50 Fun Trivia Quizzes with Answers General Knowledge English

Fun trivia quizzes with answers will give you an outline of interesting general knowledge. The importance of general knowledge fun trivia quizzes with answers in human existence cannot be overstated. You may come across as ignorant if you are unaware of what is going on around you, which may prevent you from participating in certain beneficial debates. As a result, a lack of broad knowledge might limit your social interactions without fun trivia quizzes with answers. A basic understanding of a variety of topics may considerably assist you in starting a conversation with others by identifying a topic on which they have some level of competence. At the end of the day, each of you will have learned something new fun trivia quizzes with answers.

Aside from that, keeping up with current events might really help you make better decisions by dint of fun trivia quizzes with answers. For example, because you don’t know what’s going on in the business or company, you can invest in it even though there are no obvious gains to be made. It all boils down to your true enthusiasm to solve fun trivia quizzes with answers. You may be a brilliant scientist without knowing anything about politics. And that’s completely OK with me with fun trivia quizzes with answers. It is irrational to believe that you must have all bits of knowledge. All you have to do is keep up with what’s going on in your chosen field. In this regard, gaining ‘GK’ fun trivia quizzes with answers in your profession is critical. However, you will not need to put out any ‘effort’ to gain ‘GK’ since it will occur naturally when you are enthusiastic about your task as well as solving fun trivia quizzes with answers.

Fun trivia quizzes with answers

1. Which airport has its ICAO code KACK?

Nantucket Memorial Airport, USA

2. What is U.S. Insignia?

Airmail stamp, United States

3. In Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kans. and in Bolling v. Sharpe, the U.S. Supreme Court rules against the “separate but equal” doctrine, overturning Plessy v. Ferguson?


4. In 1787 which historic strike took place in Calton, Glasgow, Scotland?

Weavers Strike

5. What’s the only crime that the church would not grant sanctuary?


6. The block statue is a type of memorial statue that first emerged in the Middle Kingdom of which country?


7. On 12 July 1849, which Austrian Navy ship was used for launching incendiary balloons?

SMS Vulcano

8. In 2003, Aniceto Guterres Lopes from Timor Leste was a Magsaysay awardee under which category?

Emergent Leadership

9. What is HartRAO XDM?

a radio telescope in Africa, 15 m Experimental Demonstrator Model originally build as a technology demonstrator for MeerKAT

10. What does a kymograph measure?


11. Uncle of Caligula; brother of Germanicus; nephew of Tiberius; great-nephew and step-grandson of Augustus; proclaimed emperor by the Praetorian Guard – who?


12. William Adams was an English, explored Japan in which century?


13. Agreement revenue stamp was used by which country in 1914-c.1980?


14. Lambourn is a large village and civil parish in which county in England?

West Berkshire

15. Who were the first pop stars to appear in Madame Tussauds?

The Beatles

16. What is the common name of the primate Callithrix geoffroyi?

White-headed marmoset

17. Why is Sigmund Friedl notorious?

A stamp forger

18. In 1757, while investigating arsenic compounds, who created Cadet’s fuming liquid, later discovered to be cacodyl oxide, considered to be the first synthetic organometallic compound?

Louis Claude Cadet de Gassicourt

19. Isamu Akasaki, Nobel laureate in Physics in 2014 has which university affiliation?

Meijo University, Nagoya University

20. What gets its name from the Aztec meaning bitter water?

Chocolate – xocolatl

21. The Ass Carrying an Image is a fable collected and adapted by French free verse by whom?


22. In 1433-1436, Portuguese settlement held in which region?


10 funny general knowledge questions fun multiple choice trivia funny quiz questions with answers in english 80s general knowledge quiz questions and answers general geography quiz fun geography questions and answers
Azores, Portugal

23. The Black Tortoise or Black Turtle, known in Chinese as Xuanwu, is one of the Four Symbols of the which constellations?


24. What is Camaldin necropolises?

an Archeological site

25. Name the dark lord in Lord of the Rings?


26. Firestarter is a popular novel written in 1980 by whom?

Stephen King

27. In 1978, who became the first African-American woman to be honored on a US stamp?

Harriet Tubman

28. The Taoist Mao Kua reports in which year in his Pinglongren that by heating saltpeter, the yin of the air can be obtained?


29. Which shipwreck took place in Sicily in 241 BC?

Marsala Punic shipwreck

30. Which company launched the first clone of an IBM pc in 1982?


31. Which chemical has its atomic number 40?


32. Which country name starts with B, is located in Central America?


33. Who invented Cell Division?


34. Which mythological god’s bird is the eagle?


35. Where could you find a 1925 humpmobile car?

Back of a US $10 bill

36. Who was Antonio Vivaldi (1678–1741)?

Italian violinist, teacher, cleric, and composer of 21 string sinfonie

37. Lake Manengouba is located in which African country?


38. Tahbilk winery is located in which country?


39. Beaver Mines hamlet is located in which Canadian province?


40. What is the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet?


41. Which worms typically attack the first part of the plant it encounters, namely the stem, often of a seedling, and consequently cut it down?


42. Who is the Egyptian beneficial storm, sun, and war god, personified in the pharaoh?


43. Which chemical has its symbol Ru?


44. Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Genbaku Dome) is a World Heritage Site in which country?


45. In church terms what are saucers?


46. What is Aomori/Akita?

Prefecture in Japan

47. Mount Pelion West is one of the highest peaks in which Australian territory?


48. What is Ben Lomond in Australia?

Mountain range

49. Pincher Creek No. 9 municipal district is located in which country?

Canada (Alberta)

50. Name the first British show to air on US autumn prime time?

The Avengers

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