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The Trivia of the day question general knowledge questions answer interesting printable facts and quiz is for everyone who loves to solve hard GK online.

In terms of philosophy, you may use it for whatever you choose from trivia of the day question general knowledge questions answer interesting printable facts; you might use it for something you believe to be efficient, such as charity, business, or family, or you could use it to poke a dog with a stick, which is simply existentialism. According to Aristotle, a person who commits himself to study has rightly selected among the world’s ‘excellent’ things. You must enjoy the trivia of the day question general knowledge questions answer interesting printable facts. You may be happy than most, but that happiness isn’t ‘perfect.’ The gratification of one’s curiosity and the knowledge of the object itself satisfies this need for knowledge, followed by an examination of the type of knowledge in terms of its excellence and worth solving the trivia of the day question general knowledge questions answer interesting printable facts.

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Trivia of the Day General Knowledge Fun Quiz question

1. Invented by By George Dekle Sr., which chess has extra rook, knight, and pawn per side?

Cross chess

2. Who said, “Self-education is lifelong curiosity”?

Lailah Gifty Akita

3. Who is called “Jean-Marc” – a ventriloquist in France?

Jeff Panacloc

4. What is a Müllerian mimicry in evolutionary biology?

where two or more harmful species mutually advertise themselves as harmful.

5. In 1788, the Russian army of Grigory Potemkin occupied which city?


6. Saint-Barthélemy is a dependency and constituent entity in which region?


7. Stinkhorns is an edible what?


8. What is Chironax melanocephalus?

Black-capped fruit bat

9. What is Filoli?

a free Georgian style mansion built for William Bowers Bourn II and his wife, Agnes Moody Bourn in Woodside, California; the setting for the American soap opera Dynasty

10. In 1792, the Opening of the 1st legislative assembly of Lower Canada in which city was held?


11. King of Black Metal is an honorific nickname of which music artist of Norway?

Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth

12. Haghartsin Monastery, an abbey or priory is located in which European country?


13. Which country has its Administrative and executive capital, Pretoria?

South Africa

14. What is Bistek?

Beefsteak dish

15. In 1798, the 1st impeachment trial against which US senator from Tennessee begins?

William Blount

16. What is the leg portion of a steer or heifer; in the UK, the corresponding cuts of beef are the shin and the leg?

Beef shank

17. Name a country located in South America.


18. What is Aleut?


19. Beef alternative merchandising, sometimes shortened to BAM?

The beef checkoff developed a way of cutting sirloins, strip loins, and ribeyes into smaller portions of meat

20. In 1819, the Congress of Angostura establishes Colombia’s independence from which country?


21. Stag’s-horn clubmoss, Lycopodium clavatum fern is available in which location?

Britain and Ireland

22. Where do you find, Anther?

one of the reproductive parts of a flower

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Parts of a Flower

23. After Mary, Patricia, and Jennifer, what is the most popular female name for births in 1921-2020 as per the Social Security Administration of the USA?


24. “Baby Come On” is a music track by which band group?


25. In 1865, Franz Schubert’s Symphony No. 8 named what was premiered in Vienna with Johann von Herbeck conducting?

“Unfinished Symphony”

26. The Rolling Stones was a popular rock band since which decade?


27. Which ground in Philadelphia is the home of Amateur clubs, including Olympic, beginning in 1864?

Jefferson Street Grounds

28. In 1895, the Anti-Saloon League of America formed in which city?

Washington, D.C.

29. What is a natural history museum at 1700 West Montgomery Avenue in North Philadelphia?

Wagner Free Institute of Science

30. Kentucky abolishes debtors’ prisons in which year?


31. Which US state has its etymological origin “The good oak”?


32. Petticoat Junction was a popular TV show telecasted in which decade?


33. Which Township was created in Los Angeles County in 1860?


34. A single wide leaf represents which classification of seedlings?


35. In 1875, violent bread riots took place in which city?


36. Akebono City, Japan is a fictional town in which popular television show?

Madan Senki Ryukendo

37. Royal Horse Guards (The Blues) was an 1881 regiment in which Army?


38. In 1895, who patented a machine to make paper twine (Mass)?

George Brownell

39. Nathu La Pass border divides which two countries?

India – China

40. In 1892, Tchaikovski’s which ballet was premiered in St Petersburg?


41. What is the name of the character of the cat played by Orangey in “The Incredible Shrinking Man”?


42. Sapa Inca Dynasty belongs to which country?


43. In 1900, the 1st prize of 100,000 francs offered for communications with whom?


44. Name a country located in North and Central America, other than Mexico.

El Salvador

45. In 1894, Cricket day 3 Test 1, England was 325 all out, 261 behind on 1st innings against which team?


46. Do with =?

to make use of; to meddle with

47. What is a best-selling heroic fantasy novel series by the Japanese author Kaoru Kurimoto, in continuous publication since 1979?

Guin Saga

48. Lëtzebuerger Journal, a daily newspaper is published from which country?


49. What does the astronomical symbol ♍︎ mean?


50. In which year, the 1st Hawaiian cavalry organized


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