50 World History Quiz Questions with Answers Medium Printable

Enjoy the world history quiz questions with answers medium printable! Do you wish to discover how people lived in previous eras? History may help you grasp what life was like in the old British, European, Chinese, and Roman empires. world history quiz questions with answers medium printable will provide you access to a variety of archived documents, allowing you to learn about previous events via the words of the individuals who lived them.

As a student, you may utilize the evidence creatively to determine how the past is similar to or different from the present after learning this information. With practice, you may learn to think about the past and future in new ways. Explore the world history quiz questions with answers medium printable.

In the 1995 Ballon d’Or, Liberian striker George Weah of PSG/Milan is crowned Europe’s finest football player; this is the first edition when players born outside Europe are allowed to vote. Find below some world history quiz questions with answers medium printable.

Matthias Sammer, a German sweeper for Borussia Dortmund, is chosen the greatest football player in Europe in 1996, ahead of PSV/Barcelona forward Ronaldo and Newcastle United striker Alan Shearer. Share the world history quiz questions with answers medium printable.

In the year 1942, Due to WWII travel limitations, MLB owners decided to limit travel to three trips rather than the usual four; spring training in 1943 was confined to places north of the Potomac and Ohio rivers and east of the Mississippi. Keep pace with the world history quiz questions with answers medium printable.

When the Chicago Blackhawks defeated the New York Rangers 4-1 in 1940, four pairs of brothers played in the game: Lynn & Muzz Patrick and Neil & Mac Colville (Rangers); Max & Doug Bentley and Bob & Bill Carse (Blackhawks) (Chicago). Have fun with the world history quiz questions with answers medium printable below!

World History Quiz Questions with Answers Medium Printable

1. A massive ferry caught fire killing at least 39 people in Jhalkathi, 250 km south of the capital on December 24, 2021, in which country?


2. What was the fastest war?

Anglo-Zanzibar War of 1896

3. Who was the ICC Men’s Cricketer of the Year 2012?

Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka)

4. Cincinnati beats Bradley 75-73 in 7 OTs and held an NCAA record in which year?


5. In which year, Georg Alt’s German translation of Hartmann Schedel’s Nuremberg Chronicle is published?


6. Between 1902 and 1976 (under the 1901 and the 1940 constitutions), the role of the head of state was performed by which position in Cuba?


7. In 1672, who discovers Rhea, a satellite of Saturn?

Giovanni Cassini

8. The Southern Club, a gentlemen’s club in Birmingham in the United States started in which year?


9. In 1983, which musical was opened at Broadhurst Theater NYC for 669 performances?

“Tap Dance Kid”

10. In which year, SS-Fuhrer Himmler begins deportation of Polish Jews?


11. In 1934, Samson Raphaelson’s which musical was premiered in NYC?

“Accent on Youth”

12. In 1522, which troops occupy Rhodos?


13. In 1588, in “The Day of the Dagger” Henry, Duke of Guise, leader of the Catholic League is assassinated by whom?

Bodyguards of King Henry III at the Château de Blois

14. NCAA rules rescinded the last 2-minute men’s basketball free throw rule in which year?


15. In 1989, Panama’s which dictator seeks asylum at the Vatican embassy?

Manual Noriega

16. In 1818, Handel’s Messiah was premiered in the US in Boston, performed by which company?

The Handel & Haydn Society

17. School bus & train collide in Salt Lake City in Utah in which year?


18. Who started his Presidentship of France in 1969?

Georges Pompidou

19. In 619, who begins his reign as Catholic Pope?

Boniface V

20. In 1989, Charles Taylor enters Liberia to unseat whom?

President Samuel K Doe

21. In 1261, John IV Lascaris of the restored Eastern Roman Empire is deposed and blinded by orders of which of his co-ruler?

Michael VIII Palaeologus

22. In 1918, which country declares independence with a monarchy proclaimed in Belgrade?


23. 1st known Christmas carol (“Silent Night, Holy Night” – “Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht) sung (Austria) in which year?


24. Four centuries for SA as they make 7-644 v Qld before 6,180 in which year?


25. In 1986, Iran offensive against which Iraqi islands?

Islands of Shatt al-Arab

history quiz questions with answers
Shatt al-Arab

26. Under the future Emperor Nicephorus Phocas, Byzantine troops storm the city of Aleppo, recovering the tattered tunic of John the Baptist in which war in 962?

Byzantine-Arab Wars

27. In which year, Danish parliament passes an act to grant Iceland independence under the Danish crown?


28. In 1194, which Holy Roman Emperor was crowned King of Sicily in Palermo Cathedral?

Henry VI

29. In 1482, the Peace of Atrecht (now Arras) concluded between Louis XI of France and Maximilian of Austria, ending which war?

War of the Burgundian Succession

30. In 1986, which French hostage was held in Lebanon for 9 months, released?

Aurel Cornea

31. What is the name of the gentlemen’s club in London, founded in 1876 at 9 Irving Street, near Leicester Square?

Beefsteak Club

32. In 1917, Boys Town was founded by whom in the west of Omaha, Nebraska?

Father Edward Flanagan

33. In 1130, Antipope Anacletus II crowned whom the Norman king of Sicily?

Roger II

34. In 1933, Stan Smith takes 8-33 for Victoria v Tasmania at which venue?


35. In 1984, a Palace coup was held in which country?


36. In 1809, which physician performs the first abdominal surgery in the U.S, an ovariotomy to remove a 22 lb ovarian tumor?

Ephraim McDowell

37. In 1900, which exiled South African President visits Flanders and on the same day is declined a visit from the German Kaiser?

Transvaal Paul Kruger

38. Who has the world record in canoeing, Men Kayak in 1000m, K1, 3:20.643, 2021, Tokyo, Japan?

Bálint Kopasz (Hungary)

39. In 1814, Reverend Samuel Marsden of the Church Missionary Society holds the first Christian service in which country on land, at Rangihoua?

New Zealand

40. Chaminade, with a student body of only 850 students, beats #1 ranked Virginia 77-72 in a Honolulu holiday basketball classic in which year?


41. In 1100, who of Boulogne crowned King of Jerusalem?

Boudouin I

42. In 1896, 1st certified public accountants receive certificates in which city?

New York

43. Committee for the Defence of National Interests political party was founded in which year in Laos?


44. In which year, “Visit from St Nicholas” by C Moore published in Troy (NY) Sentinel?


45. In which year, Americans remembered Iran hostages by shining lights for 417 seconds?


46. In 1932, 7.6 magnitude earthquake ravages which city in China, killing 275?


47. In 1048, Parliament of Worms: which Emperor names his cousin Count Bruno van Egisheim-Dagsburg as Pope Leo IX?

Henry III

48. In 1887, which treaty recognizes Portugal’s control of Macao?

Sino-Portuguese treaty

49. In 1775, which Pope encyclical on the problems of the pontificate?

Pius VI

50. 1st Ariane rocket was launched in which year?


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