100 World General Knowledge Quiz English GK Trivia Printable

World general knowledge trivia quiz questions answers free online in English GK trivia printable test is live now! This world general knowledge quiz will entertain a reader with a variety of useful information and facts related to general knowledge that we usually need in every walk of life.

We assure, if you go through properly these world general knowledge quiz GK trivia random questions and answers, you will be able to learn many new things that you would not know earlier. Solving the world general knowledge quiz GK printable in English trivia will provide reader confidence as well as fun while learning. What you learn today will definitely boost your conscience tomorrow, since knowledge is power.

Let’s solve the world general knowledge quiz below and improve your level of understanding!

World General Knowledge Quiz

1. What is Pearls Before Swine?

an American comic strip written and illustrated by Stephan Pastis

2. What is an even-toed ungulate in the genus Camelus?


3. Which company manufactures the drink Kola Real?

The Coca-Cola Company

4. What is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and one of the 20 regions of Italy?


5. What does Queso blanco literally mean?

White cheese in Spanish

6. What is Australian Braford?

Dairy cattle breed

7. What is Ayibe?


8. What is 52 Europa?


9. What is a typical Neapolitan pizza, made with San Marzano tomatoes?

Pizza Margherita

10. What capital city translates as Capital City in the native tongue?

Seoul – South Korea

11. “Young in America” is a song recorded by which American country music artist?

Danielle Bradbery

12. What is by far the largest branch of Islam, followed by 85–90% of the world’s Muslims?

Sunni Islam

13. What is Bagri?


14. What is the Anglo-Nubian breed?


15. What flavour is framboise liqueur?


16. What is Anser canagica?

Emperor goose, a bird of Canada

17. What is CFA?

Cat Fanciers’ Association

18. What is a mass of cells (tumor) that lacks the ability to either invade neighboring tissue or metastasize?

A benign tumor

19. According to Sunni Islam, who is the most prolific narrator of hadith?

Abd al-Rahman ibn Sakhr Ad-Dausi Al-Zahrani, better known as Abu Hurayrah

20. The Jelbuk is a Swedish Xmas decoration – what is it?

Straw Goat

21. As of December 2019, Italy has how many space travelers?


22. Which element has its chemical symbol Am?


23. What is an Antigua and Barbuda breed?


24. What is Fasig-Tipton?

Horse auction house

25. Collective nouns a rag of what?


26. What is ripiena?

Stuffed pasta

27. What is TWICE in South Korea?

Girl group

28. Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms bans what word in ads?


29. What does the Irish proverb “Ba mhinic droch-éadach ar tháilliúr ‘s droch-bhróg ar ghréasaidh” mean?

There was often a bad cloth on a tailor and a bad shoe on a cobbler.

30. Lotta and Vassar were the first two brands of what?

Wrigley’s Gum

31. What is Amlu?

Moroccan spread of argan oil, almonds, and honey

32. What is considered the world’s largest genetic cat registry?

The International Cat Association (TICA)

33. What is Acerola?

A drupe fruit, scientific name Malpighia emarginata

34. Little barley was originated in which country?


35. The Millennial Dawnists changed their name to what?

Jehovah’s Witnesses

36. What is Beurre d’Ardenne?


37. What is Rhubarb?

a fleshy, edible stalks

38. What is Aronia melanocarpa?


39. Which chemical element has its Atomic Number 51?


40. Who declined a Pulitzer Prize for his book Arrowsmith?

Sinclair Lewis

41. What is USS Accomac?


42. The Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe) is a federation of which pet registries?


43. Who was the Fourth dynasty pharaoh, reigned 2589–2566 BCE?


44. What is kaupunki in Finnish?


45. What does the Latin phrase “a minore ad maius” mean in English?

from the smaller to the greater

46. Who sings the song “Alger”?

Jean Leloup

47. What is Malus domestica, the nation fruit in Austria?


48. The name of this animal translates as ghost what is it?

The Lemur

49. What is Beurre Maître d’Hôtel?

a butter dish

50. If an Australian had a Bingle what would it be?

Car Accident

51. How many chapters the Community Associations Institute (CAI) has in the USA?

Over 60 Chapters

52. Bridgman’s View Tower is located in which US state?


53. Blind, Comb, Fine Line, and Harrow are types of what?

Stamp Perforation

54. Term “Allegretto” is originated from which language?

Italian musical terms used in English

55. What causes bubbles to pop after being blown?

Dirt in the air

56. Blue Grass Stake’s top three finishers is associated with what?


57. Irenaeus was an apocalypticist from which century?

Second century

58. Who was Antonello da Messina?

Quattrocento painter

59. What is WCF?

The World Cat Federation

60. Whose last published novel was Murder from the Past?

Agatha Christie

61. What is Fedora?


62. Which airport has the ICAO code DIAO?

Aboisso Airport

63. Name the first British film studio set up in the 1930s?

Pinewood Studios

64. Which airport has its IATA code ABW?

Abau Airport

65. What does a Grabatologist collect?


66. What is Valenki?


67. Who was the female star of Basic Instinct?

Sharon Stone

68. Beyond the Mexique Bay is a popular book written in 1934 by whom?

Aldous Huxley

69. Who casts Margaret in the 2021 romance comedy film The Map of Tiny Perfect Things?

Kathryn Newton

70. Charles Jung invented what in America?

Fortune Cookies

71. Who are the artists of the 2021 music album Friday (Dopamine Re-Edit)?

Nightcrawlers, Riton

72. What is a male camel called?


73. How many Chapters the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) has across Canada?

17 Chapters

74. Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport is located in which country?


75. Chapman Root designed it based on a Hoople skirt – what?

Coca Cola bottle

76. Jules Verne was a famous novelist from which country?


77. What were the other names of Bob Hope, a British-American comedian?

Les Hope; Packy East

78. In Hill Street Blues which character used to bite people?

Animal – Mick

79. All Propaganda Is Lies is a popular book written in 1986 by whom?

George Orwell

80. In Massachusetts it is illegal to duel with what?

Water Pistols

81. Who plays Oliver Tate in the 2020 popular romance, comedy film Submarine?

Craig Roberts

82. The Arabs call it Al-Maghrib what do we call it?


83. Who is the artist of the famous painting Crab on its Back in 1887?

Vincent van Gogh

84. Who was James Stewart?

American actor

85. Satan is Lucifer but what does Lucifer mean?

The Light Bearer

86. Beverly Hills is located in which US state?


87. Who said, “Draw thy sword, and thrust me through therewith; lest these uncircumcised come and thrust me through, and abuse me.”?

Shaul, king of Israel (c. 1012 BCE), to his servant during the Battle of Mount Gilboa

88. Who made the opera Otello?

Arrigo Boito and Giuseppe Verdi

89. Where is the Headquarters of the Red Hen Press founded in 1994 by Kate Gale?


90. Strontium 90 was the original name of which band?

The Police

91. Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre is located in which city?


92. The World Set Free is a popular 1914 novel written by whom?

H. G. Wells

93. Where would you find a Dry Bible?

Heart chamber of a ruminant

94. Who sings “You could have been with me”?

Sheena Easton

95. In Iowa, pouring what down a pub drain with cop there is illegal?

Water, it becomes an illegal alcohol

96. The first wife of which peasant from the village of Vvedensky, Russia, gave birth to 57 children in a total of 21 births?

Yakov Kirillov

97. Who is the artist of the famous painting Elk meent zijn uil een valk te zijn in 1594?

Hendrick Goltzius

98. In computing there are 8 bits to a byte what are 4 bits called?


99. Of Reformation is a popular book written by whom in 1641?

John Milton

100. What is the opposite of the Plenum?


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