100 Simple General Knowledge Quiz Questions Answers

  • May 10, 2021
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Simple general knowledge questions will be really when you find fun and entertainment unless a person is able to solve anything crazy. We are sure these simple general knowledge questions printable quiz trivia are fresh and up to date. By solving these simple general knowledge questions, a person will greatly improve the learning craze and trend of the world.

Let’s solve these simple general knowledge questions with ease and fun, don’t take them so lightly, because it would be a foolish job to let others overtake you in the journey of life. The sources of these simple general knowledge questions are reliable and authentic.

Simple general knowledge questions

1. What color is associated with Muslim widow women?


2. US government started DV lottery system in which year?

The first DV lottery, for fiscal year 1995, was named DV-1

3. Islamic prophet Muhammad (PBUH) begun spreading message of Islam publicly to all Meccans at hat age?


4. What was the first Pink Floyd album?

Piper at the gates of dawn

5. What is the so-called “Gang of Eight”?

A bi-partisan group of eight United States Senators – introduced in 2013 a bill that would have comprehensively reformed the immigration system in the USA

6. Which is called – The Forbidden City?


7. Nathan Burnbaum became famous under what name?

George Burns

8. Islamic prophet Muhammad (PBUH) led Hijra, emigration to Medina (called Yathrib) in which year?


9. What was built by the inmates of Changi Prison Camp?

Burma Railroad

10. The largest cell in the human body is what?

Female egg

11. In Pennsylvania legally a man needs written permit from wife do what?

Purchase Alcohol

12. The capital of Nigeria was Lagos what is it now?


13. What is the origin of the month of February?

From the Latin word februa, “to cleanse.” The Roman calendar month of Februarius was named for Februalia, a festival of purification and atonement that took place during this period.

14. Which city is called The Bubble?

Tel Aviv

15. Newspeak – Portable Handheld Communications Transcribers.

A Pencil

16. What is a common lnk between Jan Kochanowski, Adam Mickiewicz, Juliusz Słowacki, Zygmunt Krasiński, and Cyprian Norwid?

NAtional poets in Poland

17. What are ceps morels and chanterelles?


18. Which part of his body did Charlie Chaplin insure?


19. Which country is called – The Sunny Side of the Alps?


20. Who is Dick Tracey’s girlfriend?

Tess Trueheart

21. Your eyes are always the same size from birth. T/F?

True; but our nose and ears never stop growing

22. Julius Caesar Hamlet Macbeth Richard III links not Obvious?

All plays contain ghosts

23. Which is called – City of Palaces


24. What is the name of Porky Pigs father?

Phineas Pig

25. The Greek for circle of animals gives it name to what?


26. Shaddock is another name for what?


27. US 1900 census people with 2 or less what were lower middle class?


28. Sneezes regularly exceed 100 mph & nerve impulses to and from the brain travel as fast as how many miles per hour?

170 miles

29. How many pints will the 27 inch Americas cup hold?

None – its bottomless

30. There is a place “Odd” in which US state?

West Virginia

31. What is called the City of Peace and Justice?

The Hage

32. Name two sports where the winner moves backwards?

Rowing – Tug of War

33. The iron present in our blood (Heme) forms a ring of atoms called what, the shape of this structure produces the red colour of blood?


34. International dialling codes – where is 672?


35. Tintoretto did most of his painting in what city?


36. The reason for Thirst being salt tends to bind what?


37. Who composed The Dream of Gerontius?

Edward Elgar

38. Name the river that flows through Baghdad?


39. Which country is clled the Land of Milk and Honey?


40. What Olympic event only takes place at 70 and 90 meters?

Ski Jumping -— official ramps

41. The tiny droplets of water that make up fog are so small that it would take how many of them to make a single tablespoonful of water?

7 thousand million

42. The Daleks come from what planet?


43. If you are on the Choke mountains what country are you in?


44. Who is the national poet in Norway?

Henrik Wergeland

45. What is the main ingredient of mock turtle soup?

Calf’s Head

46. How often must one perform a quotidian task?


47. Thirst not only occurs when the body loses a lot of fluids but also occurs due to what?

Increased levels of salt in the blood

48. What does GP mean on a music score when all players silent?

General Pause

49. What are the Roman numerals for 505?


50. The relation between your thumb and your nose is what?

The length of your thumb is equal to the length of your nose.

51. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is situated in which part are of Netherlands?

Haarlemmermeer, North Holland

52. Where would you find your purlicue?

Space between thumb and finger

53. The total amount of fossil fuel used by humans since the start of civilization is equivalent to less than how many days of sunshine?

30 days

54. Who killed his grandfather with a quoit at the Larrisan games?


55. Who is the Patron Saint of desperation?

St Jude

57. Which plant gets its name from the Persian for turban?


57. Grilled on a Ploughshare literal meaning what?

Japanese dish Sukiyaki

58. What was first manmade object to exceed sound barrier?

Tip of a whip

59. Agrippa poisoned her husband/uncle who was he?


60. In which country are condoms most commonly used?


61. Who was Barbara Streisand’s first husband?

Elliot Gould

62. The amount of sunlight reaching the earth’s surface is what times the amount of energy used by all human beings worldwide?

6,000 times

63. What was the name of the saloon in Gunsmoke?

Long Branch

64. What celestial body gets its name from the Greek long haired?


65. There is a place called “Ogre” in which country?


66. What seven letter word do all Americans pronounce wrongly?


67. Who was the pilot in the first fatal air crash?

Orville Wright

68. What did God create on the fifth day (both)?

Sea creatures and birds

69. Fried fish lettuce spinach is a traditional Xmas eve meal where?


70. What is the scent of an artificial hare at greyhound tracks?


71. What percent of the people killed by lightning are male?


72. An average American eats 28 what in their lifetime?


73. Frankfurt Airport is situated in which location in Germany ?


74. Where do men play each year for the Challenge Cup?


75. In Japan what is Shogi Japanese?


76. What does a galactophagist drink?


77. A petrologist studies what?

Rocks history formation etc

78. To whom are the Jews Gentiles?

The Mormons

79. The shape of the porphyrin is affected by the presence of ____in your body.


80. In the language of flowers what does the cucumber flower mean?


81. What would a German do with a Gravenstein?

Eat it – a yellow apple

82. You can use what seed to forecast the weather: The scales will close when rain is on the way?

Pine cones

83. In Baltimore it is illegal to scrub or wash what?

A Sink

84. Sir Wilfred is the real name of which eponymous character?


85. What is a common facts about Kočo Racin, Georgi Pulevski and Kole Nedelkovski?

National Poets in North Macedonia

86. Brave New World – Aldus Huxley – where name from Shakespeare’s?

The Tempest

87. There is a place named “Okay” in which US state?


88. Who live at 742 Evergreen Terrace?

The Simpsons

89. In the 18th century what would a pencil be?


90. Who was the Roman god of agriculture?


91. Gail Borden invented what food item Condensed?


92. There is a place called “Oniontown” in which US state?


93. Handel’s Largo comes from which opera?


94. Suvarnabhumi Airport is situated in which country?


95. The energy in an average one day hurricane could power the United States for how many years?

3 years

96. Who was voted most popular film performer in the USA in 1926?

Rin Tin-Tin

97. What is a common link between Robert Burns, Hugh MacDiarmid, Hamish Henderson, and Robert Tannahill

Ntional poets in Scotland

98. Captain Macmorris only ever Irishman in what Shakespeare play?

Henry V

99. John F. Kennedy International Airport is situsted in which area of New York, United States


100. Where was Bob Dylan born?

Duluth Minnesota

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