100 Random Trivia of the Day Printable General Knowledge Quiz

Random trivia of the day general knowledge questions answers printable quizzes in English is full of fun and learning. There are many various techniques to educate and consolidate what has been learned in the realm of education. Children were once required to memorize dates, formulae, and figures, but this style of instruction appears to be extremely tedious. Quizzes are one technique that is growing increasingly popular, particularly in online education.

Quizzes are quite popular. Is there any evidence that quizzes are beneficial in the classroom? Yes, if we question any teacher in any classroom throughout the country, they would tell us that they give their students quizzes and exams to help them learn. There’s no way all of the teachers are wrong. The usefulness of tests and quizzes is undeniable. There are several reasons to believe that quizzes aid learning.

You must concentrate on the task at hand when taking a quiz. This demonstrates that quizzes can assist youngsters in concentrating. When reading from a textbook, it is difficult to keep the reader’s attention since the mind wanders and the necessary information is missed. Quizzes are a lot of fun. Quizzes are enjoyed by the majority of students. Quizzes are used by the majority of online education sites to make studying more enjoyable.

Quizzes aid in the retention of information. The fact that retrieval helps retention is well recognized. Reading material has its place in the learning process, but taking a quiz afterward is far more beneficial. Forcing the brain to retrieve data demonstrates that information is stored for future use. Quizzes aid in the retention of knowledge.

Random general knowledge trivia of the day

1. Temperatures measured directly on the ground may exceed air temperatures by what extent?

30 to 50 °C (54 to 90 °F)

2. What is LIMS?

Laboratory Information Management System

3. Accelerometer measures what?


4. Animated TV show The Puppetoon Show was premiered in which year?


5. John Pierpoint wrote what seasonal ditty?

Jingle Bells

6. What is Hanakotoba?

Japanese flower language

7. In Druids, what does the Mistletoe plant mean?

Used to signify a meeting place where no violence could take place

8. Alfred Hitchcock’s longest cameo appearances are in which of his British films?

Blackmail and Young and Innocent

9. Details (defunct), a men’s magazine was published in which country?


10. Where is the world’s oldest belltower built-in AD 1069?

St Benedict’s Church Rome

11. What is Deba bōchō?

Japanese kitchen carver for meat and fish

12. Name one of the spa towns in Australia.

Daylesford, Victoria

13. Where is Dardhë?

Ski area and resort in Albania

14. Mixco Viejo ruins is located in which country?


15. What is in the Red Data Book?

Endangered Species

16. What is Chequered skipper?

A British butterfly

17. What is often referred to in international tourist lore as the “Armenian Stonehenge”?

Zorats Karer

18. What is BAP?

UK Biodiversity Action Plan

19. Diekirch town is located in which country?


20. April is the cruelest month – which poet wrote that line?

T S Elliot refers to income tax

21. Art, Not Apart is a festival held in which country?


22. Chilli crab dish is served mainly in which countries?

Malaysia and Singapore

23. What is Cob?

Building material

24. Currently, where is Al-Ashoosh, an ancient settlement located?


25. Who was the first American to make $100 million a year?

Al Capone

26. What is ASCII art?

A computer-generated design technique

27. What is Abura kiri?

Japanese drainer tray for oils

28. Which country is the setting of the novel “Éramos Seis”


29. What links Roqia Abubakr, Khadija Ahrari, Masuma Esmati-Wardak, Anahita Ratebzad, Aziza Gardizi, and Homeira Seljuqi?

Women senators in Afghanistan (1965)

30. The is no known language without a word for this creature – what?


31. Count István Széchenyi (Friedrich von Amerling) portrait was crafted by which country’s artist?


32. Boston Thirteens play what sport?


33. What was Aegis in Greek mythology?

The Aegis was forged by the Cyclopes and sounded a thundering roar when in battle.

34. What is Schmaltz?

rendered (clarified) chicken or goose fat

35. Two weeks after hatching what is 3000 times its birth weight?

Monarch Butterfly

36. What is the breed Adler?


37. The International Ornithological Committee (IOC) recognizes how many species in the family Columbidae, the pigeons, and doves?


