50 Any GK Questions in English Fun with Answers for Class 12

Ask any gk questions in English with answers for class 12. Access to a broader perspective of life and the possibilities that may be available to you. You can make better, more accurate judgments that affect both you and a society of people, and you can work more effectively. We don’t simply need any information; we need a particular specialized sort of knowledge on any gk questions in English with answers for class 12 to build a decent society in which all of its members are content and fulfilled.

In a 7-5 win over Philadelphia in 1981, Wayne Gretzky scores five goals and adds an assist, giving him 50 goals in 39 games, the quickest 50 in 50 in NHL history; he also establishes an NHL record with a 15-game assist streak. Learn any gk questions in English with answers for class 12.

The traditional Madurese crescent knife, celurit, which is the most common peasant weapon and, in some areas, also an attribute of traditional male attire, is frequently used as a weapon of vengeance in this dueling. In such cases, the avenger usually prepares the celurit for dueling by casting special spells on it ahead of time. Explore any gk questions in English with answers for class 12.

FInd any gk questions in English with answers for class 12. The New York Rangers and the Boston Bruins play to a 0-0 tie in 1934, the first in the Bruins’ 37-game overtime unbeaten streak, the longest in NHL history; the streak spans four years and includes 27 ties.

In the 1975 Ballon d’Or, FC Dynamo Kyiv striker Oleg Blokhin wins the award for the best European football player, beating out past winners Franz Beckenbauer of Bayern Munich and Johan Cruyff of Ajax. Grab any gk questions in English with answers for class 12.

Any GK Questions in English with Answers for Class 12

1. The Northfield Chateau in Massasutaes was also variously known as what?

Chalet Schell and Birnam House

2. What is the National Day of Angola?

11 November

3. What is th winner of the Hay Superstar, the Armenian version of the “Idols” series, Season 1 (2003)?

Susanna Petrosyan

4. 9 January is a minor secular observance of what event?

Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (Non-resident Indian Day)

5. In 1967, 56th Davis Cup: Australia beats Spain in Brisbane by what score?


6. Lumes Castle is located in which country?


7. What does the phrase “Cant complain” mean?

I’m just OK!

8. Which king ruled China during 2436–2366 BC?

Emperor Ku

9. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – was one of the Top-grossing American films in which year?


10. In which tournament in 1977, Evonne Goolagong Cawley wins her 6th career Grand Slam title; beats fellow Australian Helen Gourlay Cawley 6-3, 6-0?

Australian Open Women’s Tennis

11. Which ancient Greek playwright died in 456 BC?


12. Ferdinand Cohn, one of the Fathers in Bacteriology died in which year?


13. Which zodiac represents 180°?


14. What is the name of an expensive coin, sold at $7,680,000 in the auction in 2021?

Bust Dollar – Class I – PR-68

15. In 1943, Subhash Chandra Bose raises the flag of Indian independence at which location?

Port Blair

16. What was the name of the British coin used in 1561–1582, 1834–1870?

Three halfpence

17. What is Cressida cressida, on a stamp of Australia (1981, 45c)


18. What is the Proclamation 10144 of United States President Joe Biden, signed on February 01, 2021?

Adjusting Imports of Aluminum Into the United States

19. Symphony No. 7 (1977) was composed by Robert Simpson on which occasion?

Dedicated to Hans Keller and his wife, the artist Milein Cosman

20. Battle of Dranesville, VA was held in which year?


21. What is Byssus?

A textile fiber

22. In 1699, Russian Tsar Peter the Great ordered Russian New Year changed from which date to January 1?

September 1

23. Jereboam O. Beauchamp was executed in which year for murder?


24. Famous singer Stevie Wonder released which album in November 1968?

Eivets Rednow

25. South Carolina declared an “independent commonwealth” and secedes from the Union (US Civil War) in which year?


26. Which historic recession in the United Kingdom ended in 1821?

Post-Napoleonic depression

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Reaction in Great Britain to the victory at Waterloo

27. Missouri imposes a $1 bachelor tax on unmarried men aged between 21 & 50 in which year?


28. In 2011, which explosion was held in Cyprus when 98 containers of gunpowder exploded; 13 people were killed?

Evangelos Florakis Naval Base explosion

29. Alice Ball, one of the greatest chemists died in which year?


30. In 1780, Britain declares war on which country?


31. Who is the NHL franchise owner of the Colorado Avalanche?

Ann Walton Kroenke

32. In which year, the French flag lowered in New Orleans to mark the formal transfer of the Louisiana Purchase from France to the USA for $27M?


33. Latin League was a historic military alliance activated in which years?

7th century – 334 BC

34. “Yellow Submarine” was one of the Beatles’ primary “core catalogue” of 14 albums, released in which year?


35. In 1790, the 1st successful US cotton mill begins spinning yarn in Pawtucket, Rhode Island built by whom based on Richard Arkwright’s design?

Samuel Slater

36. In Astronomy, what is Aquila?

A constellation

37. Herb Fritch is the Principal owner of which NHL franchise?

Nashville Predators

38. “A horse! A horse! My Kingdom for a horse!”—who said this in Act V, Scene IV, “Richard III” , William Shakespeare?

King Richard

39. What was a box-office hit when it achieved general release in 1929 and went on to win the award for Best Production at the first Academy Awards?


40. In 2015, the Third Democratic presidential candidates debate, broadcast by ABC, held in which city in New Hampshire?


41. Replica of which original medieval crown is kept in Bulgaria’s National Historical Museum?

Heraldic Crown of Bulgaria

42. In the book, Winnie-the-Pooh, which character is humble about his slow-wittedness, but comfortable with his creative gifts?


43. Dmitri Mendeleev, one of the greatest chemists was born in which year?


44. What was the name of the American general game and quiz show run in 1963?

100 Grand

45. What does the phrase “That hits the spot” mean?

Exactly what you need

46. Primecoin currency was founded in which year?


47. On March 13, 624, who killed Walid bin Utbah, Utbah ibn Rabi’ah and Shaybah ibn Rabi’ah in the Battle of Badr?

Ali, Hamza ibn Abdul-Muttalib and Ubaydah ibn al-Harith

48. Blüthner is a famous Piano manufacturer in which city in Germany?


49. Black Mafia Family is a street gang in which country?

United States

50. A ceasefire organized by Russia, Iran, and Turkey between Syria’s government and opposition groups takes effect in which year?


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