100 Random General Knowledge Trivia Question of the Day

Random trivia question of the day free online quiz with answer general knowledge English printable facts and information are here. Quizzes are beneficial to the learning process. Quizzes aid in the embedding of knowledge in our brains, laying a solid basis for the next step of learning. Take arithmetic for example: once something is graded using random trivia question of the day, it may be used to assist subsequent, more sophisticated learning. Quizzes assist youngsters to prepare for the next step of their education and aid with the learning process.

Random trivia question of the day reveals knowledge gaps. How will you learn about a topic? Playing a quiz is a fast way to find out. If you answer a question poorly, it will quickly reveal where you lack expertise. This random trivia question of the day, in the case of students, uncover knowledge gaps and highlight areas that require more revision.

Random trivia question of the day provides a unique perspective. It’s the same as paying attention to the instructor, explaining things to the class, and expecting the pupils to remember what they’ve said. Random trivia question of the day provides information from a unique point of view. When we look at things from a fresh perspective, it enables us to comprehend them better.

Random trivia question of the day is a lot less stressful than exams. Learners find school tests to be a stressful experience. They are concerned about how well they will perform, comparing their achievements to those of their peers, or worrying about what the teacher will think of them. Quizzes are less stressful and a good way to put ourselves to the test.

This appears to be beneficial for timid or introverted learners who are afraid to raise their hand in class for fear of making a fool of themselves if their responses are incorrect. As a result, random trivia question of the day is a stress-free method of learning.

Random GK trivia question of the day with the answer

1. Tingulli i heshtjes (2010) is a popular soap opera in which country?


2. Who painted the famous art “The Adoration of the Magi”?

Leonardo da Vinci

3. What is bandori (Yamagata Prefecture and other regions)?

a type of often colorfully woven back strap used when carrying loads on one’s back

4. One cup (240 ml) of whole cow’s milk with 3.25% fat provides how much sugar?

Sugar: 12.3 grams

5. A musical instrument and the French word for paperclip what?


6. Famous sculpture “Madonna of the stairs” crafted by Michelangelo in 1491 is now in which location?

Casa Buonarroti, Florence

7. How do they say hello in Belgium?

Sal oo

8. Mobile Bay is a shallow inlet of the Gulf of Mexico, lying within which US state?


9. In Ancient Rome, Larentalia was held on what date?

December 23

10. What links Yul Brynner Burt Lancaster WC Fields Joe E Brown?

Circus Performers

11. Name one of the resort/ spa towns in Belgium.


12. What is Blacklip abalone?

Gastropods (snails) dish

13. Which sea in the Atlantic Ocean has an area of 290,000 square miles (751,096 sq km)?

North Sea

14. Finnsbu ruins is located in which country?


15. Outfit/costume first seen 1914 film Kid Auto Races at Venice?

Chaplin’s Tramp outfit

16. Where is Chréa?

Ski area and resort in Algeria

17. What is the second top ranked New7Wonders of the World?


18. New York Mets play what sport?


19. Buddhas of Bamiyan is an archaeological site in which country?


20. Currently, where is Al Sufouh, an ancient settlement located?


21. What is akabeko?

a red papier-mâché bull or cow with a bobbing head.

22. Evening Star no 92220 was the last what?

Steam Loco built by British Railways

23. What is the state sport in Colorado?

Pack burro racing

24. In Huston it’s illegal to sell what on Sunday?

Limburger Cheese

25. Book publishing company Editorial Losada is in which country?


26. Cibo Espresso (Cafe) is located in which country?


27. Operation Dracula in WWII freed what city?

Rangoon, Burma (Myanmar)

28. What was the name of a Confederate side-wheel gunboat sunk in Mobile Bay after heavy damage during the Battle of Mobile Bay on 5 August 1864?

