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Best general knowledge quiz

1. Bird’s Head Peninsula is located in which country?

West Papua, Indonesia

2. What is a Rotavator?

Agricultural machinery

3. What is Wobbly lingo?

a collection of technical language, jargon, and historic slang used by the Industrial Workers of the World, known as the Wobblies, for more than a century.

4. What is the Actinopterygii?

Ray-finned fishes

5. What is Woori Mal Saem?

Korean Dictionary

6. What is Paraná pine?

Araucaria angustifolia

7. What is the rail transport network size of Russia?

85,600 km (2019)

8. What is Ammonia fuming?

a wood finishing process that darkens the wood

9. What is a sander?

a power tool used to smooth surfaces

10. Novel gave Hemmingway nick speaker of the lost generation?

The Sun Also Rises

11. What is Stepping?


12. Bharat is named after whom?

the original name for India, derived from either Dushyanta’s son Bharata or Rishabha’s son Bharata

13. How many zeros are there in a Trillion?

Twelve zeros

14. What does 1.d4 f5 2.e4 fxe4 3.Nd2 moves call in chess?

American Gambit of the Dutch Defense

15. Who was the first woman to win an Oscar for best actress in 1928?

Janet Gaynor

16. What is Galinha à africana?

A chicken dish from Africa

17. Where do you find a street named after Martin Luther King Jr. in Mobile, Alabama?

On Mobile’s northside area, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue runs from Congress Street in downtown Mobile up to the intersections of Craft Highway and Saint Stephens Road.

18. Airy differential equation is named after whom?

George Biddell Airy, a 19th-century mathematician and astronomer

19. Antenna analyzer is used for what purpose?

Electronic test equipment

20. What animal originated Groundhog Day?

Badgers – in Germany

21. Wireless internet was founded in which year?

September 1990

22. What does Angel food mean in Wobbly lingo?

Mission preaching about the Bread of Life

23. What is HMCS Acadia?

Canadian Royal Navy ship

24. Cosmolabe is used for what purpose?

Astronomical instrument

25. What is the name of fake credit cards?

J L Webb

26. Which country has its UN code 862?

Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic)

27. Who casts Morozov in the 2014 thriller adventure film Black Sea?

Grigoriy Dobrygin

28. Alice Lloyd College is located in which US state?


29. Which airport has its IATA code ABO?

Aboisso Airport

30. Who cut off Samson’s Hair (King James Edition)?

An Unnamed Man

31. Mention vanilla named after a place.

Bourbon vanilla

32. Who is the artist of the famous painting Blossoming Almond Branch in a Glass in 1888?

Vincent van Gogh

33. Paradise Lost is an epic poem written in which year by John Milton?


34. What is 1213 Algeria?

An Asteroid

35. What did Benjamin Franklin claim as his trade?


36. What is the namesake USA has for a place according to Kabul city of Afghanistan?

Cabool, Missouri

37. Precious Love music track is sung by whom?

Ricci Martin

38. Birmingham is located in which US state?


39. What is the third most populous city of the Republic of Albania?


40. Who crafted the famous artwork The Wedding of Amor and Psyche in 1587?

Hendrick Goltzius

41. Where is the Archaeological museum Zona Arqueológica de Ek Balam located?


42. What is the UN Code for Vanuatu?


43. Death to the French is a 1932 novel of the Peninsular War during the Napoleonic Wars, written by whom?

C. S. Forester

44. What is the namesake USA has for a place according to Algiers, Algeria?

Algiers, Louisiana

45. John Quincy Adams was the only US president to do what?

Marry a non-American woman

46. Abel equation, a functional equation is named after whom?

Niels Henrik Abel (1802–1829), a Norwegian mathematician.

47. Who casts Little Rock in the 2019 film Zombieland: Double Tap?

Abigail Breslin

48. What is Ante-choir in architecture?

The space enclosed in a church between the outer gate or railing of the rood screen and the door of the screen.

49. What is HEBA A1?

Basketball league

50. Abraham Zapruder made the most scrutinized film of all time what?

Kennedy Assassination

51. Which country has Ambler Airport?

Alaska, United States

52. Which country has its Alpha 3 code GBR?

United Kingdom

53. In any given 6 month period 40% of Americans are what?

Affected by mental Illness

54. Which mineral is named after French mineralogist Gilbert Joseph Adam (1795–1881)?

Adamite: Zn2AsO4OH

55. Which US state gets the most overseas visitors?

California — Florida second

56. Endotherms from colder climates usually have shorter limbs (or appendages) than the equivalent animals from warmer climates.

Allen’s rule

57. Disney question – who is Daisy Duck’s three nieces?

April May June

58. Where do you find Fulvous whistling duck?

Mexico, South America

59. 792 Metcalfia minor planet is named after whom?

Joel Hastings Metcalf, American Astronomer

60. Who wrote the title song for Live and Let Die?

Paul McCartney

61. Which airport has its ICAO code YABI?

Abingdon Airport

62. Where was the world’s first oil well drilled?


63. What does ADR mean in business and finance?

American Depositary Receipt

64. Assadism Ideology is named after whom??

Hafez al-Assad

65. Who wrote the poem “The Pied Piper of Hamelin”?

Robert Browning

66. What is West Highland White Terrier?


67. Jack Haley played the Tin Man what was the Tin Man’s name?

Hickory Twicker

68. What is the Alpha 3 code for the United Arab Emirates?


69. What do you say in business to mean Measuring against?


70. Aesculus is the Latin name of what type of tree?

Horse Chestnut

71. What is Acharuli?

Georgian folk dance

72. If an Aussie called you a Bananabender what would he mean?

You were from Queensland state

73. What is the “New World”?

a term that is applied to the majority of Earth’s Western Hemisphere, specifically the Americas.

74. Corroboree is the national dance in which country?


75. In the Little Mermaid fairy tale what happens to her?

She Dies

76. What are Cops and robbers (Cowboys and Indians)?


77. Who was the Beatles original Bass Player?

Stuart Sutcliffe

78. What is Abd al-Kuri?


79. Revelstoke Mountain Resort is located in which Canadian province?

Revelstoke, British Columbia

80. What is a wood pussy?

Slang for skunk

81. Which country has its Alpha 2 code UA?


82. What is the closest living relative to the T Rex?

The Chicken

83. Books v. Cigarettes is a 1946 book written by whom?

George Orwell

84. What is the internet country domain TLD for North Korea?


85. Brassiere comes from an old French word meaning what?

Arm Protector

86. What is a digital pet?

a type of artificial human companion

87. German kids wear what round neck for good luck on New Year?


88. What is a Maya archaeological site in the Mexican state of Campeche, deep in the jungles of the greater Petén Basin region?


89. Current clamp measures what?

Measures current without a physical connection

90. Why was Clark Kent rejected military service during WW2?

Failed eye test

91. In 1909, the Grey Cup was donated by whom in order to recognize the top amateur rugby football team in Canada?

the then Governor-General of Canada Albert Grey, 4th Earl Grey

92. Name Australia’s highest mountain?

Mount Kosciuszko

93. Who wrote the famous novel Antic Hay in 1923?

Aldous Huxley

94. Bandy is played professionally in which countries?

Russia, Sweden, and Kazakhstan

95. The oldest written plan of government in effect is in what country?

United States of America

96. What is the Alpha 2 code for Uganda?


97. What color is malachite?


98. Which popular American-British publishing company has its parent organization, Holtzbrinck Publishing Group?

Macmillan Publishers

99. Which league changed its name to the Australian Football League (AFL) in 1990?

Victorian Football League

100. Where were bagpipes invented?

Iran — then Persia

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