100 General Knowledge in Biology Human Body Trivia Quiz Facts

General knowledge in biology human body questions answers human body fun interesting facts online trivia quiz in English free online for everyone. These general knowledge trivia quizzes in the biology human body are full of learning as well s fun. General knowledge in the biology human body will boost up your level of understanding of the human body’s interesting facts. You should also share this general knowledge in biology human body questions answers to everyone around you!

100 General Knowledge in Biology Human Body Trivia Quiz Facts

Here you will find 100 interesting general knowledge in biology human body trivia quiz online!

1. What is a protein that regulates the pace at which genetic information is transferred from DNA to messenger RNA by binding to a specific DNA sequence?

A transcription factor (TF)

2. A 2-year-old’s brain is what percent of adult size?


3. Tiny hairs called cilia are found in which organs of the body?


4. NAFLD is a disease associated with which organ of the body?

Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

5. We love deep voices — true or false?


6. Which organ of the body performs 500 different functions?


7. A person usually breathes an average of how much air every minute?

13 pints

8. Which part of your body has the thinnest skin?


9. The inner ear has three small loops above the cochlea called what?

Semi-circular canals

10. How many inferior parathyroid glands are there in the human body?


11. Which gland of the body produces cortisol hormone?

Adrenal gland

12. Which part of the body is able to produce additional blood cells in case we need it to?


13. What sort of lymphocytes are in charge of making antibodies?


14. Which organ of the body clears out toxins, like alcohol?


15. What can account for almost 90 percent of premature aging?

Sun exposure

16. Brain information travels up to what speed per hour?

268 miles, this is quicker than Formula 1 race vehicles, which reach speeds of 240 miles per hour

17. Who once described the pineal gland as “the principal seat of the soul”?

René Descartes

18. What is the medicine that helps the bronchi get wider when they narrow because of a disease like asthma?


19. What kind of cells contract under the stimulation of oxytocin, excreting the milk secreted by alveolar units into the lobule lumen toward the nipple?

The myoepithelial cells

20. The smallest muscles in the human body are found in which organ of the human body?


21. What is the ‘master gland’ of the body?

Pituitary gland

22. The left heart has two chambers: the left atrium and the left ventricle, separated by what?

Mitral valve

23. Which organ of the body controls body temperature, hunger, thirst, and circadian cycles?

The hypothalamus

24. What is the name of the nerves that run through the ear and connect the taste buds on the front of your tongue to the brain?

Chorda Tympani

25. How many specific types of neurons are in the brain?

10,000 types

26. What is the frequency men often speak at?

65 to 260 Hertz

27. What organ is full of bile—an alkaline fluid that’s produced in the liver?


28. three main types of steroid hormones: mineralocorticoids, glucocorticoids, and androgens are produced in which gland in the body?

Adrenal gland

29. What is the designation for the largest human chromosome?

Chromosome 1

30. The brain generates about what volume of electricity?

20 watts

31. Your skin has three layers: the epidermis, dermis, and what?


32. Upon inhalation, which body part contracts and flattens and the chest cavity enlarges?


33. What is the state of a surplus parathyroid function called?


34. The typical brain creates how many ideas per minute, according to the University of Southern California’s Laboratory of Neuro Imaging?

48.6 ideas

35. Sleeping can possibly give you what on the skin?


36. Which ancient civilizations developed the world’s first functional prosthetic bone?


37. What volume of bile your liver produces every day?

about 800 to 1,000 ml

38. If you’re left-handed, you favor chewing on what side of your mouth?

Left side

39. How many taste buds are on your tongue?

Nine thousand

40. Which organ helps in storing fat and allowing blood vessels, lymphatics, and nerves to supply the intestines, among other functions?


