100 Quiz Questions for Adults with Answers GK Printable Trivia

Quiz questions for adults with answers are an important part of general knowledge questions in English printable free online quiz trivia. The world is changing every moment. A lot of events, incidents, reactions, phenomena, current affairs, chemistry, facts, and everything else are happening every now and then. These quiz questions for adults with answers to general knowledge in English are here to keep pace with the world.

It is not that these quiz questions for adults with answers general knowledge trivia quizzes will change the reader completely, yet, quiz of this kind will make a bit of a reader quest more knowledge on a regular basis.

These general knowledge quiz questions for adults with answers to GK trivia will encourage readers to solve any problem by own and with self-confidence. For that, the reader needs determination, and practice some quiz questions for adults with answers to general knowledge in English and other branches of knowledge.

Let’s solve these quiz questions for adults GK with answers printable general knowledge trivia answers now!

Quiz questions for adults with answers

1. How many colors are the logo of Coca-Cola or Coke?

Red and white

2. Who is the architect of Villa Müller, a Modernist villa in Prague?

Adolf Loos

3. Dust particles in the early Solar System collided, forming larger clumps, known as what?


4. Who was Anthemius of Tralles (c. 474 – 533–558) by profession?

Early Greek architect

5. Which company manufactures the drink Cavan Cola?

The Coca-Cola Company

6. What is the real name of Dr. J?

Julius Erving

7. Who was Wahb ibn Munabbih (d. 735)?

Muslim historian of the formative period, First era: 700-750

8. Who is Alex the Jester?

American clown

9. What is the architecture style of The Basílica de la Sagrada Família, Spain?

Gothic Revival, Art Nouveau and Modernisme

10. Zane Grey the western writer had what initial profession?


11. Which country owns Aerialize (circus)?


12. What is bread made with flour, water, and salt, and then thoroughly rolled into the flattened dough?


13. Who is Charles Joughin?

chief baker aboard the RMS Titanic

14. What is the type of company the Banco Itaú Unibanco in Brazil?

Financial conglomerate

15. The Bermuda Triangle is located in which ocean?

The Atlantic ocean

16. What is Achappam?

Fried dough food in Kerala, India

17. Where is the Levant located?

Eastern Meditorian region

18. Which company manufactures the drink Postobón?

The Coca-Cola Company

19. What is Bagel and cream cheese?

Bread dish

20. American fried rice is originated in which country?


21. City of Tequila is located in which country?


22. In which country Vassalli Fabril is a company in the Commercial vehicles & trucks sector?


23. How many words are there in the holy Quran?

157935 words

24. What is a Kitchener bun?

Doughnut in Australia

25. Name the author who created Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox?

Joel Chandler Harris

26. What is the sector of Mexican company Aeroméxico Connect?


27. What is the lowest point of Arizona?

Colorado River at Sonora border, San Luis, Arizona

28. Time Must Have a Stop is a 1944 novel written by whom?

Aldous Huxley

29. What is the second-highest city in China?

Chasangcun, Tibet Autonomous Region

30. The Aurora Borealis is also known as what?

The Northern Lights

31. What is the grain with the second-highest worldwide production, after maize (corn), according to data for 2010?


32. The Chu is the Chinese year of what animal?


33. The Wackiest Ship in the Army is a famous war comedy movie released in which year?


34. City Lights Booksellers & Publishers was founded in which year?


35. What is the thing that wives do that annoy most husbands?


36. What is the primary ingredient of Chanh muối juice?


37. What was Socrates’s wife’s name?


38. The General is a famous 1936 book written by whom?

C. S. Forester

39. Tuiwa is located in which region?

Tibet Autonomous Region

40. What was the first team to win a night football game?

Philadelphia athletics

41. The Raising of Lazarus (after Rembrandt) is a famous 1889 artwork by whom?

Vincent van Gogh

42. On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity is a famous 1645 poem written by whom?

John Milton

43. Which is a separate entity without being formally a state of Mexico?

Mexico City (31 states and the capital)

