100 Trivia with Answers for Seniors Quiz General Knowledge

Trivia with answers for seniors quiz general knowledge printable, GK is suitable for easy and free learning with fun and entertainment. In order to increase your knowledge base, there is no other alternative but to learn continuously. If you hone your mind and attention regularly, there is much good news for you.

Solving trivia with answers for seniors is also a good source of pastime and joy. In order to bypass the monotony of life, there are many productive options for you, these trivia with answers for seniors quiz questions are one of those opportunities.

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Trivia with answers for seniors

1. What is the friendliest color?


2. Which French General left Napoleon to become King of Sweden?

Jean-Baptiste Jules Bernadotte

3. What are the 7 types of electromagnetic waves?

Radio waves, microwaves, infrared (IR), visible light, ultraviolet (UV), X-rays, and gamma rays

4. A human body contains about how many temperature detectors


5. George Bush Intercontinental Airport is situated in which state in the US?

Houston, Texas

6. What is the KitKat company motto?

“Have a break. Have a KitKat”

7. What are the representing colors for 7 deadly sins?

The Seven Deadly Sins represents vices and tendencies that were believed to be misdeeds, representing colos are:

  • Green – Envy
  • Violet – Pride
  • Red – Wrath
  • Light Blue – Sloth
  • Blue – Lust
  • Yellow – Greed
  • Orange – Gluttony

8. What is called the Fear of plants?


9. What is the chemical name of TNT, Trinitrotoluene?


10. Which light has the highest frequency?

Gamma rays

11. What does a Chandler do?

One who makes candles

12. Who created the Beijing 2008 Olympic mascot?

Han Meilin

13. In how many munites, your body can produce enough heat to boil half a gallon of water?

just 30 minutes

14. Hoddevik beach is situated in which country?


15. We know Sucrose in what common name?


16. Budapest, Hungary is situated at the bank of which river?


17. What are the 3 basic characteristics measured in vibration?

Frequency, amplitude, and acceleration

18. How old is the Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar?

2500 years

19. What is the height of the Empire State Building from base to Antenna/Spire?

443.2 m (1,454 ft)

20. A sneeze generates a wind of what speed?

166 km/hr (100 mi/hr)

21. What is the world’s fifth-largest religion?


22. Iconic world landmark African Renaissance Monument is situated in which city in Senegal?


23. Who is the national poet of Guernsey?

George Métivier

24. What is Earth’s frequency?

7.83 hertz

25. There is a place called “Gripe” in which US state?


26. Which city is called the Sampa?

Sao Paulo

27. What is the most relaxing LED light color?


28. Chinese cooking what’s special about Wolfs hearts Dogs lungs?

Idioms, Only things not used

29. What does a Redsmith do?

Red smith worked with copper

30. Romans used a sharp-pointed stick to drive cattle?

Modern word Stimulus

31. What is the best frequency for the human body?

75M Hz

32. A cough moves out at what speed?

100 kmh (60 mi/hr)

33. An area of London got its name from a hunting call what?


34. Who created the Vancouver 2010 Olympic mascot?

Meomi design

35. Outside the work is the literal meaning of which snack food?


36. Who shielded prophet Muhammad in Uhud?

Abdullah bin Jubair

37. The number of people with what symptom rose from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014?


38. What color improves memory?

Red and Blue

39. What frequency can kill you?

7 Hz

40. About what volume of sperm mature every day in a normal male adult?

500 million

41. The 1961 Mercedes 300sx had two firsts names either?

Gull Wing doors — fuel injection

42. What emotion has the highest frequency?

Enlightenment has the highest frequency of 700+ and the greatest expansion of energy.

43. Almost what type of diabetes is of type 2 or maturity-onset type; that affects people in their middle age. Type 1 or juvenile diabetes affects 70,000 children under the age of 15 years every year?

90 to 95%

44. Chokan Moyogi Shakan Han Kengai and Kengai styles of what?

Bonsai – styles

45. Durdle Door beach is situated in which location?


46. What color makes you smarter?


47. There is a place called “Ham Lake” in which US state?


48. How many deaths are caused by diabetes each year?

According to the CDC, 79,535 deaths

49. An adult is made up of around how many atoms?

7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (7 octillion)

50. Who is the Greek Goddess of the moon?


51. Who wrote the official biography of Lester Piggott?

Dick Francis

52. Gautama Buddha died in which year?

486 BC.

53. What colors mean calm?


54. An average human drinks about how many gallons of water in a lifetime?

16,000 gallons

55. Python film Your mother was a hamster father smelt of what?


56. Albert Sauvy coined what term in the 1950s?

The Third World

57. What country has the highest rate of diabetes?


58. Which company has the motto “Obey your thirst”?


59. The Romans called it Numidia what do we call it today?


60. An average person laughs about how many times a day?

15 times

61. What hotel has been the target of the most take-over bids?

The Ritz – Paris

62. Buenos Aires, Argentina is situated at the bank of which river?

La Plata

63. What color is best for a room to improve someone’s mood?

Primary colors

64. What trio was originally called The Rattlesnakes?

The Bee Gees

65. Ses Salines beach is situated in which location?


66. Women are born better smellers than men and remain better smellers over life. T/F?


67. Andrew Patterson wrote which definitive Australian song?

Waltzing Matilda

68. In an average person, it takes 8 seconds for food to travel down the food pipe, what time in the small intestine, and 3-4 days in the large intestine?

3-5 hours

69. What is the name of the airport in Dade County, Florida?

Miami International Airport

70. Iconic world landmark St. Basil’s Cathedral is situated in which country?

Moscow, Russia

71. When was the Big Ben tower completed?


72. What color is bad for your eyes?

Blue light

73. Every year how many people in the world die from diabetes or related causes?

1.5 million (WHO, 2019)

74. The Fields Medal is equal to a Nobel prize in what area?


75. What does a Knacker do?

Harness maker

76. In Russia the national product is called Soldatsky what is it?


77. Who was vice president the US when A-bomb dropped on Hiroshima

No One – was not one

78. Which is called – The Pink City


79. There is a place called “Happy Adventure” in which country?

Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

80. At the request of EMI who was painted out Sarge Peppers cover?

Mahatma Gandhi

81. In airline slang what is a 365 Eggs?

Bacon served any day or time

82. Who are the national poets in Hungary

Sándor Petőfi, and János Arany

83. What symptom causes 6 deaths every minute and 1 in 20 deaths in the world?


84. What color is loyalty?


85. Who was the woman who defended the Prophet Muhammad at Uhud?


86. In what case did Perry Mason make his first appearance?

The case of the Velvet Claws

87. Height of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is how much?

About 56 m (184 ft)

88. Novices are called tumblers experienced shiners what job?

Window Cleaners

89. A human head remains conscious for about how many seconds after it is been decapitated?

15 to 20 seconds

90. What color makes you spend money?


91. By law who require a cert. of health before entering?

Kentucky Bees must have one

92. What is the name of the airport at Changning-Minhang, Shanghai, China?

China Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

93. Which is called – The Grey City


94. Who is the national poet in Malta?

Dun Karm Psaila

95. What is the color that represents depression?

lime green

96. A human body has how many touch detectors?


97. Bibliophobia is the fear of what?

Fear of books

98. Which company has the motto “Where’s the beef?”


99. Who is the first female warrior in Islam?

Khawlah bint al-Azwar

100. Norse mythology Asgard was home of the Gods what’s Midgard?


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