies.

28. A Harvard Business Review survey reveals what percent or people say they trust strangers more than their own boss?


29. What is Work etiquette?

Work etiquette is a code that governs the expectations of social behavior in an office. This code is put in place to “respect and protect time, people, and processes.” There is not any common agreement about standard work etiquette, which can range from one environment to another.

30. Leigh Branham, author of The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave revealed that what percent of bosses believe employees quit because they want more money?

89 percent

31. Which company has the motto— “M’m! M’m! Good!”?

Campbell’s Soup

32. What is a spotlight group?

Typically, a small house meant for one to 4 people, usually casual, and most significantly, non-public. See additionally Huddle rooms.

33. Project

A mission is a top-level folder inside Workplace. A mission is a major container for all of the folders and information which might be synchronized by the Workplace service. Projects create the fundamental organizational construction to store knowledge and control user entry.

34. Who is the richest CEO on this planet?

Elon Musk

35. What is a Quiet Zone?

Spaces that assist you to suppose and get issues performed. Often, they provide room to stretch out and give attention to work whereas conserving colleagues close by for a fast brainstorm.

36. The absurd antics of an Indiana town’s public officials as they pursue sundry projects to make their city a better place in which TV show?

Parks and Recreation (2009–2020)

37. What is essentially the most searched factor on Google ever?


38. What is a Ticket?

A ticket is a service request added to PSA by your prospects, inner employees, or remote monitoring software. A ticket LiveLink can be utilized to provision a team.

39. What sausage will get its name from the Italian for Onion?


40. What is a design?

A plan or drawing produced to point out the look and performance or workings of a building, garment, or one other object before it’s constructed or redeveloped.

41. What is Scheduling?

Arrange or plan an occasion, meeting, convention, with scheduling software to happen at a specific time and place. See additionally scheduling software.

42. What was Microsoft’s first product?

Altair BASIC

43. What is a Private zone?

A spot to “hide away” to keep away from interruptions. Ideal personal zones could have doorways and remind you of more conventional office areas, besides that they’re usually meant for one particular person solely.

44. Who invented the internet?

Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf

45. What is G Suite?

G Suite is Google’s assortment of cloud-based products – Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and so on. The Microsoft equal is the Office 365 platform.

46. Who is a User?

A user is anybody with entry to Workplace.

47. Which company has the motto— “Leave the Driving to Us”


48. What’s professional ethics?

Professional ethics embody the personal and company requirements of behavior anticipated by professionals. The phrase professionalism initially utilized to vows of a religious order.

49. What is Employee hygiene?

To allow more healthy workspaces, employee utilization by means of increased handwashing and the usage of disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizers are vital.

50. What is a USP in business?

Unique selling proposition

51. What is the first office location of Microsoft?

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States

52. What is Physical social distancing?

The practice of bodily distancing oneself from different people; holding at the least 6-feet (or two meters) aside always.

53. In which year elevator was invented?


54. What is BMS?

Building Management System in any other case generally known as a building automation system, BAS, is a computer-based control system put in buildings that control and monitor the building’s mechanical and electrical gear comparable to airflow, lighting, energy programs, fireplace programs, and safety programs.

55. What is a Device?

A tool is a computing machine that has entry to Workplace,

56. What is the second most searched factor on Google ever?


57. What is the mental property of a company?

Intellectual property is owned and legally protected by a company from outside use or implementation without consent. Intellectual property can include many kinds of belongings, together with emblems, patents, and copyrights.

58. What is an ROI?

Return on funding or return on prices is a ratio between net revenue and funding. A high ROI means the funding’s beneficial properties evaluate favorably to its price. As a performance measure, ROI is used to evaluate the efficiency of funding or to check the efficiencies of a number of completely different investments.

59. Who invented office 365?

Microsoft in October 2010

60. What is a Group?

A gaggle is a group of members and/or connections. Groups could be share recipients, thus making sharing less complicated and handier.

61. What does CSR imply?

Corporate social accountability

62. Three company workers who hate their jobs decide to rebel against their greedy boss is a stoy of which 1999 famous movie?

Office Space

63. WHat is API?

Application Program Interfaces (APIs) make it possible for packages to work together with one another. An API can take many kinds, however typically consists of specs for routines, knowledge constructions, object lessons, variables, or distant calls, to allow integrations with third-party packages.

64. This George Clooney classic involves him as a “corporate downsizer” whose job is to fire people from theirs in which famous movie?

Up in the Air (2009)

65. What is the most important quantity?

Googol (10100)

66. What is a Smart office?

A sensible office is an office the place technology permits people to work higher, quicker, and, in fact, smarter. Beacons, sensors, and mobile apps assist employees to carry out menial duties, in order that they have sufficient time to deal with rising companies and innovating.

67. What is Facilities Management?

Is the professional who encompasses a number of disciplines, guaranteeing performance, consolation, security, and effectivity. This is completed by integrating people, locations, processes, and technology inside the constructed environment.

68. What is a Mobile workforce?

This refers to a gaggle of employees who’re scattered throughout numerous bodily places and are related by computer systems, smartphones, and different gadgets through the Internet.

