50 Easy GK Questions in English Answers Printable Class 10

Are you ready to enjoy the easy gk questions in English with answers printable for class 10 free online printable quiz? For the most part, ignorance is a disadvantage. It is frequently beneficial to have knowledge on easy gk questions in English with answers printable for class 10. It’s useful to know which plants are edible and which are harmful. However, knowledge is not the same as wisdom. A guy might be wise but still, be a fool. Wisdom transforms a man’s easy gk questions in English with answers printable for class 10 knowledge from a collection of facts to an understanding of how to apply that information to a given scenario.

Explore easy gk questions in English with answers printable for classes 10, 9, 8, 7. How to Work On Your grammar Make use of mnemonics. A mnemonic device is a type of word association that aids in the recall of definitions and appropriate usage of words. Consider the term obsequious, which denotes “trying to gain favor with prominent individuals by flattery.” Break that word down into its constituent parts: “obse” is the start of “obsessed,” and “obsessed” is the end of “obsessed.” “qui” sounds like “oui,” the French word for “yes,” and “us” sounds like “us.” So think of the huge word obsequious as “obsessed with saying yes to us”—because that’s exactly what it implies! Have fun with easy gk questions in English with answers printable for classes 10, 11, 12!

The Norse Greenland society was the last recorded European social collapse and extinction. No one knows for sure what caused that culture to vanish, but it appears that their common understanding of how to deal with the technical demands of that difficult environment failed. It’s time to have some fun based on easy gk questions in English with answers printable for class 10.

Consider what would happen if our power supply failed, followed by the failure of the entire shared computerized system that governs our interconnected society communications. Share easy gk questions in English with answers printable for class 10.

Ponder over easy gk questions in English with answers printable for class 10. Influential headmaster Thomas Arnold (1828–42) supported game playing, notably football, at Rugby School, and many boys taught at the period were essential in the game’s spread. Rugby football quickly rose to prominence as one of the most important games for promoting English and then British imperial manliness.

Easy GK Questions in English with Answers Printable for Class 10

1. Who was the relative of Rurik and regent of his son, Prince Igor, in Russia?


1. Bahram is a fictional character of which Persian epic poem?

Shāhnāmeh by Ferdowsi

2. Who are the writes of the architecture book “Mutations”?

Rem Koolhaas, Stefano Boeri, Sanford Kwinter, Nadia Tazi, Hans Ulrich Obrist

3. Chesapeake High School is located in which city in Maryland?


4. What is Moscow Kazansky in Russia?

Railway station

5. In 1964, which country proclaims expelled from the UN?


6. Marie Maynard Daly, one of the greatest chemists died in which year?


7. In Astronomy, what is Canes Venatici?

A constellation

8. Who said, “People change and forget to tell each other”?

Lillian Hellman

9. Philip Roth wrote which fiction in 2004?

The Plot Against America

10. Donald Campbell (UK) sets world water speed record (276.33 mph) in which year?


11. What is the home of Deer?


12. What does the phrase “Blimey” mean?

Oh my god!

13. Who said, “The best love affairs are those we never had”?

Norman Lindsay

14. Josef Albers, an American, born Germany painter, listed in the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. born in which year?


15. In 1995, which musical was closed at Vivian Beaumont Theater NYC after 48 performances?

“Racing Demon”

16. She is a mum-to-be – means what?

She is pregnant

17. Achill Sound (Gob a’ Choire) is a beautiful town, located in which European country?

Republic of Ireland

18. What was the name of action taken by Francis in 2016 the resulted in Apostolic Letter Issued Motu Proprio on (2016-06-04)?

Come Una Madre Amorevole

19. Which zodiac has its translation crab?


20. In 1995, “Tempest” was closed at which theatre in NYC after 71 performances?

Broadhurst Theater

21. Who was the President of the Weimar Republic in 1933 while Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany, the head of government?

Paul von Hindenburg

22. In which year, Croatian nobles elect Ferdinand I of Austria as king of Croatia in the Parliament on Cetin?


23. Which city park in New York City has an area of 718 acres (2.91 km2)?

Bronx Park, Bronx

24. Who was Lucius Antonius?

Roman general, brother of Mark Antony

25. In which year, US movie box office hits record $6.24 billion for year?


26. Djiboutian protests as held in which year in the 21st century?


27. In 1515, Jews are expelled from Laibach in which country?


28. National Alliance July 18 political movement was held in which country?


29. Suhail Akbar’s portrayal in the novels was criticized for being anti Muslim in which novels?

Left Behind

30. In which year, Exchange rates between the euro and legacy currencies in the Eurozone become fixed?


31. Mark Cardinal is a rugby player from which country?


32. In 1504, which French King loses last bulwark in Naples, Caeta?

Louis XII

33. Pesmes village is located in which country?


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Pesmes Village, France

34. Which Queen purchased slaves, mostly Saxon, and manumits (frees) them in the 7th century?

Queen Balthild

35. In 1999, Control of Panama Canal reverts to which authority?


36. In the ancient time, Indian goods were brought in Arabian vessels to which port?


37. In 1502, Portuguese navigators discover which city?

Rio de Janeiro

38. “Unplayable lie” term is associated with which sport?


39. In 1639, which authority designates the tavern of Richard Fairbanks in Boston as the official repository of overseas mail?

The General Court of Massachusetts

40. In 2004, Official opening of which building, then the tallest skyscraper in the world, at a height of 509 metres (1,670 feet)?

Taipei 101

41. What was Kievan Rus’ or Kyivan Rus’?

From the late 9th until the mid-13th century, the Rurik dynasty ruled over a loose confederation of East Slavic, Baltic, and Finnic peoples in Eastern and Northern Europe

42. In 1494, who was elected potentate of Frisia?

Juw Dekama

43. Who was termed as the “The Populator” in the Portuguese House of Burgundy?

Sancho I

44. What was the contribution of Axis of Awesome – guitar, keyboard, vocals?

A musical comedian

45. In 2006, The final contest at the old Lansdowne Road Stadium in Dublin is a rugby match with Leinster beating Ulster 20-12 in which tournament?

Celtic League

46. What is a Colour revolution?

During the early twenty-first century, different protest movements and attendant attempted or successful government changes occurred in several nations of the former Soviet Union, former Yugoslavia, and the People’s Republic of China.

47. What is Waltzin Germany?


48. In 1438, who becomes King of Hungary?

Albrecht II von Habsburg

49. In which session of the American Hockey League, the Washington Lions joined as an expansion team?


50. In which year, Roman consuls begin their year in office?

153 BC

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