65 Fun Trivia Questions Answers On Horse Racing Printable

The horse is an intelligent animal. This is one of the best companions for humans. Fun trivia on horse racing is quite knowledgeable for everyone around. The are many events and fun trivia questions answers online free quizzes on horse racing available on the internet. We love horses and are enthusiastic to learn more interesting facts about horses, their breeds, horseracing, horseriding, and what not!

Fun trivia on horse racing

Let’s learn below 65 fresh fun trivia on horse racing, horse riding, and the horse as a whole!

1. How many bones are there in a horse’s skeleton?

205 bones

2. What was the fastest recorded sprinting speed of a horse?

55 mph

3. Horses with which colored skin can get a sunburn?

pink skin

4. What is a white spot or marking called on a horse’s forehead, between the eyes?


5. What is the time it takes to saddle a horse?

About 5 minutes

6. What do you call a Gray horse?


7. What is a fallen crest called in many horses?

caused by the Nauchal Ligament in the horse’s neck

8. Name one of the most expensive horses ever sold.

Fusaichi Pegasus ($70 million (£53.7 million) in 2000)

9. What are the best things you put on the floor of a stable?

Soil, Sand, or Clay

10. What unit do you apply in order to measure horses?


11. What is the average length of an adult horse?

2.4 m

12. What is the name of the horse in Wilders’ driving team of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books and The First Four Years?

Barnum and Skip

13.  Garrano horse breed was originated from which location?

Iberian peninsula

14. What is considered the average lifespan of a horse?

25 – 30 years

15. The sumpter is used for what purpose?

Carry goods

16. What are Jill Crewe’s ponies from the series by Ruby Ferguson (in later editions, “Black Boy” became “Best Boy”)?

Black Boy and Rapide

17. What is the name of the horse from Black Beauty by Anna Sewell?

Black Beauty

18. Which mammals do not have teeth in the middle of their mouth?


19. The horse had been evolved over how long ago?

45 to 55 million years

20. Horses have collarbones – true or false?


21. The golden coat is most often seen with a flaxen (cream or white) mane and the tail are called what?


22. What is the American horse breed popular for its colorful spotted coat pattern?

The Appaloosa

23. What coat is also called blue dun, gray dun, or mouse dun?

Grulla or grullo

24. What is the horse character’s name originally owned by Tam al’Thor, and later by Egwene al’Vere, in The Wheel of Time series?


25. The reddish-orange coat color of a horse often with the same or similarly colored mane and the tail is called what?


26. The Friesian horse is only allowed to have a what color coat?


27. Beautiful Jim Key was the name of horse rode by which famous person?

Dr. William Key

28. When is a horse called lame?

when the horse has an injury that affects its performance or health

29. In dressage, what is the lateral movement called in which the horse moves forward and sideways at the same time?

The Half-pass

30. What is called Charlotte Dujardin’s famous dressage horse?


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31. Old Nelson was the horse-ridden by which US President?

George Washington

32. What is the charter of the horse, ridden by Death in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels?


33. What is the area on the hind leg of a horse between the stifle and hock?


34. In the case of white color, the horse must have a completely white coat, mane, and tail, whereas the horse’s skin must be of what color?


35. How many dressage movements are there in the training?


36. Incitatus was the name of horse rode by which famous person?

Emperor Caligula

37. What is the name of the horse from the literature My Friend Flicka?


38. What is the most suitable breed of horse for dressage?

Dutch Warmblood

39. What are healthy horses that are free from injuries that affect their health or performance called?

Sound horses

40. What is the joint on the hind leg of a horse that acts like a human ankle called?


41. The uniquely named Dollor (horse) was much loved by which movie actor?

John Wayne

42. Winchester was the name of horse rode by which famous person?

General Philip H. Sheridan

43. Warrior was a gelding horse served in which war?

World War I

44. What are the three primary horse bridle parts?

The headpiece, bit, and reins

45. What do you mean by Roan?

A variation of horse’s coat color

46. What is called a horse’s ankle?


47. What do you call when you put a saddle on a horse?

Saddling or saddling up

48. What is a previously less known person or thing called that emerges to prominence in a situation or in competition?

A dark horse

49. What tool is used to clean a horse’s feet?


50. Five major variations of coat colors include Dun (Buckskin), Grey, Palomino, Pinto, and what?


51. What is the name of the Blue Horse, from The Alchemical Horseman, by Jeremy James?


52. In the case of horses, gradually separating a foal from its mother is a process known as what?


53. What is considered the longest horse race in the Triple Crown?

Belmont Stakes

54. Seattle Slew, Winx, Kelso, Makybe Diva, Zenyatta, and Hurricane Fly?


55. In which country was racehorses originate?


56. In the United States, where did horse racing begin?

Salisbury, New York

57. Who are the finest horseback riders in the world?


58. Which country has the greatest number of racing horses?


59. What is the name of the country where horse racing was invented?

Great Britain

60. What is the fastest Triple Crown horse?


61. What links Kincsem, Black Caviar, Winx, Zenyatta?

Mere racing horses

62. What is a long horse race in which participants must leap a variety of fences and ditches?

A steeplechase

63. Timeform ratings were introduced in which year?


64. Which legendary Thoroughbred holds the Guinness World Record for the quickest pace for a Thoroughbred racehorse from the starting gate?

Winning Brew

65. The Beyer Speed Figures was introduced in the United States in which year?


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