69. What is Branding?

Branding is the power to customize your team name, logos, assist information, assist emails, and color theme in Workplace, Desktop, Server, and Mobile.

70. Who invented office chairs?

Charles Darwin

71. What is SSO?

Single sign-on (SSO) is a property of identification and entry management (IAM) that permits users to securely authenticate with a number of functions and websites by logging in solely as soon as, with only one set of credentials (username and password).

72. What is harassment or bullying within the office?

Workplace harassment is the belittling or threatening behavior directed at an individual employee or a group of workers Recently, issues of office harassment have gained curiosity amongst practitioners.

73. According to a study by CareerBuilder.com what percent of managers said they didn’t receive any management training?


74. According to the Fobes, referred by the Conference Board reports that what percent of Americans are currently unhappy at work?

53 percent

75. What is Agile working?

A means of working during which an organization empowers its people to work the place, when, and the way they select – with the most flexibility and minimal constraints.

76. According to the Global studies, what is the number one thing employees say their manager could give them to inspire them to produce great work?


77. What is office work known as?

Anything associated with office work known as clerical, particularly the more menial and boring jobs akin to submitting and administration. You may say “The Office” is a clerical comedy.

78. What is a Contract?

A contract is a PSA entity that governs the billing of Workplace companies. A recurring Service contract is used to handle the month-to-month or yearly billing of Workplace seats and storage. It means that you can customize the worth of Workplace companies for a particular shopper.

79. What is a break-even level?

The break-even level in economics, business—and particularly price accounting—is the purpose at which total price and total income are equal, i.e. “even”. There isn’t any net loss or gain, and one has “broken even”, although alternative prices have been paid and capital has obtained the risk-adjusted, anticipated return.

80. What is 1000000000000000000000000 known as?


81. What is IoT?

An Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem consists of web-enabled good gadgets that use embedded processors, sensors, and communication {hardware} to gather, ship, and act on the knowledge they acquire from their environments.

82. What is Beacon technology?

Beacons transmit small quantities of knowledge through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) as much as 50 meters, and because of this are sometimes used for indoor location technology, though beacons can be utilized outside as properly. Frequently utilized in Smart buildings and places of work. We use beacon technology in meeting room screens.

83. Overall, companies with high employee engagement are what percent more profitable?


84. When was the first office opened?

In the 1770s, many scattered places of work for the Royal Navy have been gathered into Somerset House, the first block purpose-built for office work.

85. Which movie revolves around Anne Hathaway as a highly aspirational journalism-grad under a ruthless boss?

The Devil Wears Prada

86. What is Workplace Security?

It is mainly the process to guard an employee from work-related sickness and harm and to make the office (building and many others) safe from intruders.

87. Connection

A connection is a restricted user with a named Workplace account. Connections don’t have a storage quota allotted to them, they can’t create initiatives, they usually can’t see all members and connections on the team.

88. Who invented carry?

Elisha Graves Otis

89. What is Aptitude?

An aptitude is a part of a competence to do a sure sort of work at a sure level. Outstanding aptitude could be thought-about “talent.” An aptitude could also be bodily or psychological. Aptitude is inborn potential to do sure varieties of labor whether or not developed or undeveloped.

90. What is Hospitality?

The whole process of the experience in your visitors, from welcoming, catering, and the journey.

91. What is innovation?

Innovation is the sensible implementation of concepts that outcome within the introduction of the latest items or companies or improvement in providing items or companies. ISO TC 279 on innovation management proposes within the requirements, ISO 56000:2020 to outline innovation as “a new or changed entity creating or redistributing value”.

92. What is bullying within the office?

Workplace bullying is a persistent pattern of mistreatment from others within the office that causes both bodily or emotional hurt. It can embrace such ways as verbal, nonverbal, psychological, and bodily abuse, in addition to humiliation.

93. What is a Product?

In marketing, a product is an object or system made out there for shopper use; it’s something that may be provided to a market to fulfill the will or need of a buyer.

94. What is meant by Configuration?

Configuration is the area inside Workplace Online that means that you can customize your site, add your integrations, and configure the site-wide policies that dictate how Workplace will behave in your team.

95. Why is an office known as an office?

The English phrase office appeared first in 1395, referring to a “place where business is transacted” however the phrase has a lot older roots. It stems from the Latin phrase officium, which did not essentially seek advice from a particular place however relatively a bureau within the sense of workers, or the more summary which means of formal place.

96. When was Microsoft established?

April 4, 1975

97. What is a Comment?

Comments are user-created notes connected to a mission, folder, or file. Comments are a mechanism for collaboration and stay related to the mission, folder, or file, offering a transparent and easy overview of dialog regarding the mission, folder, or file.

98. What is the 7 Up company motto?

The Un-cola

99. What is a Healthy workspace?

Optimal hygiene measures and practices that create a healthy working environment for all employees.

100. Who created the first office?

There is proof to counsel that the first places of work originated in ancient Rome as areas the place official work was performed and that comparable areas existed in some kind all through the ages. However, it wasn’t till the 18th century that devoted office buildings started to be created.

101. What do you mean by EI?

Emotional Intelligence

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