41. What is the biggest joint of the body?


42. The right side pumps blood into your lungs, while the left side pumps it back into where?

Your body

43. What is the name of the situation causing the pancreas to digest itself?


44. What percent of Americans will get appendicitis during their lifetimes?

About 7 percent

45. Which hormone determines your sleep-wake cycles and is purely determined by the detection of light and dark?


46. Some neurosecretory cells of which body organ produces hormones such as oxytocin and vasopressin?


47. Addison’s disease is actually the dysfunction of which gland of the human body?

Adrenal gland

48. Every minute, how much blood flows through the brain?

750-1,000 milliliters

49. Which organ of the body regulates the temperature of your breath?


50. Your teeth are part of your skeleton — true or false?


51. What is the organ that runs from the pharynx to the stomach?


52. Your vocal cords help keep you alive — true or false?


53. In the human body, the blood enters the aorta of the circulatory system from which part?

Left Ventricle

54. About one in every how many people over the age of 65 live with hearing loss?

One in three

55. What is the most commonly used kidney dialysis treatment?


56. What percent of patients in need of a marrow transplant do not have a matching donor in their family?


57. Which joint of the body voted most likely to be injured?


58. What is the name of the bodily part that runs inside your elbow and causes a tingling, prickly sensation when you strike it?

Ulnar nerve

59. What allows you to see shapes?


60. Your brain takes what percent dehydration to affect your attention, memory, and other cognitive skills?


61. Each minute your heart pumps what volume of blood?

1.5 gallons

62. A human disorder cretinism is caused due to the under secretion of what?

Thyroxin hormone

63. Your brain can process an image that your eyes have seen for as little as what?

13 milliseconds — less time than it takes for you to blink

64. Which organ of the body serves as air cushion shock absorbers that help protect your brain and eyes?


65. The bladder expands and contracts as it fills and empties — true or false?


66. What is stomach rumbling?

the sound of your stomach and small intestines engaging in the digestive process

67. Which fish’s cornea is nearly identical to the human cornea, and has even been used in human eye surgery?


68. Glucagon hormone is produced in which organ of the body?


69. An infected appendix doesn’t actually burst — true or false?


70. You Can Live Without a Colon — true or false?


71. Every day your nose produces how much mucus?

34 ounces, or one liter

72. What is the name of the part of the brain that is most strongly linked to memory, is typically larger in women?

The hippocampus

73. Pancrease has taste buds — true or false?


74. Size of which gland in the body is like a pea and is located at the base of the brain?

Pituitary Gland

75. A healthy adult bladder can store up to how much urine for between two to five hours?

16 ounces (455 milliliters)

76. Your nose shapes the 333sound of your voice — true or false?


77. What is the weight of the healthy parathyroid glands of a male?

30 mg

78. Whose brain weighed 2.71 pounds (1,230 grams) — 10% smaller than the average of 3 pounds (1,360 grams)?

Albert Einstein’s, his brain’s neuron density, on the other hand, was higher than usual

79. Saliva protects your teeth from each other — true or false?


80. The beating sound of which organ is the clap of valve leaflets opening and closing?


81. What is the name of digestion when the stomach begins the digestion process by churning food and breaking it down using digestive acids?

Mechanical digestion

82. In a 24-hour period, what volume of air will pass through your nose?

20,000 liters

83. How many gallbladders do you have in your body?


84. Which organ of the body is about six inches long, and sits between your stomach and spine, surrounded by the small intestine, liver, gall bladder, and spleen?


85. The prostate gland is fueled by which hormone?


86. Neanderthal brains were How much larger than our Homo sapiens brains?

10% larger

87. Food does need gravity to reach your stomach — true or false?


88. Which close neighbor works in a partnership with the pituitary by connecting it to the body’s nervous system?


89. There is one ovary and one fallopian tube on each side of the uterus — true or false?


90. Pulmonary and umbilical veins carry oxygenated blood to the heart — true or false?


91. Heart disease is your greatest health threat — true or false?


92. What parts of the bladder automatically let you know when the bladder requires emptying?

The nerves

93. The strongest muscle, based on its size, the masseter is located in where?


94. Where do you find the hyoid bone in the human body?

Horseshoe-shaped bone in the throat

95. Which organ of the body usually work in pairs


96. Human brains have gotten significantly smaller over how many years?

the past 20,000 years

97. Some of your busiest muscles are those controlling movement of which part of the body?


98. Which organ of your body contains the fundus?


99. Muscle movement counts for almost what percent of the total heat produced inside the body?


100. Exposure to electromagnetic frequencies, such as those generated by your mobile phone and other electronic gadgets, has a detrimental influence on how many proteins are in the brain?

over 140 proteins

general knowledge in biology human body

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