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The general knowledge daily quiz questions printable is here. If you learn today, you must get its benefit tomorrow. General knowledge printable daily quiz questions and answers in English free online GK trivia is for every learner. Learning gives confidence. There is no end to learning, it’s a long and continuous method. However, the good thing is that there are general knowledge printable daily quiz questions and answers online trivia you can acquire easily in order to improve common sense.

General Knowledge daily quiz questions are good entertainment with light stress, or not at all. The sources of the daily quiz questions and answers in English are trustworthy and fresh. You can trust the facts and contemplate over and again with the facts of daily quiz questions printable quizzes by heart.

Let’s solve these general knowledge daily quiz questions with printable answers in order t improve your GK learning. Disseminate this general knowledge daily quiz questions printable in English among others, where you can really drive away others.

Daily Quiz Questions

1. Mentone, the highest city in the USA located atop which mountain?

Lookout Mountain

2. What is the forest area (%) of Hokkaido, the largest Japanese prefecture by area?


3. What is the main attraction of the Crystal Cavern in Alabama?


4. What is the northernmost city of more than 20,000 residents, and northernmost incorporated city with public road access?

Fairbanks, Alaska 64°50′22.94″N 147°43′14.63″W

5. What is an informal name for the winning of four major Thoroughbred horse races in one season in the United States?

The Grand Slam of Thoroughbred racing

6. Which single annual event in Kentucky first ran from 1935 to 1937?

The Kentucky Derby Festival

7. How long is a Filipino wedding?

3 days

8. Asteroids are leftovers of the early Solar System. T/F?


9.What is the highest mountain in Leinster, and the highest outside of Munster?

Lugnaquilla, Wicklow

10. Where is Turbo the Snail from in the Turbo film?

San Fernando Valley

11. Who is the director of the 2021 film Outside the Wire?

Mikael Håfström

12. What is America’s iconic soft drink?


13. Which Brazilian large financial conglomerate headquartered in São Paulo with $66,876 M revenue in 2015?

Banco Itaú Unibanco

14. What is the length of Veryovkina Cave, the deepest cave in the world?

13.5 km (8.4 mi)

15. Where is the Headquarters of the Commercial vehicles & trucks company Vassalli Fabril?

Firmat, Argentina

16. Aguascalientes state is located in which country?


17. What does EW mean according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species?

EW – Extinct in the Wild

18. Which early modern empire in South Asia stretched from the outer fringes of the Indus basin in the west?

The Mughal, Mogul, or Moghul Empire

19. Durrës Beach is located in which country?


20. What NFL team has a plant for its logo?

The New Orleans Saints

21. What is the depth of the lowest point in Central Asia?

154 meters (505 ft) below sea level

22. Who was the first monarch of the Kingdom of Sweden?

Eric the Victorious

23. What is The Crown Sydney?


24. América Móvil is a company in which country?


25. The Art of Seeing is a 1942 book written by whom?

Aldous Huxley

26. Algeria has been a member of the World Tourism Organization since which year?


27. What is the highest point of Northumberland?

The Cheviot

28. When I Consider How My Light is Spent is a famous 1673 poem written by whom?

John Milton

29. Strut is a popular music track by whom?

Sheena Easton

30. The unicorn is the national animal of which country?


31. Who plays Marina Barnett in the 2021 Sci-fi drama film Stowaway?

Toni Collette

32. What was the last sequel to win the best picture award?

Silence of the Lambs to Manhunter

33. What is Carmen?

Opera by Georges Bizet

34. Ta‘ū island is located in which US state?

American Samoa

35. And what’s the top annoyance among wives?


36. Colorado River is located around which border?

Sonora border

37. What is the national liquor in Ethiopia?


38. Who composed the classical piece Peter and the Wolf?

Sergei Prokofiev

39. What is Tinamus major?

Great tinamou, bird of North America

40. What was the first soft drink in space?

Coca Cola

41. What is the highest city in the world?

La Rinconada, Peru; Elevation – 5,100 metres (16,700 ft)

