50 GK Questions and Answers General Knowledge Quiz Test

50 GK questions and answers is a unique source of acquiring some great general knowledge quiz in the printable format. For a variety of reasons, as a millennial who grew up in a quickly changing environment, I’ve learned to value my general knowledge background with 50 GK questions and answers.

Knowledge is power, and this isn’t simply true in the realms of espionage and international affairs by dint of 50 GK questions and answers. Being well-informed is beneficial to everyone. What role does broad knowledge play in society? Knowing the answers to trivia questions and quizzes is only a small part of it. Being updated on current events and having a basic understanding of a number of areas might help you become more social and effective 50 GK questions and answers.

If you don’t share the same interests, it might be tough to strike up a discussion with a friend, coworker, acquaintance, or stranger by solving 50 GK questions and answers. General knowledge and current events are great conversation starters and may help you get through those awkward silences.

Knowing common ideas and fundamental knowledge will help you handle the topic smoothly, whether it’s at an important business meeting or a first date with an interest to solve these 50 GK questions and answers.

50 GK questions and answers

1. Who are the sculptors of the 27-meter tall statue Our Lady of the Rockies at Butte, Montana, USA?

Robert O’Bill (artist/creator) Laurien Eugene Riehl (designer)

2. Ping An International Finance Centre tower in Shenzhen, China was completed in which year?


3. Annaghdown Abbey ruin is located in which country?

Republic of Ireland

4. What is the tallest statue in the USA?

Statue of Liberty, 46 m/151ft

5. The name Hilary comes from Latin meaning what?


6. What are the constructed language codes starting with old SIL codes and adding more information?

Verbix language codes

7. What is Unicaja in Spain?

Financial company/Bank

8. Chicken tikka masala was first known at which time?


9. Who was Liu Niangzi?

Chinese Imperial chef

10. Katy Mirza was the first Indian woman to do what?

Feature in Playboy

11. Choppies is a food brand of which country?


12. What is the chess Pawn called in the Albanian language?

(U) Ushtari (soldier)

13. What is Singlestick?

a basket-hilted wooden practice weapon for broadsword fencing

14. Cup fungi are usually edible what?


15. The Rhine rises in which country?


16. Which religion has the symbol of the Druze star?


17. Which mathematical sign denotes the ratio of two quantities?


18. Abbadia San Salvatore municipality is located in which country?


19. Forel Glacier is located in which African country?


20. Richard Attenbourough and his wife were the first leads in what play?

The Mousetrap

21. What is Lycopodium clavatum?


22. Edgar Rice Burroughs created which lion character in the popular fiction Tarzan and the Golden Lion?


23. What is Confit byaldi?

a Vegetable dish

24. In 1066 which riots took place in Granada, Andalusia?

Granada massacre

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Granada massacre, 1066

25. Farok Pluto Bulsara became more famous as who?

Freddie Mercury

26. What is a small, for use with after-dinner coffee cups, usually smaller than a teaspoon?

Coffee spoon

27. Alirajpur was a thriving state in 1437-1948 under which empire?

British India

28. What is the Symmetric difference sign in set theory?

29. What is the name of neuroscience fMRI, MRI scans, and atlases for human and mouse brains?

BIRN fMRI and MRI data

30. What beverage was named after the UK Prime Minister of the 1830s Earl Grey?


31. Beginnings is a popular studio album by Mike Kobluk, Joe Frazier, and who?

John Denver

32. Greenough Hall is a freshman dormitory for which college?

Harvard College

33. Eisenhower Expressway (Interstate 290) is located near which US state?


34. Stafford county is located in which US state?


35. Which actor made his debut in the 1958 film Cry Baby Killer?

Jack Nicholson

36. Written by Yip Harburg and Burton Lane, who is the artist of the song Ad-Lib Blues?

Frank Sinatra

37. Who is the author of the fictional lion character “Cowardly Lion” in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz?

L. Frank Baum

38. In memory of the 29th president of the United States, Warren G. Harding Middle School is located in which US city in Pennsylvania?


39. The Jewish Holocaust Centre is located in which Australian city?

Melbourne, Victoria

40. Traditionally Lamborghini Miura and Diablo are named for what?

Fighting Bulls

41. Coors Field stadium is located in which US city?

Denver, Colorado

42. What is the common name of Galeocerdo cuvier fish?

Tiger shark

43. Who is the first woman prime minister of Sweden?

Magdalena Andersson

44. What is Alucita montigena in Sri Lanka?


45. What sport still requires competitors to wear formal clothing?

Snooker or Billiards

46. Where is the home of bird Brook lamprey, Lampetra planeri?

Great Britain

47. Anacamptis palustris is a species of what?


48. Los Angeles Dodgers is a popular team for what sport in the USA?

Major League Baseball

49. Vianden City History Museum was located in which country?


50. You have the head of ebay.com what’s eBay translated to in Russian?

Fuck off — the imperative of word fuck

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