100 General Knowledge Trivia Quiz for Kids GK Printable

Every kid should be taught that learning is a continuous process. general knowledge quiz for kids knowledge printable quizzes can easily be kept on the self-learning path and this general knowledge quiz for kids is quite free and accessible from anywhere on the earth. Their general knowledge quiz for kids can be copied and printed for educational purposes.

General knowledge quiz for kids knowledge GK quizzes will enable a solver with up-to-date knowledge and capacity to hold challenges in any other quizzes she or he faces. Let’s solve this general knowledge quiz for kids with fun in order to hold the driving gear among your friends, family, and competitors.

Hardest Riddles Ever

Do you ever ponder the depths of your intelligence? Well, today, we embark on a journey to probe the expanse of your cognitive prowess. It’s important to note that intelligence manifests in myriad forms. One individual may excel in wielding factual knowledge, while another might possess a keen aptitude for navigating the complexities of everyday life, often referred to as “street smarts.”

Now, let’s embark on a quest to unravel a few perplexing riddles. Can you fathom their hidden meanings?

Riddles to Stoke Your Mental Acumen

Christmas Precedes Thanksgiving: A linguistic conundrum ensnares the order of holidays. When does Christmas claim precedence before Thanksgiving? The enigmatic reply rests within the dictionary, where words transpire in a predetermined sequence.

A Doctor, a Bus Driver, and Sarah’s Apples: In a tale of love triangles, a doctor and a bus driver both harbor affection for the charming Sarah. Before embarking on a week-long bus trip, the driver bequeaths seven apples to Sarah. Why, you wonder? It’s a playful nod to the age-old adage: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”

The Enigma of Wholesomeness: Delving into the depths of language, this riddle presents a wordplay conundrum. What is it that, when you peel away its exterior, still leaves you with something substantial? The answer lies in the word “wholesome.” Cracking the Federal Job, Resume, Job Application, Career Guide

The Curious Case of Gloves: These enigmatic entities are devoid of flesh, feathers, scales, or bone. Yet, they possess their own set of fingers and thumbs. What could they be? Gloves, the answer whispers.

The Transformation of Charcoal: In a realm of transformations, we encounter an entity that dons different hues along its life’s journey. It commences as black, transitions to red when wielded, and ultimately turns gray as it meets its end. This shape-shifter is none other than charcoal.

The Riddle of the Penny: Let’s kick things off with a classic conundrum. What possesses both a head and a tail, is cloaked in brown, yet curiously lacks legs? The answer lies within your pocket—an unassuming penny.

The Enigma of Earth’s Tallest Peak: A twist of history beckons us to ponder Earth’s highest peak before Mount Everest’s discovery. The answer? Mount Everest itself, was shrouded in obscurity until its revelation.

An Age-Old Invention: Our exploratory journey leads us to a fascinating invention, still in use today, enabling individuals to gaze through solid barriers. What could this enduring marvel be? The answer: a window.

The Haunting Room: An eerie twist leads us to a query about spectral preferences. Among the various rooms, which one do ghosts strive to avoid? The riddle unveils that it’s the living room, a space teeming with vitality.

The Musical Mystery: A riddle woven with musical notes. What object boasts numerous keys but finds itself powerless to unlock any door? The harmonious answer lies in the piano.

The Weightless Enigma: Elegantly, we ponder an entity as light as a feather, yet forever elusive in the grasp of man. What might this ethereal presence be? It is our very breath, the life force that dwells within us.

The Shadowless Entity: We delve into a paradoxical realm where an entity glides before the sun, yet leaves no trace of its presence through shadows. This entity, shrouded in mystery, is none other than the wind. Learn English Guide, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Listening Skills

The Paradox of Fire: A contemplative puzzle introduces an entity that defies the boundaries of life, one that grows without vitality, lacks lungs yet yearns for air, and meets its demise when quenched by water. It is none other than fire.

The Mustard Family Conundrum: We step into the world of familial numeration. Mr. and Mrs. Mustard preside over six daughters, and each daughter shares a single brother. How populous is the Mustard household? The answer unveils itself: 6 daughters, 1 brother, and 2 parents comprise the Mustard family.

The Enigma of Silence: Silence, often deemed fleeting, is put under the magnifying glass. This enigma reveals a paradox—silence, once broken by speech, vanishes. What could it be but silence itself?

The Eternal Cascade: A contemplative dive into nature’s marvels takes us to a realm where an ancient force persists eternally, yet remains motionless. It lacks lungs and a throat but commands a mighty, unceasing roar. Behold the majesty of a waterfall.