42. In what sport do women compete for the Uber cup?


43. As I Please is a 1943-1947 book written by whom?

George Orwell

44. What is the highest city in China?

Tuiwa, Tibet Autonomous Region

45. Who had a hit with First Cut is the Deepest in 1977?

Rod Stuart

46. What is Chanh muối?


47. OB is the international aircraft registration letters what country?


48. Tulum Archaeological Zone is located in which country?


49. Ketchaoua Mosque is a popular tourist attraction in which country?


50. What do the hundred folds in a chef’s hat represent?

100 ways to cook an egg

51. What links Exterior and interior, Cold and hot, Empty and full, and Yin and yang?

Eight Principles of Acupuncture

52. Name the first animated film to be nominated for best picture Oscar?

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

53. Bellville town is located in which Municipality in South Africa?

Cape Metropole

54. What is the lowest point of Alabama?

Gulf of Mexico

55. LOT is the national airline of what country?


56. What is Tetrao urogallus?

Western capercaillie, bird of Europe

57. Vor was the Norse Goddess of what?


58. Seven Stories Press, an independent American publishing company was founded by whom in 1995?

Jesús Franco, Daniel Simon

59. What is a branch of alternative medicine that uses honey bee products?


60. What is the name for a small current of air with a vertical motion?


61. Wheatfield under Thunderclouds is a famous 1890 artwork by whom?

Vincent van Gogh

62. What is Lingzhi?


63. De Capo means what in music?

Repeat from start

64. What is Izze?

Fruit juice

65. Lucille Langhanke born 1906 won an Oscar as who in 1941?

Mary Astor

66. How many verses are there in the holy Quran?

6236 verses

67. Vivaldi composed The Four Seasons – what’s his first name?


68. Brown on Resolution is a famous 1929 book written by whom?

C. S. Forester

69. De Kalb is located in which US state?


70. What is the largest French-speaking city outside of France?


71. Who casts Melissa Ballard in the 2018 action thriller film Black Water?

Courtney B Turk

72. Who is the manufacturer of 100 Grand Bar?


73. What is the smallest book in the Library of Congress?

Old King Cole — thumbnail size

74. Which country has its national liquor Mahia, made from either figs or dates and Aniseed?


75. In 1929 the first what happened on an aircraft?


76. Fener Cape is located in which Turkish peninsula?


77. In ancient India how were dead parents traditionally disposed of?

Eaten by offspring as a sign of respect

78. What is MAB?

Man and the Biosphere Programme

79. What is the highest point of Alaska?


80. What is the name of the captain on Cap’n Crunch cereal?

Horatio Magellan Crunch

81. Karakoram mountains are located in which countries?

Pakistan, China, India

82. King Thibaw – imprisoned by the British – last king of where?


83. How many provinces are there in South Africa?

Nine provinces

84. Which country has its highest point Mount Bazardüzü?


85. What did the first vending machine dispense?

Holy water

86. Phaethon from the Four Disgracers is a series of artwork made by whom?

Hendrick Goltzius

87. What was the Motor vehicle production in 2012?


88. There’s a team in the NFL that has neither hosted nor played in the Superbowl – what team is it?

Cleveland Browns

89. What is Xanthosoma sagittifolium?

Arrowhead elephant ear (Vegetables)

90. How many items are in a baker’s dozen?


91. What is the name of Chapter (Surah) Two in the Holy Quran?

The Cow

92. In AFTs top 100 movies only 2 sequels – Godfather and what?

French Connection II

93. What is 3 Juno?


94. The garter toss is associated with which event?


95. Budh is a legend and deity in which religion?


96. Before changing in 1894, what kind of ball was used to play basketball?

A soccer ball

97. The Maurya Empire was founded by whom?

Chandragupta Maurya

98. Which one of the largest parades in the United States held takes place during The Kentucky Derby Festival?

The Pegasus Parade

99. Which cave is discovered in 1791 near Brownsville, Kentucky, United States?

Mammoth Cave

100. What countries made up the original Axis powers in World War II?

Germany, Italy, and Japan

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