100 Best General Knowledge Quiz Questions Ever with Answers

These best quiz questions ever trivia general knowledge with answers in an English, free online quiz test are really entertaining. Some people are learning heavily, some are in a moderate mood. Everyone’s limit, merit, memory, and capacity are not the same. However, the good thing is that there are some of the best quiz questions ever general knowledge with answers printable quizzes trivia you can acquire easily in order to improve common sense.

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Best quiz questions ever

1. Airy beam is named after whom?

George Biddell Airy, a 19th-century mathematician and astronomer

2. Ambedkarism Ideology is named after whom?

B. R. Ambedkar

3. What is Abayı?


4. Playland amusement park is located in which Canadian province?

Vancouver, British Columbia

5. What is a Ball tag?


6. “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men […]”

Acton’s dictum

7. Shalakho is the national dance in which country?


8. What is the other name of the Army Men’s toy?

Plastic soldiers

9. Ammeter (Ampermeter) measures what?

Measures current

10. Rugby football in Canada had its origins in which decade?

early 1860

11. What is an alidade or a turning board?

a surveying device that allows one to sight a distant object and use the line of sight to perform a task.

12. Active load is used for what purpose?

Electronic test equipment

13. Where was the Internet invented over 40 years ago?

in a beer garden

14. Abel’s binomial theorem is named after whom?

Niels Henrik Abel (1802–1829), a Norwegian mathematician.

15. Who crafted the famous painting- Marcus Curtius, from the series The Roman Heroes in 1586?

Hendrick Goltzius

16. What is Liga ABA?

basketball league

17. White Christmas film was released in which year?


18. Who was Jerry Lewis?

American comedian

19. The first multimedia star, who was one of the most popular and influential musical artists of the 20th century?

Bing Crosby

20. Who were the Post Impressionist artists?

Paul Cézanne, Georges Seurat, Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and others.

21. Carcanet Press is a publisher, primarily of poetry, based in the United Kingdom and founded in which year?


22. Where do you find the town of Santa Cruz Papalutla?


23. Newark is located in which US state?

New Jersey

24. What is the highest peak of South America?


25. In which 2018 film, Scott Wheeler, a CIA agent, and Marco, a German Special Forces soldier, find themselves imprisoned inside a submarine and discover a wider conspiracy around them?

Black Water

26. What is the International vehicle registration code for Austria?


27. What is the moral of Aesop’s Fable- The Ant and the Chrysalis?

Appearances are deceptive

28. Who is the author of Greyhound (Movie Tie-In): A Novel?

C. S. Forester

29. What is the moral of Aesop’s Fable- The Ant and the Chrysalis?

Appearances are deceptive

30. 340 Eduarda asteroid is named after whom?

Heinrich Eduard von Lade, German Astronomer

31. A Weaner is a baby what?

Elephant Seal

32. Famous painting The Pink Peach Tree is made by whom in 1888?

Vincent van Gogh

33. International license plate country code was formerly known as what?

International Registration Letter or International Circulation Mark

34. What does EEA mean?

The European Economic Area

35. Phobos and Deimos are moons of Mars – what do names mean?

Fear and Terror

36. What is DSIT?

Distinguishing Signs Used on Vehicles in International Traffic

37. What is LORAN?

short for long-range navigation, was a hyperbolic radio navigation system

38. What is Architect’s scale?

Length measuring tool

39. What is USCG?

United States Coast Guard

40. There is one gallon of water in every cubic mile of what?


41. What is DGPS?

Differential Global Positioning System

42. After Many a Summer is a famous novel written in 1939 by whom?

Aldous Huxley

43. Paradise Regained is a famous poem written by Jhon Milton in which year?


44. What is Ryukin?


45. In Heraldry there are 60 varieties of what?


46. What is La traviata?

Opera by Giuseppe Verdi

47. What is Basset Hound?


48. Famous book Facing Unpleasant Facts was written in 1986 by whom?

George Orwell

49. Which country has its UN code 732?

Western Sahara

50. Collective nouns – a rhumba of what?


51. What is the internet country domain TLD for North Macedonia?


52. Napoleon’s life was saved by a dog what breed — and he hated dogs?

Newfoundland — saved from drowning

53. Who invented The Michelson interferometer

Albert Abraham Michelson

54. Name a word with all vowels in order.


55. Bugs Bunny was a caricature of what actor?

Clark Gable

56. What is Bengel Mix?


57. International aircraft registration letters what country is PP or PT?


58. Beja city is located in which country?


59. What is Mu?

A hypothetical continent that allegedly disappeared at the dawn of human history

60. In Biker Slang what is a Belly Shover?

A Racing bike

61. Liberec is a popular tourist attraction in which country?

Czech Republic

62. What is a Combination square?

Metalwork measuring and marking tool

63. In what George Bizet opera do Zugra and Nbadir appear?

The Pearl Fishers

64. What is the UN Code for Wallis and Futuna Islands?


65. What country consumes the most coke per capita?


66. Who is the singer of the popular song 9 to 5?

Sheena Easton

67. What links the Earl of Richmond, Earl of Salisbury, Earl of Surrey, and Earl of Warwick?

Earls in the reign of Richard I of England

68. In 1821 Jacob Fussell world’s first commercial factory making what?

Ice Cream

69. Roaman Emperor Commodus was given the title Germanicus Maximus in 182 for what contribution?

“great victor in Germania”

70. What do humans get from the Cassava?


71. Abu Simbel Airport is located in which country?


72. What artist was nicknamed “Jack the Dripper” action painting?

Jackson Pollock

73. Which country has its Alpha 3 code VUT?


74. What links Collingwood, Richmond, and Hawthorn?

Melbourne city football teams

75. Alfred Butta invented what in 1941 – marketed in 1948?


76. Which airport has its IATA code ABP?

Atkamba Airport

77. How many regional commissions are there under the jurisdiction of the United Nations Economic and Social Council?


78. The star constellation Grus has what English name?

The Crane

79. Three provinces of British North America—New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the Province of Canada— united to form a federation in which year’s Canadian Confederation?


80. What color is a giraffe’s tongue?


81. Which airport has its ICAO code YAPH?

Alpha Airport

82. Bad before a German town name means what?

It’s a Spa Town

83. What is the Alpha 3 code for Uzbekistan?


84. Bere Alston town is located in which country?


85. Names from Jobs – what in the middle ages did a walker do?

Clean Cloth

86. How many floors are there in Ryugyong Hotel?

105 floors

87. Spumador was whose horse?

King Arthur

88. What is the origin country of Barrie company?


89. Michigan Stadium is located in which city?

Ann Arbor

90. What flower is the symbol of culture?

The Lotus

91. Transamerica Pyramid was open in which year?


92. Erica is the Latin name for what shrub?


93. Which country has its Alpha 2 code UY?


94. Bermuda Park Railway Station is located in which country?


95. In what American state do most fail to graduate?


96. What is Chanel No. 5?


97. Which mineral is named after American physicist Philip Hauge Abelson (1913–2004)?

Abelsonite: C31H32N4Ni

98. What is the Alpha 2 code for US Minor Outlying Islands?


99. Where do you find a street named after Martin Luther King Jr. in Dothan, Alabama?

The portion of US 431 between Ross Clark Circle and its conjunction with US 231 is referred to as Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

100. Sherlock Holmes lived in Baker St – What other Detective did?

Sexton Blake 1893

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