100 Free Hard General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

Free hard general knowledge quiz questions and answers in the English GK free trivia online quiz printable are full of wit, intelligence, and common sense in order to develop a sharp IQ in the learner’s brain. Gradual and regular learning and practice over these free hard general knowledge quiz questions and answers will turn the reader more confident, apt and knowledgeable in the long run.

Free hard general knowledge quiz questions and answers trivia is set aptly considering taste, appetite, and level of a learner. Readers will find a lot of variation and useful information while solving these free hard general knowledge quiz questions and answers in English.

Let’s solve these free hard general knowledge quiz questions and answers English GK trivia quiz printable free quiz set right now!

Free hard General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

1. What is 10 Hygiea?


2. Santa Barbara, the highest town in Bolivia is located in which region?

Potosí Department

3. What is the most widely consumed staple food of the human population, especially in Asia and the West Indies?


4. Who is Ed Alberian?

American clown

5. Which country owns Adam Forepaugh (circus)?


6. Who was Aban bin Uthman bin Affan (d. 723)?

Muslim historian of the formative period, First era: 700-750

7. Coca-cola or Coke was introduced on what date?

May 8, 1886

8. In which city The Basílica de la Sagrada Família located?


9. What is the highest town in China?


10. Who is the architect of Looshaus, one of the central buildings of Viennese Modernism?

Adolf Loos

11. The Villa Müller is a Modernist villa in Prague, the Czech Republic built in which year?


12. Who is Ivy Bannister (born 1951)?

Irish writer

13. What is Albaloo polo?

Rice dish in Iran

14. Indonesia (Papua and West Papua) is a part of which island?

New Guinea

15. What is the capital of both Bujumbura Mairie and Bujumbura Rural provinces; the city itself is located in the former?

Bujumbura, Burundi

16. Who was Amenhotep, son of Hapu (14th c. BC) by profession?

Early Egyptian architect

17. What is the most populous island nation?


18. What is Hermes 24 Faubourg?


19. What is Citrus nobilis?

mandarin orange

20. Berwick-Upon-Tweed town is located in which country?


21. What is Acarajé?

fried dough food in Africa

22. Who is the only person to receive an Oscar nomination for acting in a Star Wars movie?

Alec Guinness

23. Who is the real founder of Jainism?

Mahavira (c. 599 – 527 BC) in about 500 B. C

24. Who is the artist of the 2021 pop song Good 4 U?

Olivia Rodrigo

25. Who is the director of the short film The Bond?

Charlie Chaplin

26. Who was the 1st Earl of Essex during 1199-1213?

Geoffrey Fitz Peter

27. Beverley Railway Station is located in which country?

Yorkshire, England

28. Who is Ajitanatha?


29. Who composed a symphony nicknamed The Hen?

Joseph Hayden

30. Robert Warpole was the first prime minister of the United Kingdom during which years?

1721 to 1742

31. What is Kreppel?

Doughnut in Armenia

32. Who was Dritëro Agolli (1931–2017)?

Albanian writer

33. Who was the father of Alexander the Great?

Philip II of Macedon

34. Which president’s birth state is in dispute; North and South Carolina?

Andrew Jackson

35. What soft drink was developed as a hangover remedy?

Pepsi Cola

36. The International Cricket Council (ICC) founded as the Imperial Cricket Conference in 1909 by representatives from which countries?

Australia, England, and South Africa

37. Charles Duff wrote the macabre Handbook of what?


38. What was a multi-purpose stadium in Rome, Italy hosted three of the 17 matches of the 1934 FIFA World Cup?

The Stadio Nazionale del PNF

39. What is Acquasale?

Bread dish

40. Alfred Hitchcock has a thriller that was made famous (or infamous) for its shower scene. What was the name of the movie?


