100 General Knowledge Trivia Quiz for Teenagers Printable

A general knowledge quiz is appropriate for everyone as well as for teenagers. Young learners are passing the best time of their lives with surmountable potential, stamina, passion, and spirit. In order to use their brain, and mind in the right direction, this general knowledge quiz printable for teenagers has come up with interesting learning stuff.

General Knowledge Quiz for Teenagers quiz General knowledge is competitive and fresh so this general knowledge quiz for teenagers can draw the attention of avid learners easily. Let’s solve the general knowledge quiz for teenagers below!

The Elusive Elbow Lick

The Impossible Feat: While the human body can perform incredible feats, there are some physical limitations that remain constant. One such limitation is the inability to lick one’s own elbow. The structure and range of motion of the human tongue, combined with the position of the elbow joint, make this act physically impossible for most individuals. This intriguing fact serves as a reminder of the unique characteristics and limitations of our bodies. Grow Your Skills and Employability with Certifications.

Headphones and the Ear Microbiome

A Surprising Connection: In the age of portable music and podcasts, headphones have become ubiquitous accessories. However, a lesser-known consequence of wearing headphones for extended periods is the increase in the number of bacteria in the ear. In just an hour of headphone use, the ear’s bacterial population can surge by a staggering 700 times. This phenomenon highlights the importance of proper ear hygiene and the need to clean headphones regularly to mitigate the potential risks associated with increased bacterial presence in the ear. These intriguing facts offer glimpses into the multifaceted nature of human biology and technology’s impact on our lives.

Elephants and Their Earthbound Nature:

Despite their enormous size and strength, elephants are the only animals incapable of jumping. This fascinating fact is attributed to the unique physiology of these gentle giants. While their powerful legs enable them to run and walk gracefully, the anatomical limitations of their musculoskeletal system prevent them from achieving the aerial feats that many other animals, such as cats or rabbits, can effortlessly perform.

Human Thigh Bones: Surpassing Concrete in Strength:

The human body boasts several extraordinary feats of strength, one of which is the remarkable resilience of the thigh bones, also known as the femurs. These bones are considered the strongest in the human body, surpassing even the compressive strength of concrete. This astonishing fact highlights the incredible load-bearing capacity of our bones and their ability to withstand immense forces. While concrete is a commonly used construction material, it pales in comparison to the impressive strength of our thigh bones, which play a crucial role in supporting our body weight and facilitating various movements. Build Website. Start an Online Store. Sell Images. Client Galleries. Photo Gallery Apps. Start a Blog

The “Bless You” Reflex: A Heart-Stopping Sneezing Myth:

The custom of saying “Bless You” when someone sneezes is deeply ingrained in many cultures and is often attributed to the belief that sneezing momentarily stops the person’s heart. However, this belief is more myth than fact. While a sneeze can cause a temporary disruption in the regular heartbeat rhythm, it doesn’t actually stop the heart for a millisecond. Instead, it’s a reflex response to the sneeze’s sudden force, causing a brief change in blood flow. The phrase “Bless You” likely evolved as a polite and well-wishing gesture to acknowledge a sneeze, rather than a literal reference to heart activity.

Dragonflies: Nature’s Speed Demons:

Dragonflies, those iridescent marvels of the insect world, are known for their remarkable speed. These agile fliers can reach astonishing speeds of 50 to 60 miles per hour, making them one of the fastest insects on the planet. This aerial prowess not only aids them in hunting prey but also enables dragonflies to evade predators with ease, showcasing the wonders of evolution and adaptation.

Women Pioneers in Invention

Bullet-proof vests, Windscreen Wipers, Laser Printers, and Fire Escapes are some of the great inventions. Women have been trailblazers in the world of invention, contributing significantly to technological advancements that have shaped modern life. From Stephanie Kwolek’s invention of the bullet-proof vest to Mary Anderson’s innovative windscreen wipers, these remarkable women have left an indelible mark on various industries.

