100 English Quiz Questions General Knowledge Trivia Printable

Learning can be real fun if you have passion and interest in it. English quiz questions general knowledge, how do you count your level of general knowledge? 10? 100? no, it’s not enough to justify. In fact, there is no end to learning, it’s a long and continuous method. However, the good thing is that there are some general knowledge printable quizzes trivia you can acquire easily in order to improve common sense.

The sources of the English quiz questions general knowledge are trustworthy and fresh. You can trust the facts and contemplate over and again with the facts of English quiz questions general knowledge by heart.

Let’s solve these English quiz questions’ general knowledge in order t improve your GK learning. Disseminate these English quiz questions general knowledge among others, where you can really drive away others.

English quiz questions general knowledge

1. Which scientists first isolated insulin in 1921?

Canadian scientists Frederick Banting and Charles Best

2. What elements pair together in the interior of the DNA helix?

The nucleotides

3. What is the name of the analog computer Russia engineered in 1936 that ran on water?

Water integrator, by Vladimir Sergeevich Lukyanov

4. Earth’s axis goes through a motion called what where the planet’s axis will change, and trace out the shape of a cone?


5. Driving a herd of cattle down a street is against the law in which US city?


6. Which acid was first prepared from distilled red ants?

Formic acid

7. If you are born between June 23rd and July 23rd what star sign?


8. In the 18th century what job did a fart-catcher do?

A footman — walk behind the master

9. Which country has the smallest birth rate?

Vatican City

10. Who piloted the first flight across the English channel?

Louis Bleriot

11. What is a young pigeon called?


12. Who is the Patron Saint of Gravediggers?

St Anthony

13. What is the origin of the Wisconsin state?

French corruption of, possibly, a Miami word meaning “it lies red” in reference to the bed of the Wisconsin River.

14. When was Arkansas a state?

June 15, 1836

15. Which is called – The Eternal City?


16. Who was the inventor and first millionaire game designer after he sold his The Monopoly board game patent to Parker Brothers in 1933?

Carles Darrow

17. What is the smallest state of Australia?


18. What is the nickname of Arizona?

Grand Canyon State

19. Around which French town is the champagne industry located?


20. Which 1956 film caused riots in cinemas?

Rock around the clock

21. Which 1993 Disney film starred Bet Middler as a witch?

Hocus Pocus

22. Who has a famous speech: Every Man a King?

Huey Pierce Long

23. What is meant by blackguard?

Someone who is morally reprehensible

24. Who was Agrippa’s son?


25. Who received The Nobel Peace Prize 2015?

National Dialogue Quartet

26. In which US city, men who wear mustaches are forbidden from kissing women?


27. What is Tawheed according to Islam?

Confirming the oneness and unity of Allah. This belief is the foundation of Islam.

28. What is Collateral damage?

Deaths during wartime due to imprecise or incorrect targeting or friendly fire.

29. Who invented doctor Who?

Terry Nation

30. Who did the USA buy the Virgin islands from?


31. Who wrote the Man in the Iron Mask?

Alexander Dumas

32. What country invented castanets?


33. Which US president had a pet named Siam, a Siamese cat?

Rutherford B. Hayes

34. Who wrote: Brave New World?

Aldous Huxley

35. When is Independence Day in New Zealand?

New Zealand has no Independence Day

36. What was Operation Outward

Operation Outward was a British World War II program to attack Germany by means of free-flying balloons

37. The Salk vaccine is used against what disease?


38. What is meant by apprehend?

Anticipate with dread or anxiety

39. Who is Angus Deaton?

Received The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2015

40. Who played the scarecrow in The Wiz (all black wiz of oz)?

Michael Jackson

41. Taken literally what should you see in a Hippodrome?


42. Which is called– La Serenissima?


43. On what date was Michigan a state?

January 26, 1837

44. What is the state motto of Illinois

State sovereignty, national union

45. What is the capital of Sicily?


46. What is Casualty?

death (or injury) in wartime.

47. When is Independence Day in Tuvalu?

October 1

48. What is the national sport of Finland?

Motor Rallying

49. What was or is a Waltzing Matilda?

Swagman’s Knapsack

50. What is Orchesis – either professional or amateur?

Art of Dancing

51. Who is the patron saint of music?

St Cecilia

52. Which US president had a pet named Faithful, a Newfoundland?

Ulysses S. Grant

53. Dendrologists worship what?


54. Peter Goldmork invented what in 1948?

LP record

55. Who wrote The Rights of Man – and The Age of Reason?

Thomas Paine

56. Who wrote: Scoop?

Evelyn Waugh

57. What took place on London’s serpentine first time on 16 June 1930?

Mixed Bathing

58. Where is the Gari river?

Gari river is a short river that flows in Monte Cassino, Italy at the southern end of the region of Lazio.

59. What is meant by jingoism?

Fanatical patriotism

60. Democracy is a word that originated from which language?


61. Under God the people rule- is the motto of which US state?

South Dakota

62. Which country was the first to introduce old-age pensions?


63. What is mainly extracted from pitchblende?


64. Eiffel designed the Eiffel tower – what was his first name?


65. Who has a famous speech: Fundamental Principle of a Republic

Anna Howard Shaw

66. Which Dickens novel is considered an autobiography?

David Copperfield

67. Jocasta was the wife of Laius and the mother of who?


68. What is Capital punishment?

the judicial killing of a human being for crimes.

69. Which European city was the bride of the sea?


70. It’s also illegal to play bingo drunk in which US city?


71. Who wrote: USA?

John Dos Passos

72. What are camel hair brushes made of?

Squirrels tails

73. Which hats became popular with children in 1956?

Davy Crocket

74. Carlo Collodi created which famous children’s character?


75. Milton lost which sense?


76. Who has a famous speech: First Inaugural Address

Ronald Wilson Reagan

77. Yabusame is the Japanese version of what sport?


78. How did the Greek dramatist Aeschalys die?

Eagle dropped a tortoise on head

79. Who was Cleopatra’s first husband?

Ptolemy Dionysus — her brother

80. What is meant by blinker?

A light that flashes on and off

81. Declared By The World Health Organization when is the World Blood Donor Day?

14 June

82. Which US president had a pet named Skip, a mutt?

Theodore Roosevelt

83. Malden Serkiovitch famous as which actor?

Karl Malden

84. Syd Barett, Roger Waters, Richard Wright, Nick Mason – Group?

Pink Floyd

85. Who received The Nobel Prize in Physics 2014?

Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano, and Shuji Nakamura

86. Which US state has the nickname The Natural State?


87. Who (not Peter Sellers) played Inspector Clouseau in 1968?

Alan Arkin

88. Collective nouns – a smuck of what?


89. Declared By WHO, when is World Hepatitis Day?

28 July

90. What is the Homfreyganj massacre?

The Homfreyganj massacre was a massacre of suspected spies during World War II in the occupied Andaman Islands.

91. When is Independence Day in Uganda?

October 9

92. Playing card – Raymond Shaw trance – Manchurian Candidate?

Queen Diamonds

93. What is it illegal to pawn in New York?

American flag

94. What was invented by Dr. Edward Land in 1947?


95. What is the origin of West Virginia?

In honor of Elizabeth, “Virgin Queen” of England

96. Whose first box office film was called Risky Business?

Tom Cruise

97. The backbone of the DNA helix consists of what?

Phosphates and sugar (deoxyribose)

98. What is meant by chortle?

A soft partly suppressed laugh

99. Where would you find the Lutine Bell?

Lloyd’s of London

100. What hospital did Dr. Kildare work at?

Blaire General

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