50 Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers General Knowledge Moderate

Trivia quiz questions and answers general knowledge moderate are informative and interesting. It’s an intriguing question… What types of expertise are you seeking? … a plethora of various sorts… time to enjoy trivia quiz questions and answers general knowledge moderate, smart on the street… Types of knowledge: reading or books? I’m guessing that a combination of diverse sorts would be preferable for certain applications, but that more specialized forms of knowledge would be better in others… Are you a novelist, a surgeon, or a maths teacher?

Because it is impossible not to have information, you and I both have it. What you should do with your knowledge is the question. Why not share your expertise with others, as you are the only one with your unique set of skills and there are others who come into your life? Have fun with trivia quiz questions and answers general knowledge moderate.

While the Madurese have their origins on the island of Madura off the northeastern coast of Java, the bulk of Madurese people no longer live there. The Madurese people have been emigrating from Madura for hundreds of years, mostly due to a lack of agricultural resources on their native island. Explore the trivia quiz questions and answers general knowledge moderate. The majority have settled in Java, where there are an estimated six million Madurese, with nearly half of them living in East Java.

In the 1989 Ballon d’Or, Milan wins their second straight 1-2-3; Marco van Basten, a Dutch striker, is named Europe’s second-best football player, ahead of Franco Baresi and Frank Rijkaard. Grab trivia quiz questions and answers general knowledge moderate.

In 1992, the NHL’s San Jose Sharks beat the LA Kings 7-2 to snap a 13-game losing skid, despite surrendering 59 shots, the most in franchise history; Jeff Hacket makes 57 saves. Share trivia quiz questions and answers general knowledge moderate.

Solve the trivia quiz questions and answers general knowledge moderate! The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Green Bay Packers 17-13 in the 1960 National Football League Championship game at Franklin Field in Philadelphia. This was Vince Lombardi’s last postseason setback before the Packers became a dynasty.

Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers General Knowledge Moderate

1. Alfred Nobel, one of the greatest chemists was born in which year?


2. You get that “clean” smell sensation after a thunderstorm, what is that?

Ozone, similar to Chlorine

3. Queen Elizabeth I glorified the throne as the Queen of England in which year?


4. Who has the most titles in the Nippon Professional Baseball?

Yomiuri Giants

5. US forswears armed intervention in Western Hemisphere in which year?


6. What is the house of a chimpanzee called?


7. Russian military aircraft type “Antonov An-148” was introduced in which year?


8. In 1946, which musical was opened at Broadway Theater NYC for 111 performances?

“Beggar’s Holiday”

9. “The Day Bush Left” (1990) is a famous short story by whom?

Joseph Heller

10. There was a devastating earthquake in East Anatolia Turkey in which year?


11. A philosophical enquiry [&c.]. – the book is written by which philosopher?

Edmund Burke

12. In 1946, which musical opened at Century Theater NYC for 60 performances?

“Toplitzky of Notre Dame”

13. What is Hadagi?

an item traditionally worn in Japan

14. Conejohela Flats (islands) are located in which US state?


15. In 1939, Mine strikes in Borinage in which city?


16. Which elements’ electrons reflect colors equally, so the sun’s light is reflected as white?

Most metals’

17. What is Shinka?

a Head Jewelry

18. In 2018, the Tennessee Supreme Court ruled that Brown must serve at least 51 years in prison before she would be eligible for release, raised which petition?

Clemency for Cyntoia Brown

19. Tell off =?

to count off

20. In 1940, the 1st-class cricket debut of which batsman, who scores 148?

Arthur Morris

21. What is the name of Age started in 3000 B.C?

The Bronze Age

22. In 1960, which musical with Phil Silvers premieres St James Theater in NYC?

“Do re mi”

23. Which petition received more than 500,000 signatures in the weeks after, and TripAdvisor announced changes to how it handles reviews by “K”?

Getting TripAdvisor to address sexual assault

24. Who was the United States Poet Laureate in 1944–1945?

Robert Penn Warren

25. In 1940, JA Fields/J Chodorov’s which musical in which premiered in NYC?

“My Sister Eileen”

26. What is the boiling point (°C) of Nitrogen?


27. Prehistory ended in which year?

600 B.C.

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28. What zodiac has its sign “7”?


29. Ionic/covalent bonds are one of the Fundamental properties of metals. True/ False?


30. In which year, Winston Churchill becomes the first British Prime Minister to address a joint meeting of the US Congress, warning that Axis would “stop at nothing”?


31. Madurese people live in which country?


32. What is Crazy Glue?

a commercial brand of epoxy glue

33. Who begin his Presidentship of France in 2012?

François Hollande

34. Falklands War was held in which year?


35. In 1943, the British sink a German battlecruiser, named what?


36. In ballet, what term is used to mean “a category of exercises found in a traditional ballet class”?


37. In which year, RKO is 1st to announce the sale of its film library to TV?


38. Who wrote the book A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful in 1757?

Edmund Burke

39. What is Chadari?

A hijab

40. Chicago Bears beat Washington Redskins, 41-21; Bears 6th title, at the National Football League Championship, Wrigley Field, Chicago in which year?


41. Think for =?

to expect

42. Lafitte is a brand of what?


43. Who said, “If you want peace, you don’t talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies”

Desmond Tutu

44. Mark Haddon wrote which popular fiction in 2003?

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

45. In which year, Earl Claus von Stauffenberg vain with a bomb to Hitler’s headquarter?


46. Who said, “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will”?

Mohandas K. Gandhi

47. In astronomy, what is Egeria?

An asteroid

48. What are Nandus?


49. Which roots hang as green threads from the nodes during the rainy season, and assimilate carbon dioxide in the presence of sunlight?

Assimilatory Roots

50. In 1944 US General Patton’s 3rd Army repulses Germans in which battle?

Battle of Bastogne

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