Additionally, women like Hedy Lamarr have made groundbreaking contributions to fields like telecommunications with her work on spread-spectrum technology, which laid the foundation for modern Wi-Fi and GPS systems. Moreover, the creation of laser printers by Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin and the development of fire escapes by Anna Connelly demonstrate that gender should never limit one’s capacity for innovation. Phone/PC Surveillance Software for Your Kids and Teens.

The Chromatic Spectrum of Blood:

The color of blood varies across the animal kingdom, and it’s a captivating biological diversity. Mammals, including humans, possess red blood due to the presence of hemoglobin, which binds with oxygen, creating a crimson hue when oxygenated. Insects, on the other hand, have yellowish blood, primarily due to the pigment hemolymph. Lobsters, those ocean-dwelling creatures, have blue blood, thanks to a copper-based molecule called hemocyanin. This vivid array of blood colors is a testament to the myriad ways life has evolved on Earth.

The Rhythmic Heartbeat: Over 100,000 Times a Day

The human heart is a tireless and vital organ, working ceaselessly to pump oxygen-rich blood throughout the body. One astounding aspect of this biological marvel is the frequency of its beats. On an average day, the human heart beats over 100,000 times, tirelessly ensuring that every cell in the body receives the essential nutrients and oxygen it requires to function optimally. This remarkable fact underscores the incredible efficiency and endurance of the human heart.

Unique Tongue Prints: A Tongue’s Signature:

Just as fingerprints serve as one-of-a-kind identifiers for individuals, so too do tongue prints. Each person possesses a wholly unique tongue print, characterized by the specific arrangement of taste buds, papillae, and other distinctive features. This fascinating fact underscores the complexity of human anatomy and reinforces the idea that even the most seemingly ordinary body parts can carry an extraordinary level of individuality.

Breath-Holding and Self-Preservation: A Human Safeguard:

One of the body’s innate self-preservation mechanisms is the inability to kill oneself by holding one’s breath. Humans possess a powerful reflex called the “breaking point” or “automatic breath.” When an individual attempts to hold their breath to the point of unconsciousness, the body’s natural survival instincts take over, forcing the person to resume breathing. This safeguard is a testament to the intricate balance between conscious and subconscious bodily functions that ensure our well-being. Sports Apparel & Accessories·Sports, Exercise Equipment·Outdoors & Recreation·Accessories & Services.

The Tongue: The Body’s Longest Muscle:

Contrary to what one might expect, the longest muscle in the human body is not found in the limbs or the back but rather resides within the oral cavity—the tongue. This muscular organ, while not traditionally associated with length, plays a crucial role in various functions, including speech, mastication, and swallowing. Its intricate network of muscles enables it to move in a variety of ways, highlighting the tongue’s remarkable versatility and importance in our daily lives.

Our Remarkable Skeleton: Bones in Hands, Wrists, Ankles, and Feet:

The human skeletal system is a marvel of engineering, providing structure, support, and protection to our bodies. It’s fascinating to note that over half of our bones, which total 206 in adulthood, are concentrated in our hands, wrists, ankles, and feet. These intricate bony structures serve various functions, such as enabling dexterity in the hands and allowing us to walk, run, and maintain balance through our feet and ankles. This unique distribution showcases the adaptability and complexity of our skeleton, underscoring the importance of these often-overlooked body parts. Musical Instruments. Instrumental Software. Analog and Digital Synthesizers. Combo Organs.

Japan: The Land of the Rising Sun:

Japan, often referred to as “Nihon” or “Nippon” in its native language, is famously known as the “Land of the Rising Sun.” This epithet originates from the country’s name and its geographical location to the east of the Asian continent. The imagery evoked by this nickname symbolizes the country’s position as the place where the sun appears to rise, signifying the dawn of a new day. It is a testament to Japan’s cultural significance and its unique role as a focal point between tradition and modernity in East Asia.

The Resilience of Cockroaches:

Cockroaches are renowned for their tenacity and survival skills. One of the most astonishing demonstrations of their resilience is their ability to live for several weeks with their heads severed. Unlike mammals, which rely heavily on their brains for essential bodily functions, cockroaches have a decentralized nervous system. This allows them to continue performing basic activities, like breathing and moving, even after decapitation. While their headless existence is short-lived, it’s a testament to the remarkable adaptability of these insects.

