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Interesting quiz questions with answers to general knowledge are prepared on the basis of printable, useful interesting facts and information. Aristotle emphasized that humans already have a sense of these koiná (such as movement), a “common sense” or sense of the common things, which does not function by chance (, katá sumbebkós). And there is no particular sense perception for movement and other koiná, since if there were, we would not be able to experience the koiná interesting quiz questions with answers at all unless by chance.

Aristotle uses the specialized sense of vision on its own to perceive that something is pleasant or to recognize a friend by their distinctive hue as examples of seeing by accident. “When I see Socrates, it is not inasmuch as he is Socrates that he is visible to my sight, but rather because he is colored,” Lee (2011, p. 31) says with an example of interesting quiz questions with answers.

According to Aristotle (and Plato), the conventional five individual senses feel the common perceptible, but they do not always interpret them correctly on their own interesting quiz questions with answers. According to Aristotle, the benefit of having several senses is that it raises our chances of accurately distinguishing and recognizing objects on a regular basis, rather than just by chance to solve interesting quiz questions with answers. Each sense is utilized to detect differences, such as sight distinguishing between black and white, but all creatures with perception must have “someone thing” that can differentiate black from sweet, according to Aristotle.

This comparison must take place in common sense, and it must be done by comparing impressions (or symbols or markers; v, smeîon,’ sign, mark’) of what the specialist senses have observed interesting quiz questions with answers. As a result, a sort of awareness emerges from common sense, “since it makes us aware of experiencing experiences at all.” It also gets physical visual imprints from the creative faculty, which may be recalled as memories to solve interesting quiz questions with answers.

Interesting quiz questions with answers

1. Discovery Island Light (1885) is located in which Canadian province?

British Columbia

2. What is the person cutting the trees called?


3. What is Genmai gohan in Japan?

Brown rice

4. What is Glitter?

a common drawing material

5. Reverend Marcus Morris founded which UK comic in the 50s?


6. Bugis+ cineplex is located in which country?


7. Palazzo Contarini Dal Zaffo palace is located in which Italian city?


8. American Airlines Flight 765, a cargo flight, crashed into Flushing Bay while returning to LGA due to engine problems in 1947 in which airport?

LaGuardia Airport, New York

9. What is Chuyo in Japan?

An escort carrier

10. What title has the wife of an earl?


11. What is the name of a Converted merchant ship in service as a seaplane tender from 1915 to 1919 in France?


12. Makarios Paediatric Hospital is located in which country?

Nicosia, Cyprus

13. Kuopio University Hospital is located in which country?

Kuopio, Finland

14. What is Dussack?

a specific form of German waster, a practice weapon

15. Who was nicknamed The Great Communicator?

Ronald Regan

16. Estadio Almagro multi-use stadium is located in which country?


17. Oulu University is located in which country?


18. Moments (two Michelin star) restaurant is located in which European city?


19. Darwin Glacier is located in which African country?


20. The Soviet Sukhoi-34 fighter was the world’s first with what?

A Toilet in it

21. What is Banco de Sabadell in Spain?

Financial company

22. Aghalard Castle ruin is located in which country?

Republic of Ireland

23. What is Cobbler is England

an English dish

24. Who was Bartolomeo Platina?

an Italian Renaissance humanist writer and gastronomist

25. Tiramisu is a coffee dessert but what does it literally mean?

Pick me up

26. What is the chess Knight called in the Albanian language?

K Kali (horse)

27. Coral fungi is an edible what?


28. What is Tripes à la mode de Caen?

a traditional dish of the cuisine of Normandy, France.

29. What is Huperzia lucidula?


30. The are six sides on a standard one – a standard what?


31. Cevital is a brand of which country?


32. What is Ayre spatula?

Surgical instrument

33. Which channel between the northeastern corner of the peninsula and Cuba, connects the two bodies of water?

The Yucatán Channel

34. Who composed the operas Ball im Savoy, Die Blume von Hawaii, Viki, Viktoria und ihr Husar?

Paul Abraham (1892–1960)

35. In what game would you nurdle scrunge or carnovsky?


36. What is the Our Lady of the Rockies in the USA, completed in 1985?

A tall statue located at Butte, Montana

37. What is the name of codes created for use in the Ethnologue, a publication of SIL International that lists language statistics?

SIL codes

38. Persepolis ruin is located in which country?


39. The interior framework of the Statue of Liberty designed by whom?

Gustave Eiffel

40. Westminster Abbey is dedicated to who?

Saint Peter

41. Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower in Mecca was completed in which year?


42. Abbadia Lariana municipality is located in which country?


43. Which religion has the symbol of Triskelion?


44. 10 ± 2 denotes what?

an unknown value that lies between 8 and 12.

