100 Impossible Trivia Questions and Answers Printable GK Quiz

These impossible trivia questions and answers in English are really entertaining. Some people are learning heavily, some are in a moderate mood. Everyone’s limit, merit, memory, and capacity are not the same. However, the good thing is that there are some impossible trivia questions and answers printable quizzes trivia you can acquire easily in order to improve common sense, when you read them out, they will be possible.

What is happening today is becoming past tomorrow. The sources of the impossible trivia questions and answers in English trivia quizzes are trustworthy and fresh. You can trust the facts and contemplate over and again with the facts of English quiz questions general knowledge by heart.

Let’s solve these general knowledge questions with answers in English in order t improve your GK learning. Disseminate these general knowledge questions with answers in English among others, where you can really drive away others.

Impossible trivia questions and answers

1. Most of the victims killed in what way in Shakespeare’s plays?

Stabbing, 30 people in total

2. What does mopey mean?

languishing, listless, droopy, or glum.

3. Who is the Children of Dôn in Welsh mythology?

Dôn, daughter of Mathonwy, was the matriarch of one family. Her husband is never specifically named

4. Rambo: Last Blood is a film by Sylvester Stallone in which year?


5. How did American astronaut Sally Kristen Ride die?


How did John Ford die?


6. What is the healthiest green vegetable?


7. You may have seen what word outside massage parlors in Japan?


8. What is a moist, soft, creamy, surface-ripened cow’s milk cheese?


9. Which country has its UPC barcode 888?


10. April 20 1896 was the first time people paid to do what?

See a movie in NY

11. What is the height of the Iguazú, Cataratas del fall, Argentina?

269 feet/ 82 meters

12. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s film The Terminator was released in which year?


13. What is the healthiest lettuce to eat?

Butter lettuce

14. What is the Alpha 2 code for Dominica?


15. What word in English has the most synonyms?


16. Capital city name translates as the City of Islam?


17. Cornish pasty was invented in which country?

Cornwall, UK

18. What is the element symbol for Argon?


19. Which country is riched between Norway and UAE?


20. At the end of TVs MASH what character stayed in Korea?

Corp Maxwell Klinger

21. What is the IATA code for Ellinikon International Airport, Greece?


22. The study of the ecology of any individual species is called what?


23. Axel Hugo Theodor Theorell received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1955 from which country?

Linköping, Sweden, Born: July 6, 1903

24. Lake Karachay is located in which country?


25. Who tells of the mythical Bunyips that eat people?

Australian Aboriginal

26. Which country has its Alpha 2 code EC?


27. What is Denim?

Denim is a sturdy cotton warp-faced textile

28. In Britain since 1300 gold and silver hallmarked what in 1975?


29. What is the oldest golf competition?

The Open Championship

30. Who wrote One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest?

Ken Kesey

31. In 1926 Japan deleted 800000 feet from US films showing what?

Kissing – it was unclean

32. TB Bacteria was invented by whom?

Dr. Robert Koch (1882)

33. Name Pluto’s moon.


34. Astana International Airport is located in which country?


35. How many title characters in plays by William Shakespeare are murdered?


36. What is the scientific name for the Kale plant?

Brassica Oleracea

37. Max Born and Walther Bothe received the Nobel Prize in Physics in which year?


38. What does BCG stand for?

Bacillus Calmette-Guérin

39. Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) was discovered in which year?


40. What links William A. Anders, Guion S. Bluford, Jr., and Michael P. Anderson?

American astronauts

41. What is the Alpha 3 code for El Salvador?


42. What is červen in the Czech language?


43. What is the timeline for one of the oldest surviving books in the world Gärima Gospels?


44. What does Greek – Μάρτιος (Μάρ, Μ) – Martios mean in English?


45. Which balls manage to have 336 “dimples”?

Golf balls

46. Which country has its Alpha 3 code ERI?


47. What is the IATA code for Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos?


48. What links COA Cheer and Dance, Coastal Cheer and Dance, and Encore Championships?

Cheerleader companies

49. In The Man with the Golden Gun name Scaramanga’s assistant?

Nick Nack

50. Who makes the most expensive car in the world?


51. What is the previous name for Carnitine?

Vitamin BT

52. What is Hamlet in Vietnam?

A plan by the governments of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War

53. What is the scientific name for the Mesclun plant?

Mesclun Mesclun

54. Where is the Ardrossan Harbour Railway Station located?

North Ayrshire, Scotland

55. Which flies have six legs but cannot walk?


56. Which vitamin is also called Ascorbic acid?

Vitamin C

57. If you have dysmorphia what do you hate?

A body part

58. Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) received the Nobel Peace Prize in which year?


59. What is ethnography?

a researched study on a particular culture

60. The first mobile to be called iPhone was made by whom?


61. What does kvell mean?

Meaning to talk admiringly, enthusiastically, or proudly about something

62. What is the scientific name for King cobra?

Ophiophagus hannah

63. What is ethnology?

a researched study that compares similar cultures

64. You ordered unagi in a Japanese restaurant what would you get?


65. If you open your eyes in the darkroom, what color you will see is called?


66. What is the UN Code for Ethiopia?


67. What is the atomic number for Magnesium?


68. What is a hamlet in Alberta?

In Alberta, a hamlet is a community that has more than four dwellings, a specified boundary, a name, and land used for non-residential purposes.

69. Where would you find a planchette?

Oiuja board indicator

70. The word “mate” was banned for a day by which government?


71. Tearing the paper off drink bottles is a sign of what kind of frustration?


72. Mini brand car is originated from which country?


73. What does kvetchy mean?

Given to or characterized by complaining or criticizing; ill-tempered, irritable.

74. Name of the road system links 17 capitals in South America?

Pan American Highway

75. Which letter is not present in numbers 1 to 999 in its word form?

Letter “a”

76. What is a synonym for Labyrinthine?

(Of a network, maze, or passageway) difficult to navigate through.

77. Ardlui is located in which country?

Hamlet in Scotland

78. Linus Carl Pauling received the Nobel Prize in 1954 in which category?


79. DDishTV is a brand of which country?


80. Which intestine is the largest internal organ in the body?

Small intestine

81. Famous novel The Go-Between is written in which year?


82. What is the English meaning for the French idiom – avoir la moutarde qui monte au nez?

to lose your temper (US), to lose your rag (UK)

83. Which country has its UN code 238?

Falkland Islands (Malvinas)

84. Pope Gregory X is from which country?


85. Recent theories recommend that the universe was created out of a state of what that is, nothing?

Vacuum energy

86. Which actor was born in Chihuahua, Mexico?

Anthony Quinn

87. Which element has its atomic number 13?


88. What is the major language in Cameroon?

French / English

89. What is the correct name for a two-handed timber saw?


90. There are 33 words on the back of a bottle of what beer?

Rolling Rock

91. What is the national flower in Holland (The Netherlands)?

Tulip (Tulipa)

92. Geneva stands on what river?


93. What links John Franklin Enders, Thomas Huckle Weller, and Frederick Chapman Robbins?

Received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1954

94. Mansard, Gambrel, and Hip all types of what?

Building roof

95. Any number divided by what is nothing?


96. Famous fiction The Towers of Trebizond was written by whom?

Rose Macaulay

97. Polar Bear has an average gestation period of how many days?

215 days

98. What is the UPC barcode for Thailand?


99. In Animal Farm what kind of creature was Bluebell?

A Dog

100. Brigham Young University offers what unusual Major?

Ballroom Dancing

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