Iceland’s Unique Pet Laws:

Iceland, known for its breathtaking landscapes and unique culture, has some distinctive laws, including one that prohibits owning pet dogs. This intriguing regulation is rooted in the country’s desire to protect its native wildlife and ecosystem. The absence of dogs as domestic pets helps preserve Iceland’s delicate balance of fauna and flora, making it one of the few places on Earth where you won’t find these beloved canine companions as household pets. Get matched with a Career Advisor and Mentor who will help you select and enroll in the right program for you.

Rome: A Global Name:

The name “Rome” conjures images of the eternal city, the capital of Italy with its rich history and iconic landmarks. However, it might surprise many to learn that there are cities named Rome on every continent. This curious geographical phenomenon reflects the enduring influence of ancient Rome, as explorers and settlers commemorated this historic city by naming new places around the world.

From the bustling metropolis of Rome, Italy, to the remote corners of North America, South America, Asia, Africa, and Australia, the name “Rome” continues to echo through global geography, transcending cultural and linguistic boundaries.

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General knowledge quiz for teenagers

1. Which is called the City of Dreams?


2. The human brain is very soft like butter. T/F?


3. Which US sportsman is mentioned in The Old Man and the Sea?

Joe Dimaggio

4. In Rebel Without a Cause name the High School?


5. A young what is called a blinker?


6. The statue Little Mermaid is situated in which country?


7. What is the pen name of Samuel Clemens?

Mark Twain

8. What does a Kayser measure?


9. In the body where would you find your diverticulum?

Large Intestine

10. Which character was invented in a comic for Montgomery Ward?

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

11. Book of Shadows is the alternative title for which horror film?

Blair Witch 2

12. Lewis Wilson was the first actor to play which character?


13. The Human brain stops growing at what age?


14. If you have a rhytidectomy what procedure has occurred? Best Academic Research, Project Paper Writing Services.

A Face Lift

15. The word mattress was taken from which language?


16. There is a place “Sexi” in which country?

Santa Cruz, Peru

17. Which country is called the– Land of the Thunder Dragon?


18. The fleur de lis is a representation of which flower?


19. The human body consists of how many muscles?


20. Syncope is the medical name for what condition?


21. Which character was born in Riverside Iowa?

James Tiberius Kirk

22. What is a cremnophobe?

afraid of Falling downstairs

23. Tosk is a dialect of which country?


24. Human bone is as strong as steel but 50 times lighter. T/F?


25. What is a common link between Pauline Johnson, Émile Nelligan, Octave Crémazie, John McCrae, and Margaret Atwood?

National Poets of Canada

26. What breed of dog advertises hush puppies?

A basset hound

27. Which sports trophy was named after the Fredrick Arthur Stanley Cup?

Fred is Lord Stanley

28. The Afghan Taliban use which color of flag?


29. Human fingers stretch and bend about how many times in a normal lifetime?

25 million

30. What is the best Engineering University in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)

31. What is the technical name for a jigger of grain alcohol?

A Pony

32. What is the origin of the month “June”? Create a stunning Portfolio Website with ready-for-your templates.

Named for the Roman goddess Juno, patroness of marriage and the well-being of women. Also from the Latin word juvenis, “young people.”

33. In Peter and the Wolf what instrument represents the duck?

The Oboe

34. According to Gene Kelly who was his favorite dancing partner?

Fred Astair

35. The weight of the human cerebellum is how much?


36. Statue Moai is situated in which country?

Easter Island, Chile

37. On “Sesame Street,” what is the name of Big Bird’s teddy bear?


38. In Star Trek who rules the Ferengi?

Grand Nagus

39. What was banned in Indonesia for stimulating passion?

Hula Hoops

40. In the film Jumping Jack Flash what is Jack’s code key?

B Flat

41. What word appears in more film titles than any other?


42. In a lifetime, your brain’s long-term memory can hold how many separate bits of information?

As many as 1 quadrillion (1 million billion)

