100 General Knowledge Trivia Quiz Questions for Adults

The general knowledge quiz questions for adults like this give a fun trivia n English printable, engaging opportunity for kids to earn points, whether attendance is necessary or merely encouraged. The general knowledge quiz questions for adults are completed as a group exercise by the students. As a result, it successfully engages students in a debate of the correct and, more crucially, wrong responses. This clarifies frequent misunderstandings and emphasizes key aspects.

Taking general knowledge quiz questions for adults quiz is not only entertaining but also aids information retention and brain expansion. Incorporating general knowledge quiz questions for adults into your learning content is one of the simplest ways to improve information retention. The general knowledge quiz questions for adults allow you to keep track of your personal development and examine what you’ve learned and remembered. The easiest method to achieve this is to test yourself over the course of your studies.

General knowledge quiz questions for adults allow you to go through your notes again. By the conclusion, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the material’s major themes and subjects. Give rapid feedback on erroneous answers: Telling learners they’ve responded incorrectly or correctly isn’t enough. Make sure you give detailed, corrected criticism; studies show that this improves retention significantly.

Encourage learners to go over important information in your general knowledge quiz questions for adults. Restudying should be linked to your employee training quiz. This allows the learner to go over the subject again and learn from their mistakes right away.

For your test preparation, choose your questions carefully – don’t simply throw one in there for the sake of it. Learners will come to anticipate general knowledge quiz questions for adults questions, which will motivate them to focus on the subject. People who knew they would be questioned during a lecture took more notes and claimed that their minds wandered less, according to research (19 percent as compared to 40 percent ).

General knowledge quiz questions for adults assist learners in remaining focused and progressing. By posing a question that they’re likely to get wrong, you may test their assumptions. Learners will be inquisitive as to how and why they’ve made a mistake. General knowledge quiz questions for adults be able to get their attention this way.

General knowledge quiz questions for adults

1. What is the time zone name for the designated letter C and offset +3?

Charlie Time Zone

2. Popular opera “Abu Hassan” was composed by whom in 1811?

Carl Maria von Weber

3. Atletica brand is owned by which country?


4. Who painted the famous art “The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne”?

Leonardo da Vinci

5. Lampy is the world’s oldest 1840s insured 1 million oldest what?

Garden Gnome

6. What is the baby Grouse called?

Cheeper, squealer

7. Balfour city is located in which country?

South Africa

8. Golemi beach is located in which country?


9. Yekaterinburg, Russia is located under which federal district?


10. Who wrote The Caine Mutiny?

Herman Wouk

11. Patras city is located in which region in Greece?

Western Greece

12. Which country owns Breadtop bakery?


13. William Sydney Porter is better known as who (literature)?


14. With 34 locations, the Aida coffeehouse chain is founded in which country?


15. Leslie Sebastian Charles is better known as who?

Billy Ocean

16. Casa Na Bolom hotel is located in which country?


17. How many outlets are there of the Aroma Café, a popular coffeehouse chain in the United Kingdom?


18. In Trenton NJ it’s specifically illegal to throw what in street?

Bad Pickle

19. Which US river runs through Montanas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missourim?

The Missouri River

20. What ship meaning new land carried Scott to the Antarctic in 1910?

Terra Nova

21. What is the length of Volga, the longest river in Europe?

3,690 km (2,290 mi)

22. Founded in 2007, which Cafe retailer in Malaysia is specialized in donuts and coffee?

Big Apple Donuts and Coffee

23. What is Hokkien (Min Nan)?

A Chinese language

24. Where is the mouth of the River Trent, England?

The Humber

25. If you had Naphepnhillia what turns you on?

Being Touched

26. What is the second populated city in Greece?


27. Arem-arem, made of compressed rice cake in the form of a cylinder wrapped inside a banana leaf in which country?


28. What is the main item of Amandine (culinary term)?


29. What is a meat analog?

a food industry term for a meat-like substance made from vegetarian ingredients.

30. In Minnesota women can get 30 days for impersonating who?

Santa Claus

31. Hot chocolate is a common breakfast drink in which continent?


32. A bacon substitute “Bacon Salt” was originated in which country?


33. Luke Halpin Sandy Tommy Norden Bud what 1960s TV show?


34. Bak kut teh, a pork rib soup made with a variety of Chinese herbs and spices popular in which country?


35. What actor dropped out of university to be a dishwasher?

Warren Beaty

36. What is the origin of the Asam laksa, soup noodle dish consisting of a bowl of translucent al dente white rice noodles served in a spicy soup made of fish?

Nyonya dish

37. What is Holishkes?

A cabbage dish

38. In which country do you find SPAR, a supermarket chain?


39. Shah was Arus Dam in Kabul Province, Afghanistan is located on which river?

Shakardara River

40. What links a Sylvester Stallone character and Panama Balboa?

Panama cash, Rocky name

41. Oude Molen windmill was founded in 1717 in which city?

Pinelands, Cape Town

42. What links Bobby Abel, Billy Barnes, Billy Gunn, Louis Hall, Robert Henderson, Maurice Read, Arthur Shrewsbury, Frank Sugg, and Albert Ward?

