55 Easy Horse Quiz Questions Answer Printable Equine Trivia

If you have an interest in the horse and equine facts and information, you are in the right source where a lot of easy horse quiz questions answers quiz available. Solve as many easy horse quiz questions answer as you get. There is no end to learning about horses, in order to update yourself from time to time, easy horse quiz questions like this one can be a gem for you.

Easy Horse Quiz Questions Answer Printable Equine Trivia

Let’s find below 55 awesome easy horse quiz questions for any level of equine fans and lovers.

1. What is a four-beat gait called where your horse has two to three feet on the ground at the same time?


2. Which joint of the horse is located where the hind leg connects to the body?

The stifle joint

3. Which is often considered the bounciest and least comfortable of the gaits of a horse?


4. What is Whinnying?

Horse’s voice

5. What do you understand when somebody says “Horse Sense” in English?

Practical knowledge is the kind of common sense that comes from hard experience rather than education

6. Which beautiful black Arabian stallion played the Black Stallion in the movie Cass Ole?

Cass Ole

7. During the Middle Ages, the word spanjol became the term for quality war horses in which country?


8. What is the name of the horse ridden by Joshua Chamberlain during the American Civil War?


9. During which century, a Merovingian kingdom retained at least one active Roman horse-breeding center?

In the 7th century

10. What is the name of a hastilude or martial game in which two horseriders fight with blunted-tip lances?


11. What is a sign that your horse is relaxed and feeling good?

A dropped head

12. What is a three-beat gait of a horse?


13. For many years which horses were registered for administrative purposes as Selle Français?


14. Which German horse breed traces its bloodlines back to the Middle Ages?


15. Who is Fae-Jur?

An equine actor

16. Which horse breed was originally used in Portugal as a cavalry mount?


17. A Snaking head of a horse is a sign of what?


18. Which body part of the horse is almost exactly like your knee?

The stifle

19. Horse racing venue Bairnsdale Racecourse is located in a territory in Australia?


20. Based on capacity, the third horseracing venue is located in which country?


21. Horse breed Ardennais is originated in which country?

France, Belgium, and Luxemburg

22. What is the name of the horse in the popular literary work from a series of children’s books by Clarence William Anderson, beginning with Billy and Blaze (1936)?


23. What is meant by “Hold Your Horses” in English?

Wait, slow down, or hold on

24. What is a traditional sport in the gaucho culture of Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil as well as Chile called?

Jineteada gaucha or doma gaucha

25. What actions are good for developing balance, self-carriage as well as engagement of the hindquarters?


equestrian picture horse jumping images horse jumping pictures equestrian photos horse jumping photos equestrian images dressage photos dressage horse pictures eventing pictures equestrian pics
Around 1765, David Morier painted an equestrian picture of Prince Henry, Duke of Cumberland and Strathearn.

26. How many wins did one of the leading Thoroughbred racehorses, Ribot, foaled in 1952?

16 wins

27. What is the other name of Gran Premio Seleccion?

Argentine Oaks

28. What is the name of the historic American Thoroughbred racehorse; won the 137th Kentucky Derby and 2013 Dubai World Cup?

Animal Kingdom

29. What is the international governing body of equestrian sports?

The International Federation for Equestrian Sports

30. Horse racing venue Albury Racing club is located in which country?


31. What was the country of origin of one of the leading Thoroughbred racehorses, Karayel (1970)?


32. The Australian Derby is held in which month of the year?


33. What is meant by “Horseplay” in English?

A form of rough or rowdy play; tussling

34. Which horse is captured by the US Cavalry and the story documents his journey and eventual freedom in the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron?


35. How do you know the horse is concentrating on anything?

horse’s ears are back

36. Weight of an adult horse’s brain is about half that of a human – true or false?


37. Who is the Trainer of the famous horse Hockey Dad according to Del Mar Derby Presented by Caesars Sport?

Doug F. O’Neill

38. What is the distance horses cover in Endurance racing?

25 to 100 miles

39. The Friesian has a long and respected history originated in which country?

The Netherlands

40. Since Clydesdale horse breeds are still bred in Scotland, they are more commonly foaled in which country?


41. The flaxen variation of the horse causes only which body parts’ color to be lightened?

Mane and tail

42. Horses prefer sweet flavors and will often reject sour or bitter ones — true or false?


43. Samand horse breed was originated in which country?


44. The horse is gazing at two separate things at the same time if its ears are pointed in opposite directions — true or false?


45. Para-equestrian Driving is a what type of horse riding discipline?

Driving discipline

46. What is the name of the horse in the popular literary work Goldmund’s childhood horse in Narcissus and Goldmund by Hermann Hesse?


47. Which part of the hoof acts as a shock absorber for a horse’s leg?


48. During which month of the year, the Las Virgenes race is held?


49. What is the name of the historic harness racer who won 59 of 71 races, and as a sire produced winners of over $130 million, including Niatross?


50. What is the first horse in history to be particularly featured in the credits as the co-star in a film?


51. Which horse’s taxidermy head is on display at the Cecil Higgins Art Gallery and Bedford Museums for views?

Old Billy

52. Who is the Jockey of the famous horse Barraza according to Del Mar Derby Presented by Caesars Sport?

Kent J. Desormeaux

53. Which hore has the record for the longest jump over water?

Something (jumped 27 feet, 6 and 3/4 inches)

54. Flat racing with is a what type of horse riding discipline?

Racing discipline

55. When you look at a Kestrel, you’ll see that the back begins just below the withers and finishes where?

Where the loin begins

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