44. La Rinconada, the highest town in Peru is located in which region?


45. Who casts Marko Aleksandrovich Ramius in the 1990 action thriller film The Hunt for Red October?

Sean Connery

46. Morteros city is located in which country?


47. What is 433 Eros?


48. The constellation Norma has what English name?


49. Dickens, Dali, and Others is a 1946 book written by whom?

George Orwell

50. Who “Loved not to wisely but too well” in Shakespeare’s play?


51. Which cave is discovered in 1900 near Custer, South Dakota, United States?

Jewel Cave

52. What famous battle was fought at Plancenoit?

Waterloo – (four miles away)

53. For Your Eyes Only is a popular music track by whom?

Sheena Easton

54. What is Rigoletto?

Opera by Giuseppe Verdi

55. Lewis Ernest Watts became famous under what name?

John Mills

56. What is the name of Chapter (Surah) Three in the Holy Quran?

The Family of Imraan

57. In England what can you not hang out of your window?

A Bed

58. Who plays David Kim in the 2021 Sci-fi drama film Stowaway?

Daniel Dae Kim

59. What is the national liquor in Ghana?


60. What team has fans known as ‘cheese heads’?

The Green Bay Packers

61. What is Crypturellus soui?

Little tinamou, bird of North America

62. What is the capital of Fiji?


63. What was the rank of Algeria according to a report of the World Tourism Organization published in 2014?


64. What does CR mean according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species?

CR – Critically Endangered

65. What did Anna Sage “The lady in Red does”?

Betray John Dillinger

66. Hindu Kush mountain is located in which countries?

Afghanistan, Pakistan

67. Which Roman Emperor’s name means little boats?


68. What do you find in 100 Grand Bar?

Caramel and crisped rice in milk chocolate

69. Blue Downs town is located in which Municipality in South Africa?

Cape Metropole

70. The song I know him so well comes from what stage musical?


71. Titus Manlius Torquatus is a famous 1586 artwork by whom?

Hendrick Goltzius

72. Charles Adrian Wettach became famous as what clown?


73. Which country has its national liquor Amarula (cream liqueur)?

South Africa

74. Fener Cape is located in which sea?

Black Sea

75. Who makes Kleenex tissues?

Kimberly Clark

76. Dhërmi Beach is located in which country?


77. The star constellation Ara has what English name?

The Altar

78. What is the highest point of American Samoa?

Lata Mountain on Ta‘ū island

79. The Maurya Empire was founded by Chandragupta Maurya in which year?

322 BCE

80. Who holds the best rookie passer rating in the entire history of the NFL?

Dak Prescott

81. According to the Vedas, Maharaj Pururavas is a king that belongs to which dynasty?

Aila Dynasty

82. What is Centella asiatica?

Asiatic pennywort (Vegetables)

83. What was the production of aquatic plants in 2005?

16,095,775 tonnes

84. Lasseters Hotel Casino is located in which country?


85. In heraldry what is a horizontal line dividing a shield called?


86. Since 1818, which have been descendants of the House of Bernadotte?

Swedish monarch

87. Which country has its highest point Aragats?


88. Which early modern empire in South Asia stretched from northern Afghanistan to the northwest?

The Mughal, Mogul, or Moghul Empire

89. Notre-Dame d’Afrique is a popular tourist attraction in which country?


90. Harrison Ford played CIA agent Jack Ryan – who else has?

Alec Baldwin

91. What is Zang-Fu?

internal organs in Chinese

92. Today, how many monarchies remaining in the world?

less than 45

93. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species, was founded in which year?


94. Poon Lim holds the record of 133 days doing what?

Surviving on a raft

95. What is Lyrurus tetrix?

Black grouse, bird of Europe

96. What is the literal meaning of Yin?

Dual, opposite, contrary forces

97. Who plays Lt., Thomas Harp, in the 2021 film Outside the Wire?

Damson Idris

98. What is Ophiocordyceps sinensis?

Caterpillar fungus

99. How fast does Turbo the Snail go in the Turbo animation movie?

200 miles per hour

100. What is the only team to have their logo on one side of their helmets?

Pittsburgh Steelers

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