50 Unusual Words General Knowledge Trivia Quiz Solutions

Unusual words quiz is a sort of general knowledge trivia collection free to solve and find many interesting cool facts and information to enhance knowledge in printable GK format. The text is difficult to understand, and many of the specifics are controversial without unusual words quiz. This, according to Gregori (2007, pp. 204–205), might be because Aristotle did not use the phrase as a standardized technical term at all with unusual words quiz.

For example, Aristotle appears to use the phrase in several sections of his writings to refer to individual sense impressions that are common to all individuals or to diverse sorts of animals. It’s also difficult to say if common sense is actually distinguishable from individual sense perceptions and imagination in any manner other than a conceptual sense as a skill, based on unusual words quiz.

Although the two clearly interact together in animals, not just humans, for example, to provide a perception of time, Aristotle never completely explains the link between common sense and the creative capacity (v, phantas) with unusual words quiz. They may possibly be the same person. 

Despite Aristotle’s suggestions that they were linked, early interpreters such as Alexander of Aphrodisias and Al-Farabi believed they were separate, but subsequent authors such as Avicenna stressed the relationship, influencing future authors such as Christian thinkers by dint of unusual words quiz.

Unusual words quiz

1. Bicheno Sealife Centre – Bicheno is located in which country?

Tasmania, Australia

2. A fossil of extinct S. trigonocephalus weighing possibly around 1,017 kg to 1,713 kg discovered from which country?

The Philippines

3. Dzongkha is a Sino-Tibetan language spoken by over half a million people in which country?


4. Estadio La Ciudadela multi-use stadium is located in which country?


5. In Ecuador if you were served tronquito what have you eaten?

Bull penis soup

6. An equestrian statue of Joan of Arc on Rue de Rivoli, by Emmanuel Frémiet (1874, reworked in 1899), is seen in which French city?


7. If you are at Eltham, which city are you in?


8. Which year in the widely used Julian calendar, does not have a “year zero”?

1 AD

9. What is Pel?

a common drawing material

10. Which English-speaking country consumes the most table wine per capita?


11. Northeast Airlines Flight 823 crashed on takeoff into Rikers Island. Of 101 people aboard, 20 were killed in 1957 in which airport?

LaGuardia Airport, New York

12. What is Kaiyo in Japan?

An escort carrier

13. What is the name of a converted merchant ship in service as a seaplane tender from 1915 to 1919 in France?


14. Turku University Hospital is located in which country?

Turku, Finland

15. Which island is also known as the apple isle?


16. Moo (one Michelin star) restaurant is located in which European city?


17. What creatures are Alcar, Dragonia, Abaasy in the video game Xenoblade Chronicles?


18. In Microsoft Excel, the epoch of the 1900 date format is what?

January 0, 1900

19. In the Bible, King David, what is in the Quran?


20. Pal Hewson became more famous as who?

Bono – singer in U2

21. Wang Zhengjun, officially Empress Xiaoyuan, later and more commonly known as Grand Empress Dowager Wang, born in Yuancheng, was an empress during which Chinese dynasty?

Western Han dynasty of China

22. According to Genesis, after Noah saved the animals from the Great Flood, what thing appeared?

A rainbow

23. Eltham bus station is located in which English city?


24. What is the U.S. state dinosaur for Colorado?

Stegosaurus armatus

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Stegosaurus armatus

25. From Here to Eternity gets its name from a poem by who?


26. Jraberd fortress is located in which city in Armenia?


27. Entrance Island Lighthouse (1970) is located in which Canadian province?

British Columbia

28. Palazzo Contarini Fasan palace is located in which Italian city?


29. St Kevin’s Gate (1326) in Wexford Street is a historic gate in which city?

Dublin Gate

30. What are garbanzo beans also known as?


31. Century Square cineplex is located in which country?


32. What is the thick beef stew on rice called in Japan?

Hayashi rice

33. Limassol New General Hospital is located in which country?


34. What is the meaning of the Japanese form of the language of “Amuburoshiā” flower?


35. Who first starred in the film The Boy in the Plastic Bubble?

John Travolta

36. What is a collection of mystical knowledge that is stored in the aether; i.e. on a non-physical plane of existence?

Akashic Records

37. In Hinduism, what does the term Manu mean?

Archetypal man, or to the first man

38. What is the most commonly accepted name of Buddhism’s oldest existing school?


39. In woodworking, what is the process of converting a log from its rounded natural form into lumber (timber)?


40. Surveyed 70% of US females said they preferred this to sex what?


41. Palermo city is located in which country?


42. St Bartholomew’s Church is located in which country?


43. What is Shinken in Japan?

Practice sword

44. Church of the Immaculate Conception (Pro-Cathedral) is located in which country?

Baku, Azerbaijan

45. Ophidiophobia is the fear of what?


46. Tunisian Academy of Sciences, Letters, and Arts (Beit Al-Hikma) (Tunisia) was founded in which year?

1983 (1992)

47. Peerage of England “Earl of Southampton” was created in which year?


48. Who was the 5th Earl of Sussex, a Peerage of England?

Robert Radclyffe

49. Traffic Crossing Leeds Bridge is an early film developed in which year?


50. What was the first nationally released film with a PG 13 rating?

Red Dawn

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