38. Njerëz dhe Fate (2002–2003) is a popular soap opera in which country?


39. What is a brand Ach. Brito?


40. What job has a pudentacurist?

Shapes pussy hair

41. Who was the founding figure of the High Renaissance, and exhibited enormous influence on subsequent artists?

The Italian polymath Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519)

42. Name a fish that is based on the names of other fish.

Cod icefish

43. What is kasa?

A hat woven from sedge, soft rush, strips of bamboo, or strips of hinoki cypress.

44. Garðar ruins is located in which country?


45. In North Carolina it is illegal for what to race down the street?


46. Aï Khānum is an archaeological site in which country?


47. What is the binomial name of the largest fish, the Whale shark

Rhincodon typus

48. Great Sphinx of Giza, a colossal sculpture in situ made of which stone?


49. What is a monolith?

A large stone which has been used to build a structure or monument, either alone or together with other stones

random trivia of the day
A monolith

50. What does a tsiologist study?


51. Treasury of Atreus dome was founded in which location during 1250 BC–1st century BC?

Mycenae, Greece

52. Which archeological site has been given the honorary status in the New7Wonders of the World?

Great Pyramid of Giza

53. What is the ancient Egyptian symbol for eternal life; now also associated with Kemetism and neo-paganism?


54. What is the animal species containing “Airbreathing”?


55. There are butterflies that smell like what?


56. Famous sculpture “Battle of the Centaurs” crafted by Michelangelo in 1492 is now in which location?

Casa Buonarroti, Florence

57. Stone of the Pregnant Woman (Stone of the South), built by the Roman Empire is discovered in which country?


58. What religion is in Belgium?

Roman Catholic

59. What was the name of the experimental Confederate submarine that sank in Mobile Bay while under tow during a storm in February 1863?

American Diver

60. What first appeared on the USA domestic market in 1960?

Canned Coca Cola

61. What type of company Ediciones de la Flor you find in Argentina?

Book publishing company

62. The Belgian ship “SS Empire Blessing” was wrecked on what date?

19 March 1945

63. What is Idli or idly?

A type of savory rice cake, originating from the Indian subcontinent

64. Belomancy, also bolomancy, is the ancient art of divination by use of what?


65. September 22 is National what appreciation day?


66. One cup (240 ml) of whole cow’s milk with 3.25% fat provides ho much fiver?

Fiber: 0 grams

67. Which sea in the Atlantic Ocean has an area of 146,000 square miles (378,138 sq km)?

Baltic Sea

68. What is the kogin-zashi (Aomori Prefecture)?

a type of quilted clothing.

69. Who crafted the famous sculpture “Madonna of the stairs”?


70. Paramount Pictures logo has 22 what?


71. What is the typographical symbol for “Almost equal to”?

72. What is The Mojo?

A charm originating in African culture

73. Ma’rib, the Capital of the Sabaean empire is an archaeological site in which country?


74. What is N7W?

New 7 Wonders Foundation

75. Mark Chapman was carrying what book when he killed Lennon?

Catcher in the Rye

76. Café Tortoni is located in which country?


77. What does the Hex sign mean?

A form of Pennsylvania Dutch folk art

78. Book publishing house Affirm Press is founded in which country?


79. Hotel Ritsa is located in which city in Abkhazia?


80. The Merry Go Round is Broken Down – whose melody is that?

Looney Tunes

81. Albany FireWolves play what sport?


82. Bluegill is a common fish in which country?


83. What is the main item in the Bisque (food) recipe?


84. What is California Darner?

Canadian dragonfly

85. Who is known as Tuhkimo in Finland?


86. What is the state sport in Alaska?

Dog mushing

87. Atlanta Braves in Cumberland, Georgia play what sport?


88. What is Abalone?

Gastropods (snails) dish

89. Buffalo Bills play what sport?


90. Other than fruit what is the only natural food made without killing?


91. Carolina Hurricanes play what sport?

Ice hockey

92. Àbac (three Michelin stars) restaurant is located in which city?


93. Boston Celtics play what sport?


94. What is Baik kut kyee kaik?

Mixed seafood dish

95. In 1919 in the USA you could be jailed for doing what in Public?


96. Scientific Research Institute of Spa Treatment and Physical Medicine, 1930 is located in which country?


97. Harry’s Cafe de Wheels is located in which country?


98. What does the Mullet (heraldry) symbol mean?

Unconventional shapes of stars on coats-of-arms

99. What is Pathiri?

a pancake made of rice flour in India

100. Where would you find your shank?

Sole of foot

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