60 Hard Horse Quiz Equine Trivia Questions Answers Printable

Hard horse quiz questions and answers are not hard actually when you will be able to solve them several times’ attempts. There are many things to learn about horses for different reasons, hard horse quiz is full of info that you were looking for.  These hard horse quiz questions were picked up from authentic sources and you can rely upon the data on this website, that is frequently updated.

Hard Horse Quiz Equine Trivia Questions Answers Printable

Here you will find 60 hard horse quiz questions answers to solve in order to turn them quite easy!

1. What body part of the horse goes from the last rib to the croup?


2. Trot is a two-beat gait for the horse – true or false?


3. What do you understand when someone says, “Enough to Choke a Horse” in English?

A huge or excessive amount of anything

4. Bays always have manes and tails of what color?


5. What is the name of the horse ridden by Jefferson Davis during the American Civil War?


6. Pony Club, an international youth organization exists in over how many countries?

30 countries

7. What is the capacity of the Nakayama Racecourse, Japan?


8. Doma vaquera is a traditional working riding discipline of which country?


9. What term is used to characterize a skilled and courageous equestrian or a brave person in general in the North Caucasus and Central Asia?

Jigit, yigit, Dzhigit, zhigit, or igid

10. What was the country of origin of one of the leading Thoroughbred racehorses, Ribot (1952)?

Great Britain

11. What is the name of the famous Victoria Racing Club Group 1 Thoroughbred race for horses three years old and above?

The Australian Cup

12. What is the second fastest of the four gaits of a horse?


13. What is the other name of Gran Premio Nacional?

Argentine Derby

14. Popular horseracing venue Hipódromo de Rosario is located in which country?


15. Cardiff Horse Show held annually in which month?


16. The first Dublin Horse Show took place in which year?


17. Stallions (i.e., adult male horses) perform loud roars as what?

Mating calls

18. What is meant by “Gone the Way of the Horse and Buggy” in English?

To become old fashioned or out of date

19. What is performed to change the direction of the horse?

Flying change

20. What is the name of the horse in the popular literary work from a series of 21 books by Walter Farley beginning with The Black Stallion (1941)?

The Black (Stallion)

21. The points of a black horse are always black – true or false?


22. What is the name of the historic winner of the first Kentucky Derby?


23. As farm work and transportation grew less reliant on actual horsepower, which horse breed was on the verge of extinction soon before World War I?


24. Horse racing venue Ascot Racecourse is located in which territory in Australia?


25. Your horse stretches out since each of its legs moves at different times in which gait?


26. What is the connection between the horse’s hind legs and the rein called?


27. What is the purse for the Pegasus World Cup Turf?


28. Reining is a what type of horse riding discipline?

Western Style Riding Discipline

29. Hanshin Racecourse is located in which location in Japan?


30. It’s easy to be mistaken for a flaxen horse for a what?


like the king horse
Like The King

31. What is the name of the white stallion recused and ridden by the title character in the film The Lone Ranger?


32. Mazari horse breed was originated in which country?


33. In which horseracing, horses travel across the country over extreme distances?

Endurance racing

34. What is meant by “Horse Opera” in English?

A performance that is cliched or predictable in film or stage show

35. What is the name of the historic horse finished second to Affirmed in all three 1978 Triple Crown races; successful sire?


36. Sonador is a brave and cherished chestnut racehorse featured in which movie?


37. On which track the Las Virgenes race is held in February?

Santa Anita

38. How do you understand that your lovely horse is focused on something in the distance?

Elevated head

39. What does FRBC mean?

French Racing and Breeding Committee

40. Vladimir Heavy Draft horse was hailed from which city?


41. Akhal-Tekes horse breeds are believed to have been around for over how many years?

3,000 years

42. Horse breed Ardennais du Nord is originated in which country?


43. What is the name of the magnificent palomino gelding that portrayed the title character in popular the TV comedy show, Mister Ed?

Bamboo Harvester

44. What is the name of the horse in the popular literary work from The Horse and His Boy by C. S. Lewis?

Bree Hee Hinny Brinny Hoohy Hah (“Bree”)

45. Barrel Racing is a what type of horseriding discipline?

Western Style Riding Discipline

46. Who is the owner of the famous horse Barraza according to Del Mar Derby Presented by Caesars Sport?

Wilson, Holly, and David

47. Where is the Headquarters of the American Horse Council?

Washington, DC

48. In which ear did the famous Arabian horse Byerley Turk die?


49. Approximately how many Americans work in the horse industry?

4.6 million

50. What is the Selle Français (SF)?

A breed of sport horse originated in France

51. Which French breed is also known as “White Marble Horse”?


52. Which historic breed took off in 1735 when King George II established his famous stud and training facility?


53. How many wins did one of the leading Thoroughbred racehorses, Karayel had foaled in 1970?

18 wins

54. Actor Lorne Greene bought and donated Buck to a therapeutic center to live out the rest of his days. Who is buck?

A beautiful buckskin gelding

55. What is the name of the horse ridden by William Rosecrans during the American Civil War?


56. What body language of the horse usually means a horse is angry and is threatening another horse?

Ears Back

57. A 14th-century writer described which medieval horse as “tall and majestic and with great strength”?


58. Who is the Jockey of the famous horse Hockey Dad according to Del Mar Derby Presented by Caesars Sport?

Mario Gutierrez

59. French breeds AQPS horses today being a minimum of what percent of Thoroughbred?

87.5 percent

60. Horses can’t vomit or burp – true or false?


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