50 Simple Trivia Questions and Answers Interesting GK Facts

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Flowers generally draw us in with their beauty and natural surroundings. Even though they are surrounded by thorns, they bring us joy and entertainment. When we are dissatisfied and drained, they give us a sense of freshness and lighten our hearts. They purify our surroundings and bring joy to our lives when we are depressed. Grab the simple trivia questions and answers interesting facts.

What flower is the birth flower for August? The gladiolus is also one of August’s two natal flowers, representing honesty and personality power. On fortieth wedding anniversaries, it’s also a popular gift. Dive into the simple trivia questions and answers interesting facts.

What food does a flower consume? Flowers obtain their nutrition from the sun. Plants are unusual among living things in that they produce their own food in special cells called chloroplasts. Flowers are the reproductive sections of plants, and plants are unique among living things in that they make their own food in special cells called chloroplasts. Tune the simple trivia questions and answers interesting facts now!

Simple Trivia Questions and Answers Interesting GK Facts

1. What occurred with the Moon on 2000 Jul 16?

A lunar eclipse

2. MRSA’s resistance to antibiotics began in which decade?


3. Who sings the song “Seven” dedicated to the September 11 attacks?

And One

4. What is a Greater Ani?

A bird

5. In 1914, World War I: Australian and New Zealand troops arrive in which city in Egypt?


6. In astronomy, what is Hygiea?

An asteroid

7. In which year, NBC sets up a permanent, coast-to-coast radio network?


8. Ian McEwan wrote which fiction in 2001?


9. Talk back =?

to reply impudently

10. In 1911, Frank Wedekind’s play “Oaha, die Satire der Satire” was premiered in which city?


11. Which bra name means “little balcony” which refers to the horizontal cut?


12. In 1922, which Pope pleas for peace: encyclical Ubi arcano?

Pius XI

13. What is the roots of fungus absorbs nutrients from the soil for the plant, and the plant, in turn, provides organic food to it. Eg., Pinus?

Mycorrhizal Roots

14. Who said, “History will be kind to me for I intend to write it”?

Sir Winston Churchill

15. In 1909, who becomes the third King of the Belgians?

Albert I

16. Where does a Cattle live?


17. BBC Radio began daily newscasts in which year?


18. The Birmingham Athletic Club, a gentlemen’s club in the United States came insolvent in which year?


19. Cyprus Emergency ended in which year?


20. In 1834, who of London receives a patent for Hansom cabs?

Joseph Hansom

21. Directed by William J. Hole Jr., what was a popular Western film in 1960?

Four Fast Guns

22. Who was the ICC Men’s Cricketer of the Year 2004?

Rahul Dravid (India)

23. In which year, Government of Ireland Act / Home Rule Act pass partitioning Ireland?


24. What is the flower of friendship?

Yellow roses

25. In 1907, 1st all-steel passenger railroad coach was completed in which city in Pennsylvania?


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Altoona, Pennsylvania

26. What is the name of the gentlemen’s club in London, founded in 2018 at 44 Great Cumberland Pl, London W1H 7BS?

Home Grown

27. French President Charles de Gaulle left his charge in which year?


28. Who has the world record in canoeing, Men Kayak in 500m, K4, 1:17.734, 2017, Račice, Czech Republic?

Tom Liebscher, Ronald Rauhe, Max Rendschmidt, Max Lemke (Germany)

29. Vientiane F.C. is a football club in which country?


30. In 1912, which dam in the Nile begins operation?

Aswan Low Dam

31. Mayfair is an affluent area in the West End of which city?


32. Who was the first President of Cuba, ruled for 4 years, 131 days?

Tomás Estrada Palma

33. Wellington-Auckland (NZ) express train swept away in flood kills 166 in which year?


34. Who was the pontiff number 1, a 1st-millennium pope?

St Peter

35. In which year, as American forces defeat Filipino insurgents and impose civil authority, some Filipinos form a Federal Party with a platform recognizing US sovereignty?


36. Hasina Jalal – women’s empowerment activist in which country?


37. What is the longest war?

American Indian Wars (1609-1924)

38. In 1954, the Council for the Protection of Children was formed in which country?


39. Parashqevi Qiriazi is a women’s rights activist from which country?


40. In 1915, J Kern/S Greene’s musical “Very Good Eddie” was premiered in which city?

New York

41. Who was the Men’s Ballon d’Or award winner in 2018?

Luka Modric

42. In 1954, which country gains its independence?


43. What flower means first love?

Purple lilacs

44. What was the UN International year 1965?

International Co-operation Year

45. In 1899, tentative Turkish & German treaty on construction of which city’s railway?


46. Lao Neutralist Party was founded in which year in Laos?


47. In 1963, Greek & Turks riot in which country?


48. Between 1976 and 2019 (under the 1976 Constitution), the position of President was abolished and replaced by which position in Cuba?

President of the Council of State

49. What is the gestation period of an elephant?

640 to 660 days

50. In which year, the 1st hospital ship was built to move wounded naval personnel launched?


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