100 Tough GK Questions in English General Knowledge Facts

Embark on a journey to broaden your intellectual horizons by delving into these straightforward yet enriching general knowledge questions and answers in the English language. The pursuit of tough GK questions in English is a perennial endeavor, and these queries serve as stepping stones to elevate your cognitive prowess. As you navigate through the realms of trivia, seize the opportunity to cultivate a deeper understanding of diverse subjects. Let these questions not merely be an exercise in answering, but rather a conduit for exploration and enlightenment.

Fostering Inclusivity in Learning

In your quest for knowledge, consider this not as a solitary endeavor but as an opportunity to foster inclusivity in learning. Share these general knowledge questions and answers in English among a diverse audience, transcending boundaries of age, background, tough GK questions in English, and expertise. The beauty of learning is magnified when it becomes a communal experience, where individuals from varied walks of life come together to explore the vast landscape of information, contributing their unique perspectives to the collective tapestry of understanding.

Unlocking Knowledge: The Power Within

Embarking on a quest for knowledge is akin to wielding a potent force—the kind that propels individuals toward intellectual heights. It is a journey where the seeker delves into the intricate realm of general knowledge questions in English, navigating the vast landscape of information. The notion that knowledge is power resonates, emphasizing the transformative potential inherent in the pursuit of understanding. This journey of tough GK questions in English unfolds as a series of challenges—tough general knowledge questions that act as crucibles, refining the intellect through the heat of inquiry and problem-solving.

The Invaluable Essence of Time: A Precious Resource

Time, an intangible but invaluable resource, assumes paramount importance in the pursuit of knowledge. Every ticking moment represents an opportunity to unravel the mysteries of the world, and productivity becomes the key. To utilize time productively is to engage with the tough general knowledge questions in English, for therein lies the crucible of self-improvement. The ticking clock becomes a reminder—an urging force propelling the individual forward on the right track of continuous learning. In this context, time is not a constraint but a facilitator, an ally in the process of acquiring wisdom.

General Knowledge Questions for Engaging Leisure Moments

Engage in a delightful intellectual pursuit with the challenging general knowledge questions presented in the English quiz general knowledge printable. Immerse yourself in a world of entertainment and fun, designed to captivate individuals of all ages. Whether you find yourself on a tranquil picnic, amidst a bustling family tour, or exploring the profound wonders of a gallery, these tough GK questions in English serve as an exquisite companion for your leisure moments. Their praiseworthy and amazing nature makes them a perfect addition to friendly discussions with near ones or family members during holidays, adding an extra layer of joy to your shared experiences.

Versatile Entertainment for Every Occasion

No matter the setting, these tough GK questions in English seamlessly blend into the fabric of various occasions. Whether you’re seeking a mental challenge on a serene picnic or engaging in a lively competition, these questions stand as a testament to their adaptability. The quiz not only promises entertainment but also sparks intellectual discussions among friends and family members. Their versatility makes them an ideal choice for any kind of gathering, enhancing the quality of your leisure time with a dash of intellectual stimulation.

An Inclusive Pastime Without Barriers

Participating in the mental exercise of answering these tough GK questions in English is a hassle-free experience. One notable aspect is the absence of any signup or preregistration requirements, ensuring a straightforward and accessible pastime for enthusiasts. This lack of barriers underscores the democratic nature of this engaging quiz, welcoming participants from all walks of life to delve into tough GK questions in English into the realm of knowledge without unnecessary formalities. It’s a testament to the quiz’s commitment to inclusivity and the joy of learning, emphasizing the idea that knowledge should be accessible to all.

Elevating Social Bonds Through Intellectual Engagement

Beyond individual enjoyment, these challenging general knowledge questions in English become a catalyst for building and strengthening social bonds. Picture a scenario where friends and family members gather around, minds buzzing with curiosity and laughter echoing in tough GK questions in English response to these thought-provoking questions. The shared experience of grappling with these queries not only fosters a sense of camaraderie but also creates lasting memories. This intellectual engagement, woven into the fabric of social interactions, transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary ones, leaving a lasting impact on the relationships between participants.

Unleashing the Power of Curiosity in Unconventional Settings

Discover the joy of curiosity in unconventional settings with these tough GK questions in English. Whether you’re navigating the great outdoors on a picnic or exploring the cultural richness of a gallery, the quiz injects a sense of wonder into every environment. The diverse range of tough gk questions in English topics covered ensures that participants encounter a mosaic of knowledge, fostering a spirit of exploration and inquisitiveness. The questions serve as intellectual beacons, guiding individuals through a maze of information and transforming seemingly ordinary settings into arenas of discovery.

Navigating the Endless Horizon of Success: A Boundless Ascent

Success, an elusive yet coveted destination, is portrayed as an uncharted realm with a limitless expanse—the sky being the symbolic boundary. The journey of learning becomes an upward trajectory with no predefined endpoint. In this narrative, the pursuit of knowledge becomes a perpetual ascent, and the only limitation is self-imposed. The idea that success knows no bounds is an empowering concept, tough gk questions in English urging individuals to elevate their aspirations and strive for excellence. To keep learning is not just a choice but a commitment to reaching beyond conventional limits, making the sky the figurative threshold of achievement.

