50 Random Facts for Quizzes GK Questions and Answers Printable

We believe you will enjoy these random facts for quizzes GK questions and answers printable. Everyone is looking for happiness. The higher the happiness, the deeper and more precise the knowledge. Because the Human being is the embodiment of Consciousness, random facts for quizzes GK questions and answers printable knowledge, and Bliss, it seeks these three qualities in the cosmos and within itself in order to complete It-Self. It’s a basic sense that information is required for wisdom and to explore God’s creations more effectively than those who lack random facts for quizzes GK questions and answers printable knowledge.

In 1951, legendary Australian cricket fast bowler Ray Lindwall bowls West Indian spinner Sonny Ramadhin in the 2nd Test in Sydney, taking his 100th Test wicket; Australia wins by 7 wickets. Have fun with random facts for quizzes GK questions and answers printable

Explore random facts for quizzes GK questions and answers printable. The MLB says that season attendance is 20.2 million, down from 20.9 million in 1948; the New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians both finish with over 2.2 million, while the St. Louis Browns slip to 270,000.

Grab random facts for quizzes GK questions and answers printable. Low soil yields had long aided the cause of mass migrant labor and the relocation of the local population of Madurese people outside the island, in Indonesia where the Madurese were major clients of the government’s large-scale transmigration programs undertaken by both the Dutch colonial administration and the authorities of independent Indonesia in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, through which they settled in sparsely populated areas of Indonesia’s other islands, especially in the Maluku Islands. As a result of this policy, more than half of the ethnic Madurese people residing outside of their traditional homeland have settled in numerous parts of Indonesia, where former transmigrants and their offspring still retain their Madurese identity. It’s time to solve random facts for quizzes GK questions and answers printable.

Random Facts for Quizzes GK Questions and Answers Printable

1. 1. What is Amulet?

a Jewelry

2. The first Iranian presidential election was held on January 25, 1980, and resulted in the election of whom with 76% of the votes?

Abulhassan Banisadr

3. In 1997, which Protestant paramilitary leader was assassinated in Northern Ireland?

Billy Wright

4. Who was the United States Poet Laureate in 1949–1950?

Elizabeth Bishop

5. In 1995, which Australian cricketer completes his 21st Test Cricket century (110 v SL, MCG)?

David Boon

6. What links Ali Khamenei, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Mohammad Khatami, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Hassan Rouhani, the presidents of Iran?

Each was elected president for two terms

7. What is chokecherry?

a common wild cherry of eastern North America having small bitter blackberries favored by birds

8. In 1999, who records his 1,000th career point, an assist against the St. Louis Blues?

Joe Sakic

9. Aldwych Theatre is located in which city in the UK?


10. In 1992, the 13th United Negro College Fund raises how much USD?


11. What is the name of two separate dishes, one in the Greater Iran region?


12. In which year, “Candles, Snow, & Mistletoe” open at Palace Theater NYC for 7 performances?


13. As fish swim around, their movement sends tiny electrical signals through the water – named what?


14. Reflections on the Revolution in France: Easyread Super Large 18pt Edition – the book is written by which philosopher?

Edmund Burke

15. In 1992, which musical was opened at Gershwin NYC for 10 performances?

“Tommy Tune Tonite! Song & Dance Act”

16. What do you mean by “Post-It”?

brand name for a slip of notepaper that has an adhesive that allows it to stick to a surface and be removed without damaging the surface

17. Fawkes creature was found in which movie?

Harry Potter

18. In 1993, who hits a record 3792.93?


19. Bats hunt using what technique?


20. In 1992, “Les Miserables” opens at Ostregaswerks in which city?


21. Who created the famous tragedy “The Suppliants” in 463 BC?


22. What are sewers?

Home of cockroaches

23. Think out =?

to devise

24. Which king ruled China during 2852–2737 BC?


25. In 1981, who becomes the fastest NHLer to get 100 pts (38th game)?

Oiler Wayne Gretzky

26. With a running start, which animal can easily clear 40 feet horizontally?


english gk question random trivias random facts quiz fun random trivia random trivia knowledge random fact question random facts and trivia
Puma (Puma concolor)

27. In 1992, “3 From Brooklyn” closes at which theatre in NYC after 45 performances?

Helen Hayes Theater

28. What is a popsicle?

ice cream or water ice on a small wooden stick

29. Planet of the Apes – was one of the Top-grossing American films in which year?


30. In 1982, who clinched 8-60 to bring innings victory v India at Karachi?

Imran Khan

31. Robert Koch (1843–1910) is considered one of the Fathers in which field?


32. In 1991, who was retired as Seattle Seahawk coach?

Chuck Knox

33. A Christmas Tale (Un Conte de Noël) – a Christmas film was released in which year?


34. What is a rowanberry?

decorative red berrylike fruit of a rowan tree

35. In 1983, which pope pardons the man who shot him (Mehmet Ali Agca)?

Pope John Paul II

36. What is Hakama?

an item traditionally worn in Japan

37. In which year, Bengals hire Dave Shula as the youngest NFL coach (32)?


38. What is Plexiglas?

a light transparent weather-resistant thermoplastic

39. In which historic Age, humans settle in Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, and ancient Egypt; the invention of the wheel and metalworking?

The Bronze Age

40. In 1983, a Propane gas fire devastated 16 blocks of which city?


41. Think long =?

to weary (from deferred hopes or boredom)

42. Who was the 31st President of the United States?


43. Margaret Atwood wrote which fiction in 2003?

Oryx and Crake

44. Who said, “Work is the curse of the drinking classes”?

Oscar Wilde

45. In 1984, Padres’ free agent pitcher Ed Whitson signs with which team?

NY Yankees

46. What is Jell-O?

fruit-flavored dessert (trade mark Jell-O) made from a commercially prepared gelatin powder

47. River islands are located in which US state?


48. In astronomy, what is Victoria?

An asteroid

49. What zodiac has its sign “11”?


50. In which year, terrorists kill 20 and wound 110 attacking El Al at Rome and Vienna airports?


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