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  • May 9, 2021
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general knowledge quiz questions for teenagers daily trivia questions and answers general knowledge questions for teens

Daily trivia questions and answers printable quizzes trivia for fun learn and entertainment. Anyone can pass a fruitful time by solving these daily trivia questions and answers by own. These trivia questions and answers printable GK quiz is packed with fresh ideas and sources. The solver of these trivia questions and answers will find them interesting and will be able to share with others on social media. Learning is a continuous process and a matter that needs daily attention and meditation.

In order o grow a learning habit of learning with fun and hope, daily trivia questions and answers can be a good choice. Let’s solve these trivia questions and answers printable, quizzes, trivia general knowledge now!

Daily trivia questions and answers

1. “Equilibrium adjusts the forward and backward reactions in such a way to accept the changes affecting the equilibrium conditions” is what?

Le Chatelier’s Principles, named after French chemist Henry Louis Le Chatelier

2. On what date debris from the Chinese Long March 5B-rocket, which launched China’s Tianhe space station module last week, made an uncontrolled fall back to Earth?

9th May 2021

3. In which country debris from the Chinese Long March 5B-rocket, which launched China’s Tianhe space station module last week, made an uncontrolled fallback?

The Indian Ocean, near the Maldives

4. Why is a Chinese 5B rocket falling to earth on 9th May 2021?

Losing altitude by the rocket rubbing against air at the top of the atmosphere making “uncontrolled re-entry” back to Earth.

5. Name the list of Strong Acids.

  • Hydrochloric acid (denoted by the chemical formula HCl)
  • Hydrobromic acid (denoted by the chemical formula HBr)
  • Hydroiodic acid or hydriodic acid (denoted by the chemical formula HI)
  • Sulfuric acid (denoted by the chemical formula H2SO4)
  • Nitric acid (denoted by the chemical formula HNO3)
  • Chloric acid (denoted by the chemical formula HClO3)
  • Perchloric acid (denoted by the chemical formula HClO4)

6. What is the origin of the month of “December”?

From the Latin word decem, “ten,” because this had been the tenth month of the early Roman calendar.

7. What is the other name of Kuala Lumpur?

Golden Triangle

8. Who was the first UK royal interviewed on television?

Prince Philip

9. Mrs. Hugh McCorquodale was famous as what literary figure?

Barbara Cartland

10. What is made in shapes called a finger, petticoat, and thistle?

Scottish Shortbread

11. Which write has the pen name, C.S. Lewis?

Clive Staple Lewis

12. What is the approximate weight of the human eyeball?

28 grams

13. What is the common link between Gilles Vigneault, Félix Leclerc, Gaston Miron, and Gérald Godin?

National poets of Quebec.

14. What is a hoblet?

A Vasectomised ferret

15. What did the US government call predawn vertical insertion?

Invasion of Grenada

16. In the TV series The Prisoner what’s the name of the giant balloon?


17. The 2021 Nobel Peace Prize is scheduled to be announced by the Norwegian Nobel Committee in Oslo on what date?

8 October 2021

18. About one-third of the human race has how many visions?


19. What were the first tennis balls stuffed with?

Human Hair

20. In Ren and Stimpy what sort of dog is Ren?


21. After the US civil war what was known as the soldier’s disease?

Morphine addiction

22. Which country is called the Land of the Blue Sky?


23. Food served nivernaise has what ingredient?


24. What product was originally called dryoak?

Duct Tape

25. Which actor wore an old trench coat in one scene in all his films?

David Niven

26. When you look at an object, the image of that object appears upside down on your retina. T/F?

True. However, your brain automatically corrects for this, allowing you to perceive the object the right side up.