Learning Amidst Leisure: Unveiling the Secrets of Trivia

The conventional notion of holidays as a respite from learning is challenged by the integration of useful trivia questions and answers into moments of leisure. Even during seemingly idle moments, the quest for knowledge persists, weaving seamlessly into the fabric of relaxation. The fusion of tough GK questions in English enjoyment and education becomes evident as the mind engages with intriguing facts and information. Here, the concept of trivia transcends mere amusement; it becomes a conduit for continuous learning, ensuring that every moment, including the holiday ones, contributes to the expansion of knowledge. Traveloka: Southeast Asia’s Leading Travel Platform. Best prices for hotels, flights, buses, trains, & attractions

Empowering Minds Through Curiosity

Beyond the mere act of answering questions, embrace the underlying power of curiosity embedded in each inquiry. Let these general knowledge questions and answers in English be the fuel that ignites the flame of curiosity within you and those around you. Cultivate a mindset that tough GK questions in English thrive on questioning, seeking, and unraveling the mysteries of the world. It is through the relentless pursuit of knowledge that minds are empowered to transcend boundaries and create a legacy of intellectual curiosity for generations to come.

Sharing the Wealth of Wisdom

Extend the tendrils of knowledge dissemination by generously sharing these accessible general knowledge questions and answers in English with your peers and acquaintances. The ripple effect of learning has the potential to create a collective pool of wisdom, and tough gk questions in English enriching the intellectual fabric of your social circle. A simple act of passing along these inquiries can spark engaging conversations, fostering an atmosphere of curiosity and continuous learning. In this interconnected world, your contribution to the spread of knowledge is a testament to the collaborative nature of human as well as animal intellect.

A Catalyst for Cognitive Growth

These seemingly easy general knowledge questions and answers act as a catalyst for cognitive growth, laying the foundation for a more profound understanding of the world around you. Each query is a gateway to a wealth of information waiting to be explored. Embrace the complexity that lies beneath the surface of simplicity, unraveling layers of knowledge that go beyond the superficial. Allow your mind to dance through the intricacies of each question, savoring the delight of discovery with each nuanced response. Let’s solve these tough gk questions in English quiz, trivia, printable now!

Tough GK questions in English

1. What does the brand Ocean Spray represent?


2. Shopping mall CentralWorld is located in which country?

Bangkok, Thailand

3. What is a guiro?

Musical instrument

4. What is the IATA code for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands?


5. Studeni is the 11th month in which language?


6. What is the study of the causes and treatment of allergies; a branch of medicine?


7. They have a dishwasher ____ home.


8. What is the English translation for French – apporter de l’eau au moulin de quelqu’un?

to add grist to somebody’s mill
Literal Translation: to bring water to somebody’s mill

9. What are Allotherians that survived for over 125 million years?

Multituberculates, an extinct taxon of rodent-like allotherian mammals that existed for approximately 166 million years

10. How did British actress Audrey Hepburn die?


11. Which country has its Alpha 2 code KH?


12. Where is the outflow of the Mississippi–Missouri–Jefferson–Beaverhead–Red Rock–Hell Roaring rivers?

Gulf of Mexico

13. Where did Christina Aguilera work as a Cheerleader?

North Allegheny Intermediate High School

14. What is the island from an old Iberian legend set during the Muslim conquest of Hispania?


15. Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is located in which US state?


16. What is the major language in Algeria?


17. What is Zapotec?

Indigenous people and the language of Mexico

18. What is the national flower in Ecuador?

Rose (Rosa)

19. Cotton means to celebrate which anniversary?

Second Anniversary

20. What links the Red Book of Hergest, the White Book of Rhydderch, the Book of Aneirin, and the Book of Taliesin?

Medieval Welsh manuscripts

21. Jeep is a brand of car in which country?


22. Miss Brooke had that kind of beauty which seems to be thrown into relief by poor dress — the first line of which novel?


23. Where is the Headquarters of the World Food Programme (WFP)?

Rome, Italy

24. What pet is a Tiger Barb?


25. The hospital staff led the body _____ the other patients.

away from

26. Which animal has the scientific name Phascolarctos cinereus?


27. What is delicense?

To deprive (a person, business, vehicle, etc.) of a license providing official permission to operate

