100 Good Family Quiz Questions English General Knowledge

Good family quiz questions general knowledge answers random trivia in English free online quizzes GK tests printable is full of handy facts and useful information.

Learning good family quiz general knowledge questions trivia quiz with answers has great benefits, what you learn today will be your common sense tomorrow, I mean, difficult stuff you learn today with a lot of hard work and challenge, you can do the same in the future because of your previous learning/ memory/ experience.

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Let’s solve these good family quiz questions with random trivia in English now for learning with fun.

Good family quiz questions

1. The Sleeper Awakes is a popular 1889 novel written by whom?

H. G. Wells

2. Kensington Gardens is located in which city?


3. De triomf van Galatea is a famous 1592 artwork by whom?

Hendrick Goltzius

4. Nantes city is located in which country?


5. Who said, “Man is never perfect, nor contented”?

Jules Verne

6. Who sings “It’s Christmas All Over The World”?

Sheena Easton

7. What is Così fan tutte?

Opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

8. The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is a 2021 romantic comedy film directed by whom?

Ian Samuels

9. What is CCI?

Canadian Condominium Institute

10. On the day after Christmas, what is celebrated?

Boxing day

11. Who is Deana Martin?

American singer

12. Butterflies and Poppies is a famous 1889 painting by whom?

Vincent van Gogh

13. Who casts Jill Tate in the 2010 romance comedy film Submarine?

Sally Hawkins

14. Which 1994 publishing company has two imprints: Arktoi Books and Boreal Books?

Red Hen Press15.

16. Greenwich Park is located in which city?


17. What is Kepi?


18. Which airport has its IATA code ABU?

Haliwen Airport

19. Term “Acciaccatura” is originated from which language?

Italian musical terms used in English

20. What is the other name for the painting La Gioconda?

The Mona Lisa

21. Which airport has the ICAO code YNPE?

Northern Peninsula Airport

22. John of Patmos was a which century apocalypticist?

Frist century

23. The Ready and Easy Way to Establish a Free Commonwealth is a popular book written by whom in 1660?

John Milton

24. Keeneland is associated with what?


25. Who was Antonio Alberti?

Quattrocento painter

26. Where is the Headquarters of The Community Associations Institute (CAI)?

Falls Church, Virginia

27. What is the 900 North Michigan?

Condo hotel

28. The Brazil nut is a South American tree in which family?


29. Literature and Science is a popular book written in 1963 by whom?

Aldous Huxley

30. What city was Ludwig Van Beethoven born in?

Bonn, Germany

31. What is Beurre blanc?

a butter dish

32. What is Punica granatum, the national fruit in Iran?


33. What is Turban?


34. What is Arqana?

Horse auction house

35. What is ghutrah?

Traditional Arabian headdress

36. What are Pomes?

any crunchy accessory fruit that surrounds the fruit’s inedible “core” (composed of the plant’s endocarp) and typically has its seeds arranged in a star-like pattern.

37. Åland is an autonomous province which country?


38. Who sings “Be Sweet”?

Michelle Zauner

39. Acidophiline is a drinkable yogurt, with Lactobacillus acidophilus as the starter culture originated in which country?


40. Duffel bags were made in Duffel – what country?


41. What is Borbo borbonica?

Butterfly of Algeria

42. The Natural History Museum is located in which city?


43. What is abaya?

“cloak”, sometimes also called an aba, is a simple, loose over-garment in Arab countries

44. What is Malus pumila?


45. What is pagne?

Female dress in Cameroon

46. All Propaganda Is Lies is a popular book written in 1986 by whom?

George Orwell

47. What links Wheel of Fortune, Variety, Good Intentions, and Impotence?

Oz episodes (Season 5)

48. Who was the 3rd Earl of Essex (1216-1227)?

William FitzGeoffrey de Mandeville

49. What was the Roman title Princeps Iuventutis?

(“Prince of Youth”), an honorific title awarded to a presumptive emperor-designate

