50 Global Quiz Questions and Answers General Knowledge

Global quiz questions and answers general knowledge is a necessary component of improving our mental abilities. It is an element of the educational process. Gk global quiz questions and answers also aid us in understanding what is going on in and around our environment. It’s a type of update. As a result, most exams contain GK global quiz questions and answers as a common paper. “General knowledge” is a word used in schools and other places. Global quiz questions and answers allow students to learn while also requiring them to memorize facts. Names, facts, and events, for example. This is OK at the outset to solve many more global quiz questions and answers.

However, such learning is not what is referred to as “Knowledge”… It’s just a collection of information. You may gather various facts by reading a newspaper… global quiz questions and answers. Unfortunately, you will overlook one crucial aspect known as common sense. If you include common sense, your collection of “facts” will become quite valuable. Otherwise, those very facts will perplex you to no end before solving global quiz questions and answers!

Sure, you’ll say, “common sense” is a term you’ve probably heard before, but what exactly is it? Common sense – Once you have a clear objective in mind, global quiz questions, and answers, everything you learn to assist you to achieve that goal will appear to be heading in the same direction. Every time you learn anything new, you need that emotion and crave global quiz questions and answers.

Global quiz questions and answers

1. In aviation, atmospheric sciences, and broadcasting, what is a height measured with respect to the underlying ground surface?

Above ground level (AGL)

2. What is a form of terrestrial locomotion where a tetrapod animal uses all four limbs (legs) to bear weight, walk, and run?


3. What is the tract from the mouth to the anus which includes all the organs of the digestive system in humans and other animals?

The gastrointestinal tract (GI tract, GIT, digestive tract, digestion tract, alimentary canal)

4. Which strait is located between Port Madison and mainland Kitsap County in Puget Sound?

Agate Pass

5. What actor Howard Hughs call pay toilet didn’t give shit anything?

Robert Mitchum

6. What is the other name of the Eastern Roman Empire?

Byzantine Empire

7. What is an interoceanic canal in Egypt, in between the Atlantic Ocean (Mediterranean Sea), and the Indian Ocean (Red Sea)?

Canal of the Pharaohs

8. What is the Barton Cylinder?

a Sumerian creation myth, written on a clay cylinder in the mid to late 3rd millennium BCE

9. What is a domesticated South American camelid, widely used as a meat and pack animal by Andean cultures since the Pre-Columbian era?

The llama

10. Who first appeared in the cartoon strip Thimble Theatre/Popeye?

Olive Oy!

11. Which gulf is a part of the Atlantic Ocean off the southern border of Spain and Portugal?

Gulf of Cádiz

12. What is a tract in the human body?

a collection of related anatomic structures or a series of connected body organs

13. What is the size of the Tasman Sea?

2.3 million km2

14. Bay of Porto da Casa is located in which country?


15. What bird uses its tongue to spear food?


16. The specific title “Pharaoh” was not used to address the kings of Egypt by their contemporaries until whose rule in the 19th Dynasty, c. 1200 BC?

Rule of Merneptah

17. What was a Nubian kingdom located in what is today Northern Sudan and Southern Egypt?


18. What is the type of breed of Common seabream?


19. Which usurper emperor ruled the Byzantine Empire in 475–476?


20. What do Beavis and Butt-head have on their T-shirts?

Metallica – AC/DC

21. Who is Björk Guðmundsdóttir?

an Icelandic singer, songwriter, composer, record producer, and actress

22. What is one of two species of edible caterpillars that infest maguey and Agave tequilana plants?

Maguey worms

23. What was a great way to lose weight, until the mid-1980s?

Ayds Reducing Plan Candy

24. How did American actor and rodeo champion, Chris Acland die in 1996?

Suicide by ingestion of poison

25. Coq Bang can be found in which country?


26. Which archipelagic state has one archipelago with two main islands in the Windward Islands, Caribbean Sea?


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Map of Grenada

27. Birse Castle (1911) is located in which country?


28. Qalidurut was a ruler in the 8th century in which Kingdom?

Makuria Kingdom

29. What is Filter feeding?

obtaining nutrients from particles suspended in water

30. What is the most popular South American aphrodisiac?

Piranha head soup

31. What is the surface of the Australian Open Grand Slam tournament?

Hard (blue)

32. What is any type of close and long-term biological interaction between two different biological organisms?


33. Lake District National Park is located in which English county?


34. Bassenthwaite Lake is located in which country?

England (Cumbria)

35. In the Snoopy cartoons what does Lucy offer in her booth?

Psychiatric help

36. Monymusk is a planned village in the Marr area of Aberdeenshire in which country?


37. Word “lough” is pronounced like loch and comes from the Irish loch, meaning what?


38. Fermanagh county is located in which country?


39. What is Abierto Juvenil Mexicano?

Tennis tournament

40. In Watership Down rabbit language what is a hrududu?

A motor car

41. Augusta Canal is located in which US state?


42. Bangor Bridge, Bangor is y Coed is located in which country?

Wales, UK

43. What is a horseshoe-shaped belt about 40,000 km (25,000 mi) long and up to about 500 km (310 mi) wide?

The Ring of Fire

44. What is Lough Neagh in Ireland?

a Lake

45. Who are the largest candy consumers per capita?

Danes then Irish

46. Forest of Birse upland is located in which country?


47. What is the other name of Mahākāvya, a genre of Indian epic poetry in Classical Sanskrit?


48. Who is responsible for protecting and improving the environment as a valuable asset for the people of Ireland?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

49. Monmouthshire county is located in which country?

Wales, UK

50. What was the most popular Xmas gift in 1913?

Erector sets — Meccano

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