100 General Knowledge Quiz Trivia Questions for Adults

General knowledge questions for adults quiz general knowledge printable, GK is suitable for easy and free learning with fun and entertainment. In order to increase your knowledge base, there is no other alternative but to learn continuously. If you hone your mind and attention regularly, there is much good news for you.

Solving general knowledge questions for adults is also a good source of pastime and joy. In order to bypass the monotony of life, there are many productive options for you, these general knowledge questions for adults quiz questions are one of those opportunities.

Let’s solve the general knowledge questions for adults printable quiz from here.

General knowledge questions for adults

1. According to United Nations, what is the first human right of a person?

All human beings are free and equal

2. Who created the Montreal 1976 Olympic mascot?

Guy St-Arnaud, Yvon Laroche and Pierre-Yves Pelletier, under the leadership of Georges Huel.

3. What is VASILIKI in Greek?


4. Who was the bravest Sahaba in Islam?

Abu Dujana

5. Normal human pulse rate is around how many heartbeats per minute?


6. What boy scout merit badge is earned most often?

First Aid

7. What is Tinkerbella nana?

A species of fairyfly found in Costa Rica

8. What is the motto of the company Maybelline?

“Maybe She’s Born With it, Maybe it’s Maybelline”

9. What is Venustraphobia?

Fear of beautiful women

10. The eyes have the fastest reacting muscle in the whole body. It contracts in what fragment of a second?


11. What is Vermelium?

Mercuric Sulphide

12. Who created the Moscow 1980 Olympic mascot?

Victor Chizhikov

13. What does an ackerman do?

A plowman or oxherder

14. Where is the Fakistra beach located?


15. What is the part of the eye that determines the color of the eye?

The Iris

16. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is situated at the bank of which river?


17. The Tower of Pisa is the freestanding bell tower (campanile) of Pisa’s Cathedral made of what material?

White marble

18. Who was the wise cat in TS Eliot’s book of cats?

Old Deuteronomy

19. Hercules had to clean the stables in one night – whose?

Augean Stables

20. What is a common link among Thammathibet, Phra Phutthaloetla Naphalai, Sunthorn Phu, Vajiravudh, and Thommayanti?

National poets in Thailand

21. The lens of the human eye is composed of what percent of water and 3% protein?


22. Which city is called the Land of Drizzle?

Sao Paulo

23. What is the motto of Nike?

“Just Do It”

24. There is a place called “Gogogogo” in which country?


25. What US state named in 1664 in honour of Sir George Cateret?

New Jersey Carteret defended Jersey

26. We shut our eyes for how many seconds, when we blink?

0.3 seconds

27. Iconic world landmark Tiger’s Nest Monastery is situated in which country?

Paro Valley, Bhutan

28. In Yiddish what is your Pupik?

Belly Button

29. The human heart is about the size of a fist — and a cow’s heart is the size of what?

A human head

30. On a standard rainbow what colour is on the inside of the curve?


31. Where is the Flamenco Beach located?

Puerto Rico

32. Your eyeballs are what percent salt?


33. D D Palmer was the world’s first what?

Chiropractor — Osteopath

34. Name of the “cow town” Joseph McCoy developed in the 1860s?


35. Frank Oz was the voice of who?

Miss Piggy in the Muppets

36. The Shwedagon pagoda in Myanmar also known as what?

The Golden Pagoda

37. Blind people understand spoken words quicker than sighted people. T/F?


38. In which European city is the Arch of Titus?


39. The smallest animal hearts belong to the .006-inch long what insect?


40. Who was Ben Hur’s rival in the great chariot race?


41. In Gandhi who played the General causes massacre Amritsar?

Edward Fox General Reginald Dyer

42. Our heart beats around how many times every day or about 30 million times in a year?

100,00 times

43. What country used the ringgit as currency?


44. Sting Vogue Moschino Adidas Police Wires Ice types of what?

Spectacles – Glasses

45. Britain’s Frankie Wainman was world champion 1979 what sport?

Stock Car Racing

46. What does a Thimblerigger do?

One who runs a game of “thimblerig.”

