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Pub questions and answers

1. 2602 Moore asteroid is named after whom?

Sir Patrick Moore, English Astronomer

2. Which mineral is named after German mineralogist Irmgard Abs-Wurmbach?

Abswurmbachite: Cu2+Mn3+6O8SiO4

3. Artiguism Ideology is named after whom??

José Gervasio Artigas

4. What is Abbots Bromley Horn?


5. Which law describes how vowel length in Scots and Scottish English is conditioned by environment?

Aitken’s law

6. Who is Dumbella?

Donald Duck’s sister

7. Rattlesnake Canyon amusement park is located in which Canadian province?

Osoyoos, British Columbia

8. What is a Chain tag?


9. What is B-Daman?

Marble shooting toy

10. What product sold 330 in the US in its first year?

VW Beetle

11. Capacitance meter measures what?

Measures the capacitance of a component

12. What does CFL mean?

Canadian Football League

13. Kochari is the national dance in which country?


14. Who crafted the famous painting- Massacre of the Innocents in 1590?

Hendrick Goltzius

15. What was the name of Hamlet’s father?


16. Alidade table is used for what purpose?

Surveying instrument

17. What is Liga ACB?

Basketball league

18. Which country has its UN code 894?


19. Chanel is a French luxury fashion house that was founded by couturière Coco Chanel in which year?


20. Where would you find your Glabella?

Space between your eyes

21. Over half the world’s population connected to the world wide web. T/F?


22. A space devoid of the matter is called what?

A vacuum

23. AN/URM-25D signal generator is used for what purpose?

Electronic test equipment

24. Berney Arms Railway Station is located in which country?


25. What character on TV and film must have sex every 7 years?

Mr. Spock

26. Who is the director of the 2018 action thriller film Black Water?

Pasha Patriki

27. Famous painting View of Arles with Irises in the Foreground is made by whom in 1888?

Vincent van Gogh

28. What percent of mobile communications flowing over wireless Internet?


29. What is the highest peak of North America?


30. What product only sold 1200 bottles in its first year?

Liquid Paper – Tippex

31. What is the moral of Aesop’s Fable- The Ant and the Dove?

One good turn deserves another

32. Chambre means what when referring to wine?

Serve at room temperature

33. International vehicle registration code for Austria is A, was enacted from which year?


34. Which country has its Alpha 2 code VU?


35. What is a Boodie?

A Marsupial related kangaroo rat

36. The Geneva Convention on Road Traffic entered into force on what date?

26 March 1952

37. What happened to Charles Brooks in 1982?

First legal death by lethal Injection

38. Who is the author of the famous 1926 novel Payment Deferred?

C. S. Forester

39. Tacoma is located in which US state?


40. What creature is the symbol of Bacardi?


41. What links The Nutty Professor, The Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon, and The Bellboy?

Movies and TV shows by Jerry Lewis

42. Which comic character was dynamited to death in issue 428?


43. What was the timeline of the Post-Impressionism period?

1886 and 1905

44. Don’t Fence Me In is a music track by whom?

Bing Crosby

45. Bohemian Rhapsody was on what Queen album?

A Night at the Opera

46. What is Bell & Ross?

French watch brand

47. Where was Ice Cream invented?


48. Carcanet Press is a publisher, primarily of poetry, based in the United Kingdom and founded by whom?

Michael Schmidt

49. Which airport has its IATA code ABQ?

Albuquerque International Sunport

50. Issac and Willian Fuld invented and patented what in 1892?

Ouija Board French German Oui Ya

51. What is Caliper?

Dimension measuring tool

52. Who is the Roman Goddess of flocks and herds?


53. High Society film was released in which year?


54. Which airport has its ICAO code KABI?

Abilene Regional Airport

55. How does a male koala attract a mate?


56. Bere Ferrers village is located in which country?


57. Middle ages Monks denied meat on fast days ate what?

Rabbit Foetuses — Said were eggs

58. What is a French Bull?


59. What is the internet country domain TLD for Northern Ireland?


60. What does pp on a music score mean?

Very quietly

61. What is the Alpha 2 code for Uzbekistan?


62. What is Jane Fonda’s middle name?


63. The Genius and the Goddess is a famous novel written in 1955 by whom?

Aldous Huxley

64. What is Machinist square?

Metalwork measuring tool

65. Only humans and what primate can have blue eyes?

Black Lemurs

66. What is Camp Nou?

Football stadium in Spain

67. Woodwind Instrument size between Clarinet and Bassoon?


68. Aberdeen Regional Airport is located in which country?

United States

69. The Constitution Act of which year is a major part of the Constitution of Canada?


70. In Australian slang what are apricots?


71. How many floors are there in The Shard Tower, London?

96 floors

72. First Impressions was the original title of what classic novel?

Pride and Prejudice

73. What is the UN Code for Yemen?


74. What is La bohème?

Opera by Giacomo Puccini

75. Who said, “The internet is a good way to get on the net”?

Republican candidate Bob Dole

76. Areopagitica is a famous book written in 1644 by whom?

John Milton

77. Cavalier in French Springer in German what in English Chess?


78. What is the home stadium for Michigan Wolverines?

Michigan Stadium

79. Famous book Notes on Nationalism was written in 1945 by whom?

George Orwell

80. President Hayes 1878 started which annual White house event?

Easter Egg Roll

81. Which city has the Ryugyong Hotel?

Pyongyang, North Korea

82. On what are the world’s smallest paintings painted?

Pin Heads

83. What is Chantilly/Tiffany?


84. What is the Alpha 3 code for Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic)?


85. Scottish Hebrides island is defined as big enough to sustain what?

One Sheep

86. What is Gold Mickey Mouse Platy?


87. Sport is played on a variable ground 50x100yd min 100×130 max?

Association Football (soccer)

88. Who is the singer of the popular song Almost Over You?

Sheena Easton

89. Who was the 4th Earl of Warwick during 1184-1203?

Waleran de Beaumont

90. Who said, “A Single death is a tragedy a million a statistic”?

Joseph Stalin

91. Roaman Emperor Septimius Severus was given the title Arabicus in 195 for what contribution?

“victorious in Arabia”

92. Levi Stubbs Renaldo Benson Abdul Fakir Laurence Payton Who?

The Four Tops

93. Ostrava is a popular tourist attraction in which country?

Czech Republic

94. Braga city is located in which country?


95. What product only sold 8 in its first year in the USA?

Remmington Typewriters

96. What is Muspelheim?

Land of fire in Norse mythology.

97. The locals call it Misi what do we call this country?


98. Name a word with all vowels in order.


99. Which country has its Alpha 3 code CNM?

Viet Nam

100. If you were drinking castle beer in what country would you be?

South Africa

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