43. In which country is the Philips company based?


44. What was the first boxed cereal?

Shredded wheat

45. Who are the national poets of Wales?

Dylan Thomas, and Dafydd ap Gwilym

46. What is the oldest ship commissioned in the Royal Navy?

HMS Victory from 5/7/1775

47. Who starred in a cartoon where the Tasmanian Devil 1st appeared?

Bugs Bunny -— Devil May Hare

48. Information travels through the brain at different speeds within different types of


49. So far 11 US presidents have been what?


50. The dog breed Borzoi gets its name from the Russian for what?

Fleet or swift

51. A Romana Cafe features what liqueur?


52. 6300 was the biggest cast in a commercial for what company?

British Airways

53. The human Brain uses what percent of our body energy and makes up only 2% of our body weight?


54. Which country is called – The Red Dragon?


55. In Greek mythology women of Lemnos did what to their husbands?


56. Which is called the City of Delights


57. There is a place “Rabbit Shuffle” in which country?

North Carolina, USA

58. The Sweater Shop International was a competition which sport?


59. Which actress had a job putting cosmetics on corpses?

Whoopee Goldberg

60. If you spread it out, your brain would be about the size of what?

A pillowcase

61. To the Apache Indians what were God’s Dogs?


62. In the 1944 film National Velvet name Elizabeth Taylor’s horse?


63. What singer was nicknamed by his fans?

The Lizard King © Jim Morrison

64. What is the second busiest airport in Europe?

Paris–Charles de Gaulle

65. When we touch something, we send a message to our brain at what speed?

124 mph

66. What is the world’s largest food company?


67. The Jewish prayer for the dead Kaddish is in what language?

Written Hebrew but in Aramaic

68. Knock-Knock was the first cartoon starring what character in 1940?

Woody Woodpecker

69. Socrates was trained in what profession?


70. The width of an average human brain is how much?

140 mm

71. Whose debut album was Definitely Maybe?


72. Between 1956 and 1960 which song made the top 40 seven times?

Mack the Knife Bobby Darin best

73. Which country produces the most full-length feature films?


74. Cold weather improves human memory and concentration. T/F?


75. An onomastician studies what?


76. Which magazine is most often stolen from US libraries?

Sports Illustrated

77. Washington police officers get a half-hour class in how to what?

Sit Down

78. The filaments for the first electric lamp were made from what?


79. The total surface area of the human brain is how much?

about 25,000 square cms

80. Commandaria is a dessert wine made for over 800 years – where?


81. Someone with the initials DD after their name has what qualification?

Doctor of Divinity

82. What is the most popular dog’s name in the US?


83. TVs Ben Casey started with Man Woman Birth Death and what?


84. What is the name of Doctor Claws’ pet in Inspector Gadget?

M.A.D. Cat

85. What is the common name for a five-wood in golf?


86. What is the hardest bone in the human body?


87. If you have otophobia what are you afraid of?

Opening one’s eyes

88. Which company’s first product was an audio oscillator?

Hewlett Packard

89. Name origins Baker obvious but what had a Palmer done?

Pilgrimage returned with palm leaf

90. Michael Bond created which children’s character?

Paddington Bear

91. If a Turkish judge breaks a pencil what does it mean?

Your death sentence

92. Goodfellow’s Lumholtz’s and Bennett’s type of what animal?

Tree Kangaroo

93. The human skeleton renews once every ___ months.


94. What is the origin of “March”?

Named for the Roman god of war, Mars. This was the time of year to resume military campaigns that had been interrupted by winter. March was also a time of many festivals, presumably in preparation for the campaigning season.

95. Wadi al Muli is better known as where?

Valley of the Kings

96. The Emerald of the Equator is the name of which country?


97. There is a place “Sandwich” in which country?

Massachusetts, USA

98. Which city is called the Door to the Dolomites


99. Kamau Brathwaite is the national poet of which country?


100. Which is the most powerful Ayat in the Quran according to some sources?

Ayat al-Kursi (Surah Bakarah; 255)

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