50 Quiz Questions Random Knowledge Facts and Answers Printable

Enjoy the quiz questions random knowledge facts and answers printable! When you are taking in new information, whether by hearing or reading, the first stage in which factual quiz questions random knowledge facts, and answers printable provides you thinking is when you are taking in new information. Understanding spoken or written language entails much more than knowing vocabulary and grammar.

It is simple to address the problem with quiz questions random knowledge facts and answers printable. Every day in the life, you will encounter challenges, some of which may appear to be so serious that you will be unable to solve them. However, information may help you improve your ability to think creatively, which can help you solve challenges in class and in real life.

The inaugural Ballon d’Or award was given out in 1956. Lionel Messi was the most recent winner in 2021. Messi has the record for most Ballon d’Or wins with seven, while Cristiano Ronaldo holds the record with five. Have fun with quiz questions GK random knowledge facts and answers printable.

Because it was solely accessible to European players at European clubs until 1995, the award was sometimes referred to as the European Footballer of the Year award. Explore the quiz questions with random knowledge facts and answers printable. In 1995, the regulations were altered to allow non-European players who played for a European team to be eligible for the award. Then, in 2007, any player from anywhere on the planet became eligible.

The Ballon d’Or and FIFA Player of the Year honors were amalgamated between 2009 and 2015 to form the FIFA Ballon d’Or. The inaugural women’s Ballon d’Or award (dubbed the Ballon d’Or Féminin) was awarded in 2018. Shine yourself with quiz questions random GK knowledge facts and answers printable.

The trophy was amalgamated with the FIFA Player of the Year award from 2009. In 2016, France Football declared that their association with FIFA was ending and that the Ballon d’Or would be revived, with the 2016 edition being the 61st. There was no award in 2020 owing to the interruption of international sport caused by the coronavirus epidemic. Have fun with quiz questions random knowledge facts and answers printable.

Quiz Questions Random Knowledge Facts and Answers Printable

1. What are Plantain Eaters?


2. Chris Ware and Jimmy Corrigan wrote which fiction in 2000?

The Smartest Kid on Earth

3. Very tight —>?


4. 22q11.2 distal deletion syndrome is a what type of disorder?


5. In 1987, who sets an NBA record of 13 steals in a game?

Mookie Blaylock

6. Which fish sauce in Malaysia is traditionally made by mixing anchovy and salt in the range of the ratio of 2:1 to 6:1 to be fermented for 140 to 200 days?

Budu sauce

7. What is the name of the Polish dish, pea and/or lentil soup?


8. Which roots arise from the nodes and penetrate into the host tissue?

Sucking Roots

9. Malayan Emergency ended in which year?


10. In 1992, 6.8-7.5 earthquakes struck which island, tsunami kills 3,000?

Flores Island

11. Who said, “There are a terrible lot of lies going about the world, and the worst of it is that half of them are true”?

Sir Winston Churchill

12. Watch out =?

Be careful

13. Which flower has attained cultural significance around the world and is often used to symbolise love, affection and beauty?


14. Independence Square is located in which country?

Ghana (Accra)

15. In 1987, Okla’s sets NCAA record of 33 steals vs which team?


16. Who was the pontiff number 2, a 1st-millennium pope?

St Linus

17. In which year, Amendment to make it illegal to physically desecrate the flag turned down by senate 63-36 (need 2/3 vote)?


18. Who has the world record in canoeing, Men Kayak in K1 event, 200m in 2017 at Plovdiv, Bulgaria?

Liam Heath (United Kingdom)

19. Amina Azimi – disabled women’s rights advocate in which country?


20. The VII International Tchaikovsky Competition by Robert Dalrymple and Ken Locker get which award in 1983?

5th ACE Cable Awards

21. Kosovo War started in which year?


22. EZRA F.C is a football club in which country?


23. In 1996, assassination attempt on which Iraqi, the heir to Sadam Hussain?


24. Savile Row is a street in Mayfair, in which city?


simple trivia questions and answers best general knowledge quiz questions top quiz questions and answers
Savile Row Street, London

25. In 1985, 248 US soldiers & 8 crew members die in which charter crash?

Arrow Air

26. Independent Party was founded in which year in Laos?


27. Who was the ICC Men’s Cricketer of the Year 2005?

Jacques Kallis (South Africa), Andrew Flintoff (England)

28. In which year, Marlins sign their 6th free-agent since Nov 22, Moises Alou?


29. The Birmingham Athletic Club, a gentlemen’s club in the United States was founded in which year?


30. In 1992, which Japanese crown prince announces engagement to Masaka Owada?


31. What is the name of the gentlemen’s club in London, founded in 2015 at 12 Hay Hill?

12 Hay Hill

32. In 1943, 1st telecast of which complete opera at Schenectady, NY?

Hansel & Gretel

33. What is sometimes known as a balcony bra?


34. Who sings the song “My Blue Manhattan” dedicated to the September 11 attacks?

Ryan Adams

35. In 1992, who of Russia was crowned 42nd Miss World?

Julia Kurotchkina

36. Directed by Anthony Mann, what was a popular Western film in 1960?


37. Barenaked Ladies is a Canadian rock band formed in 1988 in which city in Ontario?


38. In 1997, Carlos the Jackal, “professional revolutionary”, goes on trial in which city?


39. What occured with the Moon on August 08, 1998?

A lunar eclipse

40. In 1985, which plane crashed near Gander, Newfoundland; 258 die?


41. What is an American rock band from Anaheim, California, formed in 1995?


42. In the astronomy, what is Bellona?

An asteroid

43. What is the size of Biltmore Estate, the largest house in the United States?

178,926 sq ft (16,622.8 m2)

44. What is All-Bran, by Kellogg’s (1916–present)?

A breakfast cereal

45. In 1986, which Australian cricketer had his fourth Test century, 103 v England at Adelaide?

David Boon

46. 5145 Pholus is an eccentric centaur in the outer Solar System, approximately 180 kilometers in diameter, that crosses the orbit of which planets?

Saturn and Neptune

47. In which year during th WWII, Allies air attack on Den Helder, Netherlands?


48. Many flowers which you think share similar characteristics to lilies and even use the term in their common name aren’t actually part of the same group. True or false?


49. What is Aarskog disease?

A rare disease

50. In 1985, NASA launched which space vehicle?


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