60 Equine Quiz Questions Answer Horse Facts Printable Trivia

Equine quiz questions and answers with horse facts in order to prepare you with much interesting learning that you would not know earlier. Horses are with us for a long, the derivatives about horses have been changed a lot since its inception.

History, timeline, and growth of horses have been reflected via these 60 stunning equine quiz questions, if you are able to solve these equine quiz questions and answers printable now, you must be benefitted!

Along with the learning possibilities, the limited time you have with your horse implies that your moments are more valuable. The moment-to-moment interactions with my horse were something equine quiz questions answer general knowledge, I sometimes took for granted as a horse owner.

Horses, like humans, benefit from simply being near you, even if you aren’t pursuing a specific objective. Take ten minutes to hand-graze or massage the horse after a session, equine quiz questions answer general knowledge and relish the lovely moments when you and the horse accomplish something together in the arena by arriving a few minutes early. Allow your thoughts to be present when you’re with the horse, rather than allowing worry or daily to-dos to seep into your valuable barn time full of equine quiz questions to answer general knowledge.

The largest barrier I encounter among equestrians who don’t own a horse is the belief that they won’t be able to link with the horses they ride, equine quiz questions answer general knowledge, and hence won’t be able to completely comprehend what it means to partner with a horse.

This could not be further from the truth, my dear buddy. The truth is that horses are all wired the same way in the most basic sense. Horses, like people, have a wide range of personalities with equine quiz questions that answer general knowledge. Past events have an impact on each horse. Horse language, on the other hand, is universal in the sense that it is wired the same way in all horses. This is fantastic news!

Despite the fact that you will learn different things from each horse, you will discover all of the universal principles of equine cooperation. Through limits, consistency, equine quiz questions answer general knowledge, and compassion, every horse must understand that you are trustworthy. Furthermore, every horse understands the fundamental notion of pressure and release, which allows them to learn new things via repetition.

Equine Quiz Questions Answer Horse Online Facts Printable Trivia

Here are a bunch of fresh, interesting equine quiz questions for everyone who loves horses!

1. What is the horse’s same bone as a human toe?

The pastern

2. What is the slowest gait a horse can have?


3. What color horse almost invariably has black eyes, hoofs, as well as skin?


4. What is the weight of an adult horse’s brain?

22 oz

5. In France the AQPS racing breed developed around the end of which century?

the 19th century

6. The Australian Derby is held at which racecourse in Sydney?

Randwick Racecourse

7. The Clifden Show is held in which country?


8. Dublin Horse Show was canceled for the first time in 2020 since 1940 because of what reason?

COVID-19 pandemic

9. What is the other name of Gran Premio Polla de Potrillos?

Argentine 2000 Guineas

10. The presence of tan or brown hairs on the horse’s nose or flanks shows that it is not a genuine black, but what does this mean?

A seal brown

11. The Sinjska Alka is an equestrian competition held in Croatia since which year?


12. What was the country of origin of one of the leading Thoroughbred racehorses, Ormonde (1883)?

Great Britain

13. Gymkhana is a popular and historic equestrian event consisting of what?

Speed pattern racing

14. What do you understand when someone says, “Put the Cart Before the Horse” in English?

Make a mistake by doing things in the wrong order or sequence

15. Which horseriding was originated for women?


16. In order to help your horse achieve engagement, what the horse can do?

The horse’s back must be elastic and flexible, and lateral workouts should aid with this.

17. What is one of four sports in which the genders compete against each other?


18. In many cases, some brown horses are mistakenly called black, because of what reason?

They are so dark in color

19. What is the fastest gait of the horse and with four beats?


20. In the case of AQPS breeds, what percent must be of French saddle-bred?

12.5 percent

21. Currently, which horse breeds are popular for their quick-footed moves in Portugal’s bullfighting rings?


22. The flaxen variation of the horse affects only with which breed of horses?

Sorrel or chestnut

23. Combined driving is a what type of horse riding discipline?

Driving discipline

24. What is the name of the horse ridden by Wade Hampton during the American Civil War?


25. Jennet horse was originated in which country?


26. What is the abbreviation of The International Federation for Equestrian Sports?

FEI (Fédération Equestre Internationale)

27. Trakehner breed is originated in which country?


28. How many wins did one of the leading Thoroughbred racehorses, Prestige, foaled in 1903?

16 wins

29. What do you understand when someone says, “Stalking Horse” in English?

Something or someone that masked or concealed the true motivation behind an action

30. Horse breed Auxois is originated in which country?


Han Gan Herding Horses
Han Gan is Herding Horses

31. Horse racing venue Ballarat Turf Club is located in which country?


32. As per National Geographic, how many different horse breeds are there which are specialized in everything from pulling wagons to racing?

around 400

33. Nakayama Racecourse, Japan was built in which year?


34. During the 1960s, which horse breed was found pulling carts of milk and vegetables?


35. How many wild horses generally gather in groups?

3 to 20

36. What is the name of a valiant and respected chestnut racehorse in the film Dreamer that has a broken leg?


37. Generally, wherever a horse’s ear points, that is where the horse is seeing with its eye on the same side — true or false?


38. What is the capacity of the Hanshin Racecourse, Japan?


39. What is meant by “Don’t Spare the Horses” in English?

Hurry, or, make haste

40. How much saliva do horses produce a day?

approximately 10 gallons

41. Who is the trainer of the famous horse Barraza according to Del Mar Derby Presented by Caesars Sport?

Vladimir Cerin

42. What is the name of the horse in the popular literary work Black Gold by Marguerite Henry?

Black Gold

43. Harness racing is a what type of horse riding discipline?

Racing discipline

44. What is the name of the historic 2015 Triple Crown and Breeders’ Cup World Championship winner at Keeneland Race Course in Lexington, Kentucky?

American Pharoah

45. Horse racing venue Hipódromo de Tucumán is located in which country?


46. The horse’s body color of a mahogany bay and chestnut can be the same – true or false?


47. During which month of the year, the Pegasus World Cup Turf race is held?


48. What is the name of a beautiful buckskin gelding ridden by actor Lorne Greene in the popular TV show named Bonanza?


49. Qazal horse breed was originated in which country?


50. Which breed is considered the oldest domesticated breed in Europe?


51. What is the name of Celeste’s first horse in The Secret Horse by Gina Bertaina?


52. On what date Old Billy, the 19th-century barge horse off Woolston, Lancashire, England died at the age of 62?

November 27, 1822

53. What is the average weight of the horse’s heart?

9 to 10 pounds

54. Who is the Owner of the famous horse Hockey Dad according to Del Mar Derby Presented by Caesars Sport?

Reddam Racing LLC

55. What is the name of horse-ridden by George B. McClellan during the American Civil War?

Burns (also called Black Burns)

56. Which part of the hoof helps the horse to pump blood back up the leg?


57. What is the purse value of the Las Virgenes race?


58. What is the name of the historic horse with 18 consecutive race wins, before he was defeated at 1/40?


59. On what date a horse named Something holds the record for the longest jump over water in Johannesburg, South Africa?

April 25, 1975

60. In order to urge the horse to stride sideways, you must do what?

Take the inside leg slightly back and apply pressure

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