50 Fun Quiz Trivia Questions General Knowledge in English

Fun trivia questions general knowledge quiz is the best fit for every GK learner. It’s almost as though it’s common wisdom that everyone should have. General knowledge fun trivia questions assist us in determining our position in the real (outer) world in comparison to our own (inner) reality. To recognize your presence and engagement in the larger good, allowing you to make better decisions in situations that have the potential to transform your life.

Fun trivia questions general knowledge allows you to connect more with the outside world rather than being like a frog in a well or living in your own shell. General knowledge quiz fun trivia questions also aid you in comprehending how you are involved in numerous scenarios that may be beneficial or detrimental to you. Fun trivia questions aid you in making better decisions in elections (voting), daily life, job interviews, and improved communication with others. General knowledge trivia fun trivia questions answer gives you a sense of attentiveness in general.

Fun trivia questions General Knowledge Quiz

1. The three main emerald mining areas in which country are Muzo, Coscuez, and Chivor?


2. Serras de Sudeste Plateau is located in which country?


3. What is the largest bank in the world as measured by total assets?

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China ($4,614.35 B)

4. Travellers can visit the Al Hussein Public Parks in which city in Jordan?


5. What team won the very first NBA game in 1946?

The New York Knicks

6. What is DiGeorge syndrome, also known as 22q11.2 deletion syndrome?

a syndrome caused by a microdeletion on the long arm of chromosome 22.

7. Mayo county is located in which country?


8. What is Bag-of-marbles?

a protein with an unusual biological name

9. What type of meat-producing breed is Turbot?


10. What is the hole in a pencil sharpener called?


11. Which company is the largest aluminum producer by output in the world?

Hongqiao (China)

12. Which company is topped in terms of market capitalization in the 2019 Forbes list for the “Software & Programming” industry?


13. What is the system of writing conventions used to represent spoken English in written form that allows readers to connect spelling to sound to meaning?

English orthography

14. Outapi town is located in which country?


15. Who was the youngest player to score 10,000 points in the NBA?

LeBron James

16. What is the largest bank in the USA?

JPMorgan Chase

17. Amman Rotana Hotel is a hotel in New Abdali in which district of Amman, Jordan?


18. What is the longest English words with one syllable?


19. At 7,031 km2, what is the largest and most populous island in Denmark proper?

Zealand or Sealand

20. 1960 Orange bowl was the first appearance of which sporting giant?

Goodyear Blimp

21. What is the Louvre Abu Dhabi‎?


fun marvel trivia questions and answers fun general trivia questions fun general knowledge questions and answers general knowledge about world history trivia night questions and answers
Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum

22. In which city do you need to visit to watch sports in the Zioui Brothers Stadium?


23. What is an international body in the field of tall buildings and sustainable urban design?

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH)

24. Name a long English word with one syllable, 10 letters?


25. Who was the first WNBA player to dunk in a playoff game?

Brittney Griner

26. What is the length of the Abu Dhabi Media Summit, an international media festival?

3 days

27. Al-Saffahiyah Mosque is a popular tourist attraction in which country?

Syria (Aleppo)

28. Flagstaff is a city in, and the county seat of, Coconino County in which US state?


29. Al Burj is a 91-meter (299 ft) tall commercial tower, located in which city in Jordan?


30. In Star Wars George Lucas modeled the Emperor on who?

Richard Nixon

31. What is Sagole Baobab?

Largest Baobab (Adansonia digitata) tree in South Africa

32. What is the largest lake in the USA?

Lake Superior (31,700 sq mi)

33. The Emirates National Auto Museum is a national automobile museum located in which city in the United Arab Emirates?

Abu Dhabi

34. Nye County is located in which US state?


35. What team owns the longest winning streak in NBA history?

Los Angeles Lakers

36. Guanajuato, Mexico gained its statehood in which year?


37. Warsaw Radio Mast (1974) is the tallest structure in which country?


38. Hanger Wood, an ancient wood (1600 or before) is found in which country?


39. After the fall of the Mexican Empire, the Federal Republic was established on what date?

July 12, 1823

40. What did Popeye eat for strength before spinach?


41. What is the largest county in the United States by area?

San Bernardino County (California) (20,105.32 sq mi (52,072.5 km2))

42. What is the name of a very isolated Acacia species tree and an important landmark in the Sahara desert?

Lost Tree

43. Bregentved (1891) is a historic house in which country?


44. Which tall structure opped out on March 18, 2011, tallest tower in the world, the tallest structure in Japan?

Tokyo Skytree

45. What is the meaning of Ghandi?


46. What is the science fiction genre with a particular emphasis on scientific detail and/or accuracy?

Hard science fiction

47. The BSFA Awards are literary awards presented annually since 1970 by which country?


48. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a comedy science-fiction franchise created by which English writer in 1978?

Douglas Adams

49. What are an annual set of literary awards voted on by readers of the science fiction and fantasy magazine Locus, a monthly based in Oakland, California?

The Locus Awards

50. When he was just in eighth grade, what NBA coach appeared on Late Night with David Letterman?

Frank Vogel

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