27. Which group were derided as The poor man’s Rolling Stones?


28. Released in 1908 what was the first-ever horror film?

Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde

29. Which European city spends the most on the arts each year?


30. What does Honolulu mean in Hawaiian?

Sheltered Harbour

31. Who is the national poet of Haiti?

Jacques Roumain

32. Who was the first athlete to have an animated cartoon series?

Mohamed Ali

33. In Star Trek what is Chekov’s first name?


34. Thurle Sandstorm first world champion in 1923 at what sport?

Ten Pin Bowling

35. Every hour, the human eye can process what volume of information?

36,000 bits

36. In Norse mythology Thor’s chariot is pulled by two what?

Goats named, Tanngrisne and Tanngnjost

37. A pogonip is what type of weather condition?

Heavy winter fog with ice crystals

38. The Statues Of Mount Nemrut is situated in which country?


39. Gabriel Fallopius is credited with inventing what?


40. Which write had the pen name, A.M. Barnard?

Louisa May Alcott

41. Where is the world’s largest gay festival held annually?

Sydney gay Mardi gras Australia

42. For what would you use zener cards?

To test for ESP

43. In your very own lifetime, you’ll produce enough spit to fill what volume?

Two swimming pools

45. Fatima is a Christian shrine pilgrimage place in which country?


46. Ten 1000 virgins bought insurance against what in 2000?

Immaculate conception

47. The Ideal toy company was the first to mass-produce what item?

Teddy Bears

48. What is The City of Eternal Spring?


49. Proportionately which creature has the largest brain?

The Ant

50. Which cartoon character lives in Sweetwater?

Popeye’s home port

51. 44. What did J Edgar Hoover call the home of disease bribery rape/


52. There is a place named “Shoulderblade” where?

Kentucky, USA

53. Why is rice grown in flooded paddy’s?

Drown weeds

54. Who is the national poet of Bangladesh?

Kazi Nazrul Islam

55. In space, astronauts cannot cry, why?

there is no gravity, so the tears can’t flow!

56. A Cruciverbalist is interested in what?

Crossword Puzzles

57. Borborygmus is the medical name for what?

Gas noises in gut

58. What was the name of James Bond’s housekeeper?


59. What is roasted in South Africa and eaten like popcorn?


60. In the Texas version 12 Days Xmas what is given on the 4th day?

Four Prickly Pears

61. What is the origin of the month of “July”?

Named to honor Roman dictator Julius Caesar (100 B.C.– 44 B.C.) after his death. In 46 B.C., Julius Caesar made one of his greatest contributions to history: With the help of Sosigenes, he developed the Julian calendar, the precursor to the Gregorian calendar we use today.

62. 209 Popes have been Italian which country has the 2nd highest?


63. During menstruation the sensitivity of woman’s what is reduced?

Middle Finger

64. Which prop item did MGM ban from film sets in the early 50s?

T V sets

65. In order to taste something, what thing needs to dissolve it?


66. Jesus was born in Bethlehem what does Bethlehem mean?

House of Bread

67. What is the easiest thing to recycle?

1 Aluminium 2 Glass 3 Paper

68. In the Rocky films what was the name of Rocky’s wife?


69. Lexico was invented in 1932 what did it change its name to?


70. Anervous kangaroo licks it where?


71. There is a place named “Smileyberg” where?

Kansas, USA

72. What is the more common name for blue corundum?


73. If you ain’t done it by age 40 chances are you never will – what?

Go to Prison

74. In the USA on January 1 you have the greatest risk of what?

Being Murdered

75. If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months, and 6 days, you would have produced enough sound energy to what?

To heat one cup of coffee

76. In which country did a foot deodorant get elected into office?


77. 1838 Los Angeles man needed a license to do what to a woman?

Serenade her

78. When Dino was Fred’s pet what was Barney’s called?

Hoppy the Hopparoo

79. Which country is called the Land of the Rising Sun?


80. What musical instrument has gourd, shoulder, nut, and leaves?

A Sitar

81. In which country is the world’s longest road tunnel?


82. Where in the world are the most roses grown?


83. If you fart consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of what?

An atomic bomb

84. Bob, Wally, Alice, and Asok can be found in which strip cartoon?


85. Who is on the most popular us commemorative stamp?


86. What is the leading cause of death in Papua New Guinea?

Falling out of Trees

87. There is a place named “Sod” where?

West Virginia, USA

88. The 42 string guitar is correctly called what?

Pikasso Guitar

89. Name Lois Lanes stewardess sister.

Lucy Lane

90. What were the old hecklers in the Muppet show named after New York Hotels?

Waldorf Stadler

91. Humans are extremely visual; what percent of the information we gather from our surroundings is from our eyesight?


92. Mountain ranges like the Sierra Nevada what does Nevada mean?

Snow Topped

93. Yvon Petra 1946 was the last Wimbledon champion to do what?

Wear Trousers

94. Which one is called the City of Gold?


95. David Statue is situated in which country?


96. How often does a quotidian thing occur?


97. Claude McKay is the national poet of which country?


98. Which profession drinks the most coffee?

Health care

99. The word opera is a plural of opus meaning what?

Grand Work

100. Eyes are the only part of the human body that functions at 100 percent ability at any movement. T/F?


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