CSS Gaines

29. Mazar Hotel, Mazar-e-Sharif is located in which country?


30. In what Agatha Christie book does Poirot Die?


31. Book publishing house Allen & Unwin is founded in which country?


32. The color combination chosen by Royal Dutch Shell was therefore red and yellow from?

the Spanish flag

33. The Belgian Royal Navy ship “HMS Brilliant” was wrecked on what date?

23 April 1918

34. What is Double-A Central?

Minor League Baseball (MiLB) in the United States and Canada

35. What Japanese dish consists of Tofu Beef and vegetables?


36. What is the lucky symbol for Western and Japanese people?


37. Caelis (one Michelin star) restaurant is located in which city?


38. Shengavit Medical Center, 1938 is located in which country?


39. What is the acronym for the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization?


40. What book of the old testament has the least chapters (one)?


41. Name a fish that is based on the names of other fish.

Loach goby

42. Ngaut Ngaut, an archaeoastronomical site is located in which country?


43. What is Bánh canh?

Mixed seafood dish

44. Ziwa is an archaeological site in which country?


45. The unfinished obelisk at Aswan, a colossal sculpture in situ made of granite is located in which country?


46. Pyramid of Djoser was found in which site in Egypt?


47. Johan Schober the first president of what organization in 1923?


48. Baths of Agrippa dome was founded in which location during 19 BC–start of 2nd century?

Rome, Italy

49. What does the symbol Barnstar mean?

a decorative painted object or image often used to adorn a barn

50. New York Knicks play what sport?


Random trivia question of the day
New York Knicks

51. What is singer Elaine Paige’s nickname?

Leather Lungs

52. What symbol is composed of twelve sig runes first appearing on the floor of the north tower of Wewelsburg after Heinrich Himmler ordered it to be remodeled?

Black Sun

53. What is the typographical symbol for “Angle brackets”?

⟨ ⟩

54. What is Vada or bada?

A category of savory fried snacks from India.

55. Brook trout is a common fish in which country?


56. Which shark species has its scientific name Carcharodon carcharias?

Great white shark

57. What was the name of Sancho Panza’s donkey?


58. Where is the historic site Redoubt located?


59. Bawangaja quarried monoliths (stones) are discovered in which country?


60. New Jersey Devils play what sport?

Ice hockey

61. Who spent 18 months in the 1940s as no 3188 home wayward boys?

Steve McQueen

62. Echternach town is located in which country?


63. Bill Clinton created how many national monuments in the USA?


64. What is the largest unreinforced solid concrete dome in the world till present?


65. Between 1916 and 23 Clarence Saunders opened 2800 what?

Piggly Wiggly — self-service stores

66. New England Patriots play what sport?


67. Arboretum Guaycolec y Arboretum de la Facultad de Recursos Naturales (botanical garden) is located in which country?


68. What does the Brunswick star mean?

An eight- or sixteen-pointed star surrounding the British Royal Cypher, used on police badges

69. What is Appam?

a type of pancake, originating from South India

70. In Asheville North Carolina it’s illegal to do what on the streets?


71. Kwale County is located in which country?


72. What fish has its scientific name Pareutropius debauwi?

African glass catfish

73. National monuments in the USA are located in how many states?

32 states

74. Sevan Botanical Garden is located in which country?


75. Who wrote the surreal novel Tarantula?

Bob Dylan

76. What is Mottled Darner?

Canadian dragonfly

77. What is Beanie?

A hat

78. What is the name of the spider in The Snow Spider?


79. Which US state has its nickname Heart of Dixie?


80. Who wrote the novel Invisible Man in 1952?

Ralph Waldo Emerson

81. What is the name of the character of Clint Eastwood in the film Ambush at Cimarron Pass (1958)?

Keith Williams

82. Which state chose the Plott Hound as it was the only dog breed indigenous to the state?

North Carolina

83. Who are the artists of the 2021 music album Utopian Ashes?

Bobby Gillespie and Jehnny Beth

84. Georgia Swarm play what sport?


85. If a woman maritates what is she doing?

Female Masturbating

86. The United States has how many protected areas known as national monuments?


87. What is the name of the dog in the fiction “Vidas Secas”?


88. In which year did Sir Robert Walpole, the first Prime Minister of the United Kingdom born?


89. Who wrote the fiction “Sam, Bangs and Moonshine”?

Evaline Ness

90. What does a Jingling Johnny do in Australia?

Manually shear sheep

91. Bisque (food) is originated in which country?


92. Beaufort Castle is located in which country?


93. What is an Essex skipper?

A British butterfly

94. What is the baby Eagle called?


95. What can be Vulgar Common Simple Improper or proper?


96. Delaware Black Foxes play what sport?


97. Which sea in the Atlantic Ocean has an area of 29,000 square miles (75,109 sq km)?

English Channel

98. Who painted the famous art “The Last Supper”?

Leonardo da Vinci

99. Victor, Baron de Tornaco was the Prime Minister of which European country?


100. What Roman soldier defeated and destroyed Spartacus?

Crassus – not Pompey

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