45. Where would you find racettes?

Lines on the wrist in Palmistry

46. Which national park in Alaska, USA was opened in 1917?

Denali National Park

47. Peerage of England “Earl of Bath” was created in which year?


48. Genoa city is located in which country?


49. Academy of the Arabic Language in Rabat (Morocco) was founded in which year?


50. Why did Disney recall his first celluloid Donald Duck toys?

They exploded into flames

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Disney first celluloid Donald Duck toys

51. Church of the Immaculate is located in which country?


52. Who was the 4th Earl of Sussex, a Peerage of England?

Henry Radclyffe

53. In 1046, which uprising took place in Pest, Hungary?

Vata pagan uprising

54. What is a type of soup spoon with a short, thick handle extending directly from a deep, flat bowl?

Chinese spoon

55. Hokusai and Hiroshige were famous Japanese what?


56. What is the Difference sign in set theory?


57. Alipura was a thriving state in 1757-1950 under which empire?

British India

58. What is the name of neuroscience 3D reconstruction of the complete brain from cell-body stained histology sections at 20 microns isotropic resolution?

Big Brain

59. L. Frank Baum created which tiger character in the popular fiction Ozma of Oz?

Hungry Tiger

60. Lygophobia is the fear of what?


61. Alive is a popular studio album by Mike Kobluk, Joe Frazier, and who?

John Denver

62. Dodger Stadium is located in which US city?

Los Angeles, California

63. What is Collard liquor?

a Vegetable dish

64. Where is the home of bird River lamprey, Lampetra fluviatilis?

Great Britain

65. In what country was the paperclip invented?


66. According to Hinduism, how many manvantara (age of Manu, a unit of time) in a kalpa?


67. Colorado Rockies is a popular team for what sport in the USA?

Major League Baseball

68. Anacamptis morio subsp. longicornu is a specis of what?


69. What is the common name of Carcharodon carcharias fish?

Great white shark

70. What is the flavor of a piri-piri sauce?


71. What is Alucita microscopica in Sri Lanka?


72. Henry Herbert gained what Peerage title of England in 1570?

2nd Earl of Pembroke

73. What date occurs in the epoch for the ephemeris second, “1900 January 0 at 12 hours ephemeris time”?

January 0

74. What is the U.S. state dinosaur for California?

Augustynolophus morrisi

75. King George III is remembered in which children’s nursery rhyme?

The Grand old Duke of York

76. In the Bible, Amram, what is in the Quran?


77. In the video game Angels with Scaly Wings the dragon is conceived from what?


78. In which country’s Aboriginal mythology, the rainbow snake is the Creator (Kurreah, Andrenjinyi, Yingarna, Ngalyod and others) in the Dreaming?


79. What is the meaning of the Japanese form of the language of “Shion” flower?


80. Which organisation has been selling racehorses since 1176?


81. What is a religious principle of non-violence and respect for all life?


82. Locally named “ubag” in reference to mythical cavemen, fossil of H. luzonensis, that existed during the Middle-Pleistocene was discovered in which country?

The Philippines

83. The Shan language is the native language of the Shan people and is mostly spoken in Shan State in which country?


84. Accordion Player is an early film developed in which year?


85. Who played the doctor in the rock opera, Tommy?

Jack Nicholson

86. Rural and Artisanal Museum were located in which country?


87. Written by Wade, who is the artist of the song Adeste Fideles?

Frank Sinatra

88. Who is the author of the fictional lion character “Chandre” in Cheburashka?

Eduard Uspenskiy

89. Grays Hall is a freshman dormitory for which college?

Harvard College

90. Names from jobs – Baker Cook obvious what did a Mercer do?

Textile dealer

91. Mulino county is located in which US state?


92. Eisenhower Parkway is located in which country in New Jersey?

Essex County

93. Former regent of the Han Dynasty, Dong Xian, who was previously Emperor Ai of Han’s lover, commits suicide with his wife in which year?

1 BC

94. Which year was known as the Year of the Consulship of Lentulus and Piso (or, less frequently, year 753 Ab urbe condita)?

Year 1 BC

95. Where would you find Queen Maud Land?


96. Holy Myrrhbearers Cathedral is located in which country?

Baku, Azerbaijan

97. Congaree National Park was opened in 2003 in which US location?

South Carolina

98. In memory of the 29th president of the United States, Warren G. Harding High School is located in which US city in Connecticut?


99. Holocaust Museum and Andrew Steiner Education Centre is located in which Australian province?


100. Which early rock singer was nicknamed killer Jerry?

Lee Lewis

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