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Games with trivia questions general knowledge quiz online free printable test full with interesting fun facts in English is here. Aristotle was describing how the animal mind, not just the human mind, connects and categorizes various tastes, colors, sensations, scents, and noises in order to sense real objects in terms of the “common sensibles” (or “common perceptibles”) like games with trivia questions. In this context, “common” (v, koiné) is a noun that contrasts with “specific” or “individual” (idea) by dint of games with trivia questions.

The Greek word tá koiná (lit. “that which is common to many”) indicates shared or common things, and examples include each object’s oneness, with its unique shape and size, and the change or movement of each thing.  All seen items have different mixes of these qualities through games with trivia questions.

The conversation seems to be meant to improve on Aristotle’s friend and teacher Plato’s description in the Theaetetus, a Socratic dialogue. However, Plato’s dialogue argued that recognizing koiná is an active thinking process as well as games with trivia questions in the reasoning portion of the human soul, transforming the senses into tools of man’s thinking part. This way of reasoning, according to Plato’s Socrates, makes no sense at all, with some valuable examples of games with trivia questions.

In order to provide a more comprehensive account of the souls of all animals, not just humans, Aristotle transferred the act of perception out of the rational thinking soul and into the sensus communis, which is similar to a sense and similar to thinking but not rational.

Games with trivia questions

1. What is a literary term, first used in this sense in Alexander Pope’s 1727 essay “Peri Bathous”?


2. What is Iaitō in Japan?

Practice sword

3. What is ANDAM in France?

a fashion award

4. What is the signature scent, as a self-promotion campaign of Aaliyah Dana Haughton, Singer, Actress?


5. Which brother-sister won Wimbledon mixed doubles in 1980?

John Tracy Austin

6. Africa Fashion Week is an annual fashion week held in which US city?

New York City

7. What is a sundial?

a horological device that tells the time of day when there is sunlight by the apparent position of the Sun in the sky

8. Who is the artist of the popular invisible artwork “Show V: Immateriële ruimte” (Immaterial space) in 1965?

Marinus Boezem

9. What is a mustache similar to the chevron mustache but straight instead of curvy, giving a loose resemblance to a triangle?

Pyramid mustache

10. Alicante, Money-maker, and Ailsa Craig varieties of what?


11. Hjemmet magazine is published from which country?


12. Hakarakaberd fortress is located in which city in Armenia?


13. Where do you see the motto “Begone about Thy business”?

a Sundial motto

14. What is the city nickname of Albany in Georgia, USA?

The Good Life City

15. London and which UK city are joined by the Grand Union canal?


16. Chrome Island Lighthouse (1890) is located in which Canadian province?

British Columbia

17. King Albert Park Mall cinema is located in which country?


18. Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo palace is located in which Italian city?


19. Saint Thaddeus and Bartholomew Cathedral is located in which country?

Baku, Azerbaijan

20. Name Tina Turner’s solo comeback album of 1984?

Private Dancer

21. Academy of the Arabic Language in Khartum (Sudan) was founded in which year?


22. Which country made the 1911 film “Anny – en gatepiges roman”, directed by Adam Eriksen?


23. What is the contribution of Josef Frank (politician)?

a Hero of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic

24. What is the day before January 1 in an annual ephemeris?

January 0

25. In military terms what is an SLR?

Self Loading Rifle

26. Catania city is located in which country?


fun trivia with answers silly quiz questions with answers general knowledge trivia questions and answers general knowledge quiz questions with answers easy general knowledge questions and answers
Catania city, Italy

27. Peerage of England “Earl of Sussex” was created in which year?


28. Year 1 BC was a leap year starting on what day in the Proleptic Gregorian calendar?


29. Who was the founder and the only emperor of the short-lived Chinese Xin dynasty?

Wang Mang, courtesy name Jujun

30. What are the devil’s bones?


31. East Croydon Station is located in which English city?


32. Who was the 4th Earl of Huntingdon, a Peerage of England?

George Hastings

33. What is a work by the American astronomer and mathematician Simon Newcomb, published in volume VI of the Astronomical Papers Prepared for the Use of the American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac?

Newcomb’s Tables of the Sun

34. In the Bible, Abraham, what is in the Quran?


35. Again in Ecuador if you were served cuy what have you eaten?

Guinea pig

36. AdventureQuest is an online Flash-based single-player role-playing video game started in which year?


37. Discovered in 2011, a fossil of an extinct animal Sirenia has not yet been extracted from the rocks in fear of destroying the natural heritage caves of Palawan in which country?

The Philippines

38. Gillamocholmog’s-gate (1175) across from St Michael’s Lane is a historic gate in which city?

Dublin Gate

39. Which goddess was a personification of the rainbow, and played an important role in Elam as well?


40. Who wrote the children’s story The Old man of Lochnagar?

Prince Charles

41. IDA Design Awards is hosted in which city?


42. What is the U.S. state dinosaur for Arkansas?

Arkansaurus fridayi

43. What is an External Combustion Engine?

where the combustion of fuel takes place in an external source

44. What creature is the Boss in the video game Adventures of Mana?


45. Collective nouns – A glint of what?


46. Edward Russell gained what Peerage title of England in 1585?

3rd Earl of Bedford

47. If you love to walk in Croydon, which city need to visit?


48. Kangaroo Island Penguin Centre (formerly Kangaroo Island Marine Centre) – Kingscote is located in which country?


49. An equestrian statue of Louis XIII on Place des Vosges, by Charles Dupaty and Jean-Pierre Cortot (1825), marble replacing destroyed bronze predecessor of 1639, is seen in which French city?


50. Be prepared is the boy scout motto what’s the girl guide’s motto?

Be prepared

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