50. What happened to French President Fronsois Faure on dying in 1899?

Whore contracted so had to cut off penis

51. What is the internet country domain TLD for Oman?


52. Albury Airport is located in which country?


53. What is Açaí?

A drupe fruit, scientific name Euterpe oleracea

54. What is Anomoeotes infuscata?

Moth of Angola

55. Name the science fiction writer who lives in Sri Lanka?

Arthur C Clark

56. What is Ajwain?

Carom seeds, Trachyspermum ammi, found in Pakistan, South Asia, India, Afghanistan, Iran, Egypt, Eritrea & Ethiopia

57. What does the Latin phrase “a bene placito” mean in English?

from one well pleased

58. What is Aioli?

sauce made of garlic, salt, and olive oil of the northwest Mediterranean

59. What does the Irish porverb “An cleas a bhíos ag an deaid, bíonn sé ag an mac” mean?

The trick the father has, the son has.

60. Born Aug 24 to Sept 23 what star sign?


61. Maize (corn) was originated in which country?


62. What is The Barrel of Butter?

formerly known as Carlin Skerry, is a skerry in Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands.

63. What is the capital of Cameroon?


64. What is the Alpha 2 code for Western Sahara?


65. George Bush removed what from the White House menus?


66. What is the output of the PC shortcut keys CTRL + ARROW + SPACEBAR?

[Select multiple individual items in a window or on the desktop]

67. Fried tarantula is a delicacy in which region?


68. In English which is called the Mosque of the Fisherman’s Wharf?

Djama’a al-Djedid, Algeria

69. Who recorded exclusively for RCA Victor for 44 years, after signing with the label in 1943?

Perry Como

70. In Star Trek who would go to Sha Ka Ree?

Vulcans it’s heaven

71. Avenue Kennedy is a popular shopping street in which country?


72. Agnes Gardens and Aylmer Road in London is named after whom?

Agnes de Valence,

73. What is D Channel?

Television network in Åland Islands

74. Gullfoss falls is located in which country?

Suðurland, Iceland

75. What pop group was dedicated followers of fashion?

The Kinks

76. Which country has its Alpha 2 code YE?


77. Bexleyheath town is located in which country?


78. Batna is the main city of Batna Province in which country?


79. Jupiter Inlet Colony is located in which US state?


80. Name the Monkeys only film made in 1969?


81. What is Thawb?

A dress in Arab

82. Amanda by the Sea was a US version of what UK comedy show?

Fawlty Towers

83. Phileas Fogg is a wealthy English gentleman living a solitary life in which novel?

Around the World in Eighty Days

84. What is Anasyrma composed of ἀνά ana “up, against, back”, and σύρμα syrma “skirt”?

A ritual, the gesture of lifting the skirt or kilt

85. They are only found in Lake Nicaragua – what are?

Freshwater sharks

86. What is tef?

A cereal

87. In what novel does Dr. Hannibal Lecter first appear?

Red Dragon

88. What is Mediumship?

the practice of purportedly mediating communication between spirits of the dead and living human beings.

89. What is the scientific name of finger millet?

Eleusine coracana

90. 56% of men have had sex where?

At Work

91. Bicester North Railway Station is located in which country?

Oxfordshire, UK

92. Saint Augustin Basilica is located in which country?


93. What is an out-of-body experience?

a phenomenon in which a person perceives the world from a location outside their physical body.

94. Where does the dollar sign come from?

U on S bottom U dropped out $, originated from the word Peso

95. What is Parapsychology?

the study of alleged psychic phenomena and other paranormal claims

96. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Constantine is a Roman Catholic diocese in which counry?

Algiers, Algeria

97. What is a pâtisserie?

a type of Italian, French or Belgian bakery

98. What is strascinati?

Stretched pasta

99. What is Blackpink?

South Korean girl group

100. In Scotland it’s illegal to be drunk in possession of what?

A Cow

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