41. As of 2018, There have been how many FIFA World Cup tournaments established in 1930?

21 editions

42. Captain Flint buried his treasure where (Ben Gunn dug it up )?

Skeleton Island

43. Who won the first Academy Awards into “Dramatic” and “Comedy” categories in 1929?

Frank Borzage for 7th Heaven and Lewis Milestone for Two Arabian Knights

44. Rogério Ceni, who is the ‘Highest goal-scoring goalkeeper of all time’ is from which country?


45. What was the first country to recognize the US as an independent?


46. What is a flat, baked dessert square that was developed in the United States at the end of the 19th century?


47. What links movies Rio Bravo, The Real McCoys, Sergeant York, and The Westerner.

Cast by Walter Brennan

48. Primrose Hill is located in which city?


49. Who is Paul Hollywood?

judge of The Great British Bake Off

50. Who has founded Usborne Publishing in 1973?

Peter Usborne

51. Who was known by his pen name George Orwell, an English novelist, essayist, journalist and critic?

Eric Arthur Blair

52. Alfred Packer in the USA was convicted of what strange crime?


53. The Time Machine is a popular 1895 novel by whom?

H. G. Wells

54. Which South African athlete has the 200 m race record of 20.06 A in the 1999 Games?

Francis Obikwelu

55. Who was the third and favorite son of David in the Old Testament?


56. Music at Night is a popular 1931 book by whom?

Aldous Huxley

57. The Italian Chianina is recognized as being the oldest what?

Breed of Cattle

58. In which year was The Swedish Academy founded?


59. What is gigantism?

Caused by an adenoma, a tumor of the pituitary gland

60. Who first played Jack Ryan in a movie?

Alec Baldwin

61. What is the capital and 8th most populous city in Nigeria?


62. In what country did the word plonk meaning wine originate?


63. Shooting an Elephant: And Other Essays was published in 1950 by which English author?

George Orwell

64. What does Nobelmiddagen mean in English?

Nobel Dinner

65. What was Spencer Tracy’s last film?

Guess who’s coming to dinner

66. In which year, Charles Jenkins first demonstrates “true” television with moving images?


67. Which event on 10 December is broadcast live on Sveriges Television and Sveriges Radio?

Nobel Banquet

68. Which country makes the most films per year?


69. Ocean’s 11 movies was released in which year?


70. Where was the first Miss World contest held in 1951?


71. Eikonoklastes is a famous book written in 1649 by which English poet?

John Milton

72. In what does a stenographer write messages?

Invisible ink

73. Avenue of Poplars in Autumn is a famous 1884 artwork painted by whom?

Vincent van Gogh

74. I Wouldn’t Beg for Water- is a popular music track by whom?

Sheena Easton

75. Who had a no 1 Album 60s 70s 80s 90s?

Barbara Streisand

76. The highest point in the United Kingdom) is what?

Ben Nevis, standing at 1345 meters (4413 ft.)

77. What animal stands for the longest period?

African Elephant, over 50 years

78. Who casts Jack Ryan in the 1990 action thriller film The Hunt for Red October?

Alec Baldwin

79. Animated television series “Glitch Techs” was debuted in which year?


80. What actors have reprised the role of James Bond the highest number of times?

Sean Connery and Roger Moore (7 times)

81. In which country Kibo (Uhuru Pk), the highest mountain peak of Africa located?


82. In what Puccini opera does Scarpia appear?


83. What is Don Giovanni?

Opera by Lorenzo Da Ponte and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

84. The northernmost point on land is what?

the northern tip of Kaffeklubben Island, north of Greenland

85. Name any of the demonstration sports at the Sydney Olympics?

Ballroom Dancing — Snooker

86. 2021 fantasy action film New Gods: Nezha Reborn was initially released on February 26, 2021, in which country?


87. Who is the singer of the 2021 pop music track Calling My Phone?

Lil Tjay

88. In what city did 8-year-old Mozart compose his first symphony?


89. WHat is an Ushanka?


90. Collective nouns – what is a group of swans?

Herd or Bevy

91. Oceanus is a famous 1589 artwork painted by whom?

Hendrick Goltzius

92. What is Anou Achra Lemoun?

Cave in Algeria

93. Who wrote Travels with a Donkey on his honeymoon?

Robert Louis Stevenson

94. The Ed Sullivan Show was the first broadcast on what date?

June 20, 1948

95. The San Andreas is what type of geological fault?


96. What does LC mean according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species?

LC – Least Concern

97. Seal Island is located in which Caribbean country?


98. What series was voted the best fiction of the 20th century?

Lord of the Rings

99. In which Hanna-Barbera TV series you find Red Riding Hood, Grandma, The Wolf, and The Witch?

2 Stupid Dogs (1993–1995)

100. In the 1979 film, James Bond goes to space – what’s the name of the film?


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