50 Fun Questions for Trivia General Knowledge Printable Quiz

Fun questions for trivia general knowledge is great. Improved decision-making- General knowledge fun questions for trivia enables you to make well-informed judgments on the street. Knowing about fiscal regulations, for example, may help you make a lucrative investment, and understanding consumer rights can help you demand better treatment from a firm for example like fun questions for trivia.

Improves your public speaking abilities with the help of fun questions for trivia. Having a broad understanding will assist you in forming an opinion. You will be less concerned about filling big pauses and gaps if you have a strong command of general knowledge and current events. This will help you overcome your fear of public speaking as well as learn fun questions for trivia.

– Assists parents in properly guiding their children and other learners by dint of fun questions for trivia. As a parent, it is critical that you demonstrate strong general knowledge and instill it in your children. You will not only be able to assist any learner with projects and fun questions for trivia, but you will also be able to keep up with their mental health if you stay up with current events.

Methods for Increasing Your General Knowledge: In your spare time, read any daily newspaper such as Economic Times, etc., or any book such as Lucent. On the phone, there’s an app that allows you to play gk quiz games. Today’s gk, jagran josh for current events as well as fun questions for trivia.

Fun questions for trivia

1. The first US stamp honoring an American woman honored Martha Washington, and it was issued in which year?


2. Anzin city is located in which country?


3. Beaver Crossing hamlet is located in which Canadian province?


4. Which insect shows similarity with cuckoo?

Cuckoo bee

5. Distinguished Information Cross is whose highest bravery award?


6. Bonnyville No. 87 municipal district is located in which country?

Canada (Alberta)

7. Brown Brothers Milawa Vineyard is located in which country?


8. What was the term “ankh” mean in an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol?

Key of life

9. What is a small, decorated, gold ornament discovered at Cwmystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales?

The Banc Ty’nddôl sun-disc

10. Wile E Coyote chases roadrunner what does the E stand for?


11. Who was Tomaso Albinoni (1671–1751)?

Italian violinist, singer, and composer of eight sinfonie

12. Which chemical has its atomic number 38?


13. Which chemical has its symbol Mo?


14. Which country name starts with B, is located in Eastern Europe?


15. Which religion’s name means The way of the Gods?


16. The ingredients of gunpowder are recorded in the Baopuzi, also known as The Master Who Embraces Simplicity, by which Taoist philosopher?

Ge Hong

17. What was found by Greek sponge fishermen off the coast of Tunisia in June 1907?

The shipwreck of Mahdia

18. Who invented Carbon Dating?

Libby W.F

19. What is a solid sheet-gold object dating from about 1900–1600 BC in the European Bronze Age?

The Mold cape

20. Where can Americans always see the time as a 4.10 $100 bill?

Independence hall clock

21. Who is the sky god in Mythology?


22. Lake Mbakaou is located in which African country?


23. What is “Women In Our Armed Services” (1952) in the history of the USA?

Postage stamp

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“Women In Our Armed Services” (1952)

24. In 1662, who proposes Boyle’s law, an experimentally based description of the behavior of gases, specifically the relationship between pressure and volume?

Robert Boyle

25. In Disney’s 1973 animated Robin Hood what creature was Robin?

A Fox like Marion

26. Dragon turtle was originated in which mythology?


27. The Long Walk is a popular novel written in 1979 by whom?

Stephen King

28. The Ant and the Grasshopper is a fable collected and adapted by French free verse by whom?

Aesop’s Fables

29. What is British Neolithic pottery?

an Ancient pottery

30. Ops was the wife of which Roman God?


31. Argonne National Laboratory is located in which city?


32. In 1661, which strike took place in the Virginia colony in Thirteen Colonies?

Indentured Servants’ Plot

33. Natural son of Livia Drusilla, Augustus’ third wife; stepbrother and third husband of Julia the Elder, daughter of Augustus; adopted by Augustus as his son and heir – who?


34. Thomas Wyndham was an English, explored West Africa in which century?


35. The Beatles film Help was dedicated to the inventor of what?

Sewing Machine — Elias Howe

36. Edgar Adrian, Nobel laureate from Physiology or Medicine in 1932 has which university affiliation?

University of Cambridge

37. Carnarvon is a small city in which country?

South Africa

38. Wen was the Austronesian people invent the first true ocean-going sailing technology?

About 3000 BC

39. What are the ships of a navy called, used as the most important warships?

The capital ships

40. Frosties Tony the Tiger had a Son Tony Jr and a daughter name?


41. In 1415, the conquest of Ceuta took place by which nation?


42. What was Aspidochelone?

A fables sea creature, turtle, or whale

43. In 2001, Dita Indah Sari from Indonesia was a Magsaysay awardee under which category?

Emergent Leadership

44. What is C-BASS South?

a radio telescope in Africa, 7.6 meters (24.9 foot) dish with polarimeter back end

45. Who was the last amateur to win the US tennis open in 1968?

Arthur Ashe

46. In Shelley v. Kraemer, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that racially restrictive covenants violate the Fourteenth Amendment’s equal protection clause in which year?


47. Which century was dominated by exploration of the polar regions and excursions into the heart of Africa?

19th century

48. Johns Hopkins School of Medicine is founded in which city in Maryland?


49. What is Curtis Jenny Biplane?

Airmail stamp, United States

50. How many equal angles have a scalene triangle?


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