A House with Imaginary Stairs: We enter a dwelling of singular construction—a one-story house fashioned entirely from redwood. The conundrum arises: What color might the non-existent stairs be? The answer is succinct: There are none, for it is a single-level abode. Self Development, Productivity, Time Management, Happiness.

The Word Transformation: A wordplay challenge unfolds—a word with eight letters that undergoes metamorphosis as one letter departs with each transformation, ultimately culminating in a solitary letter. The word that perseveres through these transmutations is “starting.”

Tracing the Footprints: We navigate a poetic mystery—the more you take, the more you seemingly leave behind. Can you fathom this enigma? The riddle leads us to footsteps, those ephemeral imprints of our journey through life.

The Elusive Entity with a Timeless Pace: Our next enigma unfolds in the realm of elegance and grace. It speaks of an entity that moves at a pace imperceptible, yet never falters in its timing. Esteemed by many, it outlasts even life itself. Can you unveil this riddle? The answer resides atop your head—it’s your hair.

A Prisoner’s Dilemma: The prisoner confronts a harrowing choice, teetering between life and death. To save himself, what utterance can he make? In a twist of fate, he utters the words “You will hang me,” unraveling the captors’ sinister ploy.

The Hidden Trees: Language unravels its intricate tapestry, concealing the names of three trees within these sentences. In a lyrical sequence, the letters align in consecutive order to reveal mahogany, pine, and larch. Get matched with a Career Advisor and Mentor who will help you select and enroll in the right program for you.

The Ubiquity of Identity: This riddle introduces a companion that accompanies you everywhere, steadfastly refusing to burden you with its weight. What could this enigmatic companion be? It’s your name, a word that defines your essence.

David and His Siblings: We enter the domain of familial relations. In the lineage of David’s father, three sons are born. Snap and Crackle are named, but who is the third? The answer? It’s David himself, the unspoken son.

The Enigma of Pencil Lead: Our final puzzle delves into the ubiquitous yet enigmatic world of writing. An entity, mined and encased within wood, is never liberated from its confinement, yet universally utilized. What is this intriguing enigma? It’s none other than a pencil lead, the silent scribe of our thoughts. Learning Language Guide, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Listening Skills

General Knowledge Trivia Quiz for Kids GK Printable

General knowledge quiz for kids

1. Which region has the most mountains?


2. Women’s hair is about half the diameter of men’s hair. T/F?


3. What is the company motto of KFC?

It’s finger-lickin’ good

4. A healthy liver processes how many liters of blood per day?

720 liters

5. The Channel Tunnel is the longest rail tunnel in the world. T/F?

False – The Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland is 4 miles longer at 35.5 miles long. Positive Parenting Products on Amazon for their Creative Kids.

6. What is Chronomentrophobia?

Fear of clocks

7. What mammal weighs in at under 2 grams and has a 25 beats per-second heart rate? That’s 1,500 BPM?

Etruscan shrew

8. In 2008 scientists discovered a new species of bacteria that lives in hairspray. T/F?


9. What is the common name of the Zinc Sulphate?

White Vitriol

10. Who created the Rio 2016 Olympic mascot?

Birdo Produções

11. Praia da Fortaleza beach is situated in which country?


12. In Auburn Washington men can get five years for doing what?

Deflowering Virgins

13. The Sydney Opera House was created by whom?

Danish architect Jørn Utzon

14. One human hair can support how much load?

3.5 ounces

15. Hamburg, Germany is situated at the bank of which river?


16. Which country has the most mountains in Europe?


17. A drop of blood contains how many cells?

250 million

18. What does a “slopseller” do?

A seller of ready-made clothing, as opposed to a tailor

19. The iconic world landmark, Crystal Mosque is situated in which location of Malaysia?


20. Topo in Italian Fare in Turkish what in English?


21. There are as many hairs per square inch on your body as what mammal? Phone/PC Surveillance Software for Your Kids and Teens


22. What is a common fact among Grigor Narekatsi, Sayat-Nova, Hovhannes Tumanyan, and Yeghishe Charents?

National Poets in Armenia

23. What is the company motto of Pokemon?

Gotta catch ’em all!

24. Which US region has the most mountains?


25. A woman has walked on the Moon. T/F?


Edinburgh is further East than Carlisle. T/F?