47. What is the name of Los Angeles 1984 Olympic mascot?


48. Iconic world landmark Museum of Islamic Art is situated in which country?

Doha, Qatar

49. What is N2O?

Nitrous Oxide

50. We give birth to how many red cells every day?

over 200 billion

51. John McEnroe won Wimbledon doubles with what partner?

Peter Fleming

52. “Save Money, Live Better” is the motto of what company?


53. What is a common fact among Rudaki, Ferdowsi, Saadi, Molavi, Nasir Khusraw, Sadriddin Ayni, and Gulnazar Keldi?

National poets in Tajikistan

54. Film The Dead Heat Merry go Round 60s what stars first 1 line?

Harrison Ford

55. Edgar Cuthwellis was option but the author chose another what?

Lewis Carrol

56. Pride, Avarice, Envy, Gluttony, Sloth, Lust what’s missing?


57. Dublin, Ireland is situated at the bank of which river?


58. There is a place called “Friendly” in which US state?

West Virginia

59. Your heart beats how many times a day?


60. Which is called– The Pearl of the Adriatic


61. What is the height of the Empire State Building from base to top?

381 m (1,252 ft)

62. The cheetah is one of the fastest land animals, but its resting heart beat is about how many beats per minute, similar to a jogging human?

120 beats

63. Between 1804 – 1873 1676 patents issued for what item?

Washing Machine

64. Often a bridesmaid never a bride advertised what?


65. On average it rains 4 days a week in what European capital?

Amsterdam or Brussels wettest

66. Operation Chastise during WW2 better known as what?

Dambusters Raid

67. Which magical city is located in the Valley of the Blue Moon?

Shangri-La James Hilton Lost Horizon

68. Iconic world landmark Palácio Nacional da Pena is situated in which city in Portugal?


69. Your heartbeat changes and mimics the music you listen to. T/F?


70. What is a common fact among Loa Ho, Yu Kwang-chung, and Luo Fu (poet), Yang Mu?

National poets in Taiwan

71. Where is the Koh Kradan beach l;ocated?


72. There is a place called “George” in which US state?


73. What does WD stand for in WD 40?

Water Displacer

75. In Baldwin Park California where is it illegal to ride your bike?

In a Swimming Pool

75. What’s the name of the Bar Restaurant in the TV show?

Quincy Danny’s

76. In what country are Fuji Film rolls made?


77. In what Dickens novel does Alfred Jingle appear?

The Pickwick Papers

78. What is the faces diameter The Big Ben clock?

7 meters (23 ft)

79. Our eyes can distinguish up to what volume of color surfaces and take in more information than the largest telescope known to man?

ten million

80. What is the most frequent cause of business errors?

Illegible handwriting

81. What does a Hayward do?

An officer in charge of fences and hedges

82. Jacques Garnerin made the first in 1797 the first what?

Parachute Jump

83. If you were caught pandiculating what were you doing?


84. 1 in 20 women say they have never touched what?


85. What brass instrument is thought to be the most difficult to play?

The French Horn

86. What is the motto of Amazon?

Work Hard. Have Fun. Make History

87. SF are the international car registration letters for which country?


88. Brussels, Belgium is situated at the bank of which river?


89. Our eyes never grow, and our nose and ears never stop growing. T/F?


90. Persian Sultan Selim hanged 2 doctors – advised him stop what?

Drinking Coffee

91. White Fungus is the best selling canned what in?

China Soup

92. Ajax was the trade mark of the worlds first what?

Flush lavatory

93. What is Trypanophobia?

Fear of needles or injections

94. The orchestra usually tunes up to what instrument?


95. What is the most popular meal ordered in US restaurants?

Fried Chicken

96. What musical term means playing with each note detached?


97. The British army used to wear puttees – what’s it literally mean?

Bandages from Hindu

98. What is the motto of Alibaba?

Live seriously, work happily

99. People with blue eyes have a higher alcohol tolerance. T/F?


100. According to United Nations, how many basic human rights are there that recognized around the world?


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