Cricketers awarded Wisden Cricketers of the Year in 1890

43. Which County Cup Association football was first played in 1880?

Lancashire Senior Cup, Cheshire Senior Cup

44. What is the length of the Lena, Russia, one of the longest rivers in Asia?

4,294 km (2,668 mi)

45. Albert Harry Jack and Samuel Eichelbaum is known as who?

Warner Brothers

46. During WW1, the Battle of the Somme was led by which country?


47. What is Cassoeula?

A winter dish in Italy

48. What is the name of traditional yeast bread of New England in the United States made with wheat flour, cornmeal, molasses, and sometimes rye flour?

Anadama bread

49. What is Pikelet?

A British bread

50. What is a Merkin – There are two possible correct answers?

Artificial Vagina — Pubic Wig

51. What is Chabo, or Japanese Bantam?

a chicken breed

general knowledge quiz questions for adults

52. Cabbage squares is a popular savory in which country?


53. Anatolian buffalo is originated in which country?


54. What is the Afar breed?


55. What author’s only detective work was The Red House Mystery?

A A Milne

56. What is the Aylesbury breed?


57. Which is a subspecies of the plains zebra native to eastern Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, and Mozambique?

Crawshay’s zebra

58. Canberra is the capital of Australia since which year?


59. What is Murbodner?

an Austrian cattle breed

60. Ignoring USA whose motto is E Pluribus Unum Benfica?

Football Club

61. A popular swimwear brand “Andrew Christian” was originated in 2001 in which country?

United States

62. What is the brand of the basketball shoe worn by Antoine Walker in 1986?

Real Deal II

63. Sweet dish Apple pie was originated in which country?

United Kingdom (England)

64. What is Baijia yi?

a form of Chinese patchwork jacket

65. What was the Titanic’s last port of call Queenstown Cobh (1922)?


66. What is the official name of Algeria?

People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

67. Who was Janet Adair?

A vaudeville performer

68. What is Chai tau kueh?

Teochew (China) cuisine

69. What is The Very Cranky Bear?

a 2008 Children’s picture book by Nick Bland

70. In Eureka Nevada it’s illegal for mustached men to do what?

Kiss Women

71. Where do you eat Coffin bread?

A Taiwanese cuisine

72. Mahatma Gandhi begins his hunger strike in the Subcontinent on September 14 in which year?


73. In 1974, The one-millionth trademark registered was issued to which company for a simple G clef and staff design used on Sweet’n Low?

Cumberland Packing Corp.

74. What is Barnevelder?

a Dutch chicken breed

75. Janine Deckers suicided 1985 had top 10 hit 1962 as who?

The Singing Nun Sister Luc Gabrielle

76. Where is the Cotentin Donkey breed from?


77. What was the name of the English ship carrying the heir to the English Throne and the Duchy of Normandy, and more than 300 others faced disaster in 1120?

White Ship

78. What is Latin for “scales”?


79. In Folklore, what is a form of ghost light, an unusual visual phenomenon that appears at Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada?

The Fireship of Baie des Chaleurs

80. Seawise University burned 9 Jan 1972 used to be called what?

Queen Elizabeth

81. FV Andrea Gail which was lost in 1991 somewhere off Sable Island was a ship owned by which country?


82. East River Houses (1956), in Cooperative Village, has developed 1,672 units in which city?

New York City

83. What was the birthstone for the month of March during the 15th–20th century?

bloodstone, jasper

84. A1 is a telecommunication operator in which country?


85. What is Berner Florin?

Parisian frill types of Canaries

86. What is Dudou?

A traditional form of the bodice (Inner garments)

87. Which is an American country rock group founded in 1974, and popular for music as “American music” or “roots music”?

The Amazing Rhythm Aces

88. Turquoise is the state gemstone of which US state?


89. What is the National Immunization Awareness Month in the USA?


90. What Australian slang for a simpleton is also a cockatoo?


91. country rock albums “Turn! Turn! Turn!” was released by which p[opular band in 1965?

The Byrds

92. What occurs where an oceanic plate meets a continental plate and is pushed underneath it, marked by oceanic trenches?

Subduction zones

93. The strongest storm by 1-minute sustained winds in the North Atlantic was what?

Hurricane Allen

94. With its 108 floors, Willis Tower is located in which city?


95. What 19th-century explorer translated the Kama Sutra?

Sir Richard Burton

96. What is the common name of the Nonanoic acid, a saturated fatty acid?

Pelargonic acid

97. SETAR is a Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network being operated in which country?


98. What is also called patyr and nan, a bread that is a staple food in Uzbek cuisine?

Obi Non

99. What is 7 Year Bitch in the United States?

an all-female band

100. Real names Susan Alexandria Stage name from Great Gatsby?

Sigourney Weaver

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