28. Cesky Krumlov is a tourist spot in which country?

Czech Republic

29. What pet is a Burmese?


30. Aage Niels Bohr, Ben Roy Mottelson, and Leo James Rainwater received the Nobel Prize in Physics in which year?


31. What has a line spool, a brake for running fish, a handle to retrieve the line, and a foot for clamping to a rod?


32. Pope Evaristus is from which country?

The Holy Land

33. Who was the coach of the FIFA WC 2010 Champion team in Spain?

Vicente del Bosque

34. What is Andrology?

The study of male health and disease

35. Which famous personality worked as a cheerleader at Park View High School?

Hilarie Burton

36. Villa Taverna is located in which city?


37. Mbira is which type of musical instrument?


38. What is the length of the Yellow River, in China?

4,200 km

39. Alexandra Palace is located in which country?

London, England

40. Vladimir Prelog and John Warcup Cornforth received the Nobel Prize in 1975 in which category?


41. What pet is a Pitbull?


42. The fence ____ the house is necessary for safety.


43. What is Independence Day in El Salvador?

September 15

44. What is the internet country domain TLD for the Dominican Republic?


45. Prince George’s County, Maryland has what official county bird?

Eastern bluebird, Sialia sialis

46. What is hadith?

The sayings, actions, and approvals of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

47. What is the 3rd Anniversary color?

White or jade

48. What is denialism?

The policy or stance of denying the existence or reality of something, esp. something which is supported by the majority of scientific evidence.

49. What was the longest-running primetime TV drama 20 seasons?


50. David Baltimore, Renato Dulbecco, and Howard Martin Temin received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1975 for what contribution?

“for their discoveries concerning the interaction between tumor viruses and the genetic material of the cell”

51. Who is Cocijo?

Cocijo (occasionally spelled Cociyo) is a lightning deity of the pre-Columbian Zapotec civilization of southern Mexico

52. Which animal has the scientific name Meriones unguiculatus?


53. What is a synonym for Grim?

Difficult to consider; depressing or worrying.

54. What is generally thought to be the oldest breed of dog?


55. What is March in the Italian language?


56. What is the UPC barcode for Mexico?


57. Alexandria Railway station with station code ALX is located in which country?


58. What is the UN Code for Chad?


59. Who is the first US president to record his voice?

Benjamin Harrison

60. Who received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1974?

Eyvind Johnson and Harry Martinson

61. Which girl’s name comes from German meaning battle?


62. What is a dialect?

A regional language variant shared by members of a local society

63. Milano is located in which country?


64. What is a synonym for Grueling?

Physically or mentally demanding to the point of exhaustion.

65. What is Asgard?

The high-placed city of the gods, was built by Odin, the chief god of the Norse pantheon.

66. It was love at first sight. — the first line of which famous novel?

The Razor’s Edge

67. 1200 in Roman numerals gives what sporting body?


68. The lady doth protest too much, methinks — who wrote this first line of poetry?


69. Which vegetable is also a flower?


70. Eugenio Montale who received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1975 is from which country?

Genoa, Italy, Born: October 12, 1896

71. Arabic fourth-month Rabī‘ ath-thānī means what in English?

The second spring

72. What is B.C.E.?

Abbreviation for “Before Common Era.” When used as a suffix to a date, it indicates the number of years prior to the traditional date of the birth of Christ

73. Which country has its UN code 156?


74. Which country has its UPC barcodes 754 – 755?


75. Niagara Falls is located in which countries?

Canada, United States Of America

76. The old lie: Dulce et Decorum Est — who wrote this first line of poetry?

Wilfred Owen

77. Red white blue yellow green what’s missing from Rubik’s cube?


78. What is ethics?

A society’s definitions of what behaviors and beliefs are right and wrong

79. Those born on April Fool’s Day are what star sign?


80. What links Gunnar Myrdal and Friedrich August von Hayek?

Received the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel in 1974

81. Where would you find a canton, halyard, and field?

On a Flag

82. Name a bald-headed character that peers over walls saying “Wot, no sugar”.


83. In the 16th century where was the most fashionable place to wear a ribbon?

Pomaded grew female pubic hair

84. Greek leader Pericles was born in which year?

494 BC

85. This sport is called camogie women play what’s it when men do?


86. What county has .dm internet TLD?


87. What does a necrographer do?

Writes Obituaries

88. Where is the Iguazu Falls located?


89. Who is the chief god of the Norse pantheon?


90. What links Leonid Vitaliyevich Kantorovich and Tjalling C. Koopmans?

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 1975

91. A Treskilling Yellow sold for over $2 million in 1996 what is it?

A Stamp

92. What is the Alpha 3 code for Cape Verde?


93. What is B.C.?

Abbreviation for “Before Christ.” When used as a suffix to a date, it indicates the number of years prior to the traditional date of the birth of Christ that an event occurred.

94. Name of which household object comes from Latin to wonder at?


95. The science concerned with the structure, function, distribution, adaptation, and evolution of all living organisms including both plants and animals is called what?


96. Roman leader Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa died in which year?

12 BCE

97. What is the Alpha 2 code for Canada?


98. What is an ideal behavior?

Behavior that culture expects

99. Who was the first FIFA WC-winning coach in 1930, Uruguay

Alberto Suppici

100. In which country famous actress Audrey Hepburn died?

Tolochenaz, Switzerland

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