26. Which is called the –City by the Bay


27. Curly hair comes out of an oval follicle. T/F?


28. What is the animal with the largest heart-to-body-mass ratio?

Dog and Wold (.8 percent ratio of the body)

29. There is a place named “Dinkytown” in which US state?


30. Which is the busiest river in the world?

Yangtze River

31. What does a stevedore do?

A dockworker

32. What is Chromophobia?

Fear of colors

33. What place was nicknamed “The Pearl of the Orient”?

Manilla – Philippines

34. On average a person’s head has how many hairs?

100,000 to 150,000

35. Who did Babe the Pig work for Farmer?


36. The can-opener was not invented until 45 years after the tin can. T/F?


37. Tekek Beach is situated in which country?


38. Name the aboriginal detective in the novels of Arthur W. Upfield?

Napoleon Bonaparte

39. On average the human scalp has about how many hairs?


40. What is the formula of Slaked Lime?


41. A Retifist has a fetish about what?


42. Which country has the most rivers?


43. On average it takes about how many days for grey hair to grow?

13 days

44. What Comic strip character’s 1920s name means a meek person in the USA?

Casper Milquetoast

45. What company has the motto “All the News That’s Fit to Print”?

The New York Times

46. What country is the world’s largest exporter of Frogs Legs?


47. Who was the first British SF author to win a Hugo award?

Eric Frank Russell Allamagoosa

48. Which country is called the Land of Rainbow?

South Africa

49. Where would you find A Wall The white line and Bars?

Horses foot

50. Haridwar, India is situated at the bank of which river?


51. On average, in an adult scalp how much hair fiber is produced every day?


52. In Pueblo Colorado it’s illegal for what to grow in city limits.

A Dandelion

53. Sabang Beach is situated in which country?


54. Sylvester Stallone’s film shares a name with the Paris art movement.


55. Which city is called the land of a thousand lakes?


56. Only 55% of men do what?

Wash hands after toilet visit

57. What spacecraft mapping Venus named 15/16 century explorer?


58. Every day the average person loses how many strands of hair?


59. Which city is called – The End of the World


60. What do you mean by (NH4)2 Fe(SO4)2.6H20?

Mohr’s Salt

61. There is a place named “Dinosaur” in which US state?


62. What is the most dangerous mountain in the world?

Annapurna I (Nepal)

63. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is in the city of Pisa, in which country?


64. What hair grows faster than any other hair on the body?

Facial hair

65. What is Chionophobia?

Fear of snow

66. There are McDonald’s on every continent except one. T/F?


67. Nebkheperura was his first name what do we call him today?


68. The iconic world landmark Petronas Towers is situated in which location in Malaysia?

Kuala Lumpur

69. In Lebanon Virginia it’s illegal to do what to your wife?

Kick her out of bed

70. Frequent washing of hair does not cause hair loss.T/F?


71. Boreas Eurus Notus Zephyrus was what Classic Winds?


72. What does a slater do?

A roofer

73. What is the smallest mountain in the US?

Sutter Buttes (California)

74. Glasgow, Scotland is situated at the bank of which river?


75. What fictitious murderer first appeared in String of Pearls 1840s?

Sweeny Todd

76. Hair is the fastest-growing tissue in the body, the next is what?

Bone marrow

77. What creature gets its name from the Greek word for womb

Dolphin from Delphis

78. In what film were Aldebaran Antares Atair Rigel seen?

Ben Hur – horses on his chariot

79. What is the largest cluster of well-preserved ancient buildings in the world?

Forbidden City, China

80. A spat is a baby what?


81. Illustrator Florence K Upton created what (now not PC)?


82. What is the longest mountain range in the world?

Mid-ocean ridge

83. Healthy human hair emits sound. T/F?


84. There is a place named “Disappointment Island in which country?

Auckland Islands, New Zealand

85. Which US landmark is visited by over 3.5 million people each year?

Empire State Building

86. Queen Victoria said it was the saddest place in all Christendom where?


87. What blood type is the Queen?

Type O

88. The iconic world landmark Bayterek is situated in which location in Kazakhstan?


89. Brasco is Australian slang for what?


90. What are so small that it takes ten of them to equal the thickness of a human hair?


91. In what play do we follow Aaron a Moor beloved of Tamora?

Titus Andronicus

92. What is the name of the Sochi 2014 Olympic mascot?

The Hare, the Polar Bear, and the Leopard

93. In Idaho you can’t give a citizen something more than 50lb – what?

Gift of candy

94. What is Beyonce’s blood type?


95. Name the first Alsatian dog film star in 1921.

Strongheart – Rin Tin Tin 1922

96. Franz Grillparzer, Peter Rosegger, and Johann Nepomuk Nestroy are the national poets in which country?


97. Which city is called the– Paris of the Americas,

Buenos Aires

98. In 1885 Canada sold what to the US for $150000?

Niagara Falls

99. What cell can circumnavigate your body in under 20 seconds?

Red blood cell

100. What company has the motto “Everywhere you want to be”?


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