50 Fun Online Quizzes Printable Free Online Trivia Game Adults

Let’s solve some interesting fun online quizzes printable free online trivia game for adults! Every community evaluates the information in its own unique way. Knowledge of hunting or agriculture was highly valued by earlier and primitive social groupings. Later cultures place high importance on both practical and philosophical knowledge. Explore fun online quizzes printable free online trivia game for adults. We witness an increase in interest in philosophic knowledge by the time of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, since immediate demands were met, but more universal issues could now be addressed. Our culture nowadays tries to assign specialized professions to individuals who hold the necessary skills. It might be a plumber’s practical knowledge about fun online quizzes printable free online trivia game for adults or a philosopher seeking a teaching position’s global knowledge!

Sylvester Clarke, a West Indian fast bowler, knocks out a spectator with a brick during the 4th Test against Pakistan in Multan in 1980 after being struck by an orange thrown from the crowd. Enjoy fun online quizzes printable free online trivia game for adults.

Igor Belanov of Dynamo Kyiv is chosen the finest football player in Europe in 1986, ahead of Barcelona forward Gary Lineker and Real Madrid forward Emilio Butragueo. Find some fun online quizzes printable free online trivia game for adults.

President Barack Obama retaliates against Russia in 2016 by expelling 35 Russian agents and implementing penalties in retaliation for hacking American computer systems and attempting to influence the 2016 presidential election.

Ponder over fun online quizzes printable free online trivia game for adults. In 1982, Juventus striker Paolo Rossi wins the Ballon d’Or, defeating Bordeaux midfielder Alain Giresse and Juventus’ Polish midfielder Zbigniew Boniek.

Perhaps it’s because they’re more at ease with learning. The desire to study is no longer a source of fear. To put it another way, learning no longer implies weakness or a lack of information as if not knowing anything is a flaw. I acknowledge that I require and desire information. “Not knowing” is no longer coupled with ego and pride. Share fun online quizzes printable free online trivia games for adults now!

Fun Online Quizzes Printable Free Online Trivia Game for Adults

1. Which zodiac represents 300°?


2. Rosalind Franklin, one of the greatest chemists died in which year?


3. Who said, “Yada, yada, yada…”

Elaine from “Seinfeld”

4. Despite being a child, who is much wiser and more mature than many of the other characters in Winnie-the-Pooh?

Christopher Robin

5. What is Ascariasis?


What is Cestoda?


6. Alan Hollinghurst wrote which fiction in 2004?

The Line of Beauty

7. Throw away =?

to squander

8. Titus Manlius Torquatus slew a Gaul of enormous size in single combat and stripped a Torc off the corpse in which year?

361 BC

9. Which defunct American magazine was first published in 2006?


10. In 1983, who completes 268 v Pakistan at cricket MCG?

Graeme Yallop

11. What is Moscow Savyolovsky in Russia?

Railway station

12. In 1997, which country signs an agreement to build a $3B nuclear power plant in China?


13. Which 40,000 and 35,000 years old ivory figurine was discovered in the Hohlenstein-Stadel, Swabian Jura, Germany?

Löwenmensch, or Lion-man

14. The Unconscious Patient (Smell) is a famous painting by whom?


15. Blues took 27 shots against Islanders in 1 period in which year?


16. Fort Hill High School is located in which city in Maryland?


17. In which tournament was held in December 1997, Australia defeats New Zealand by 5 wickets?

Cricket Women’s World Cup

18. Blue Cross Arena is the American Hockey League home arena for which team?

Rochester Americans

19. Who is the writer of the architecture book “Athmospheres”?

Peter Zumthor

20. In which year, Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi claims victory in parliamentary elections?


21. Aleppo city is located in which country?


22. Who was the Mayor (colonial period) of New York in 1668?

Cornelius Van Steenwyk

23. In 1998, Leaders of the Khmer Rouge apologize for the 1970s genocide in which country claimed over a million people?


24. Armin is a fictional character of which Persian epic poem?

Shāhnāmeh by Ferdowsi

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Shāhnāmeh by Ferdowsi

25. In 1989, who says goodbye to NBC’s “Today” show?

Jane Pauley

26. Abbeyshrule is a beautiful town, located in which European country?

Republic of Ireland

27. In 2012, 5 people are killed in a Tupolev Tu-204 plane crash in which city?


28. Which zodiac has its translation maiden?


29. What does the phrase “How’s life?” mean?

How are you?

30. In which year, Wayne Gretzky and Martina Navratilova, named athletes of the decade by the Associated Press?


31. What was the name of action taken by Francis in 2019 the resulted in establishing the Sunday of the Word of God?

Aperuit illis

32. In 2015, which epidemic in Guinea was declared over by WHO, 2,500 died over 2 years?


33. Willem van Aelst, a Dutch painter, listed in the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. died in which year?


34. Upon hearing of whose appointment in the Left Behind series, David Hassid feared he would be competent enough to stymie the Tribulation Force?

Suhail Akbar

35. In which year, Last Dutch electro-magnetic telephone exchange shuts down?


36. In which session of the American Hockey League, the Philadelphia Rockets ceased operations?


37. Yemen Arab Republic (North Yemen) adopts constitution in which year?


38. Which city park in New York City has an area of 813 acres (3.29 km2)?

Freshkills Park, Staten Island

39. Geuzen sets fire to Woudrichem in which year?


40. In 1996, which musical was closed at Royale Theater NYC after?


41. Communist Party of 15 September was held in which country?


42. In which year, Kim Il-song becomes president of North Korea?


43. On what date in 1933, Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany, the head of government?

30 January

44. Algerian protests were held in which years in the 21st century?


45. In 1997, which country begins slaughtering all its chickens to prevent bird flu?

Hong Kong

46. What does “Howdy” mean?

How Do You Do?

47. In 1974, 6.3 earthquakes struck which country, 5200 killed?


48. Prince Valiant was a popular sword and sorcery film, released in which year?


49. What is Mistletoe?

A parasitic plant

50. In which year, Orville Lynn Majors, 36, arrested for many deaths under his care?


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