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GK quiz for adults is a free source of acquiring general knowledge trivia quiz printable online test for avid readers. The word “common sense” has been employed for a rhetorical effect both approvingly, as a benchmark for good taste and source of scientific and logical axioms, and disapprovingly, as a synonym for vulgar prejudice and superstition, since the Enlightenment with GK quiz for adults. 

This old philosophical term first gained its modern English meaning at the beginning of the 18th century: “Those plain, self-evident truths or conventional wisdom that required no sophistication to grasp and no proof to accept precisely because they accorded so well with the basic (common sense) intellectual capacities and experiences of the entire social body” like GK quiz for adults.

This all started with Descartes’ criticism of it, and what became known as the “rationalism-empiricism” debate over the GK quiz for adults. Descartes created the most prevalent contemporary interpretation, and its conflicts, in the first sentence of one of his most famous works, Discourse on Method, when he declared that everyone possesses a similar and adequate quantity of common sense (bon sens), but it is rarely employed and solved GK quiz for adults correctly.

As a result, Descartes’ skeptical logical technique must be followed, and common sense should not be depended upon excessively.  During the Enlightenment of the 18th century, common sense became a more favorable basis for contemporary thought on the GK quiz for adults.

GK quiz for adults

1. Battle of Amiens is a significant war in which historic event involving Australia?

World War I

2. Who was Sappho (fl. 6th c. BCE) by profession and status?

Greek poet, one of the nine lyric poets

3. What is the sign of Cancer (zodiac)?

The Crab

4. Enabavi is a small village, 80 km north of which city in India?


5. Human thigh bones are stronger than what?


6. Toulouse Union handball club plays for which country?


7. TSV 1860 Munich is a popular football club in which country?


8. Yanagawa city is located in which country?


9. During his career in 1964–1981, which football player from Germany scored 634 goals in total?

Gerd Müller

10. The Undiscovered Country a Star Trek title taken from where?

Shakespeare’s Hamlet

11. Which player from France played her debut football match in 2009?

Eugénie Le Sommer

12. Mondelēz International introduced which breath mint candy in 1956 in the United States?


13. Citrus maxima pomelo (pummelo, shaddock) is originated from which location?

Island Southeast Asia

14. What was Erewhon Organic?

an organic cereal brand, and a refund subsidiary of Post Foods

15. David Cornwell is better known as which author?

John Le Carr

16. Bavaria state is located in which country?


17. Bathsheba Beach is located in which island country in the Atlantic?


18. BOLT Lifesaver wave power station is located in which country?


19. Crop Over harvest festival is celebrated in which country?


20. Which Shakespeare play ends in the marriage of Benedict Beatrice?

Much ado About Nothing

21. What is burlesque?

a literary, theatrical, or musical piece meant to make people laugh by caricaturing the style or spirit of serious works, or by treating their themes in a hilarious manner

22. The intake and exhaust functions occur at the same time in which type of engine?

Two-Stroke Engine

23. Barbara Dex Award is a popular fashion award in which continent?

Europe and Australia

24. What is the signature scent, as a self-promotion campaign of Christina Aguilera, US singer?


25. How many towns are there in Germany?

2,054 cities

26. The Fashion in Film Festival is a biennial festival organized by Fashion in Film in which country?


27. Who is the artist of the popular invisible artwork “Air-Conditioning Show [fr]” or “Air Show” in 1967?

Art & Language (group)

28. What is an intermediate of chevron mustache and pyramid mustache, its top is round, but the bottom is straight?

Painter’s brush

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List of facial hairstyles

29. Se og Hør (weekend edition) magazine is published from which country?


30. In 1995 what was the most common name given to girls in the USA?


31. The Dabney is a what in Shaw, Washington, D.C.?


32. Stuttgart city is located in which country?


33. Union Pacific Railroad (UP) serves in which US state?


34. Saint Joseph parish (jurisdiction division) is located in which country?


35. What phenomenon do cereologists study?

Crop circles

36. The Japanese imperial year (kōki, or kigen) was first used in the official calendar in which year?


37. Where do you see the motto “Hours fly, Flowers die. New days, New ways, Pass by. Love stays”?

a Sundial motto

38. What is Shinai in Japan?

Japanese Katana-like sword made of Bamboo strips, used in Kendo

39. What is the creature Ossie in popular fiction The Tarax Show and Hey Hey It’s Saturday?


40. Where would you find a coffin joint?

Horses foot

41. Who is the Queen of Denmark, and King Hamlet’s widow, now married to Claudius, and mother to Hamlet?


42. Kelpie (Scottish) is a what legendary creature from mythology, folklore, and fairy tale?


43. What is the fiction genre of The Littles by John Peterson?

Wainscot (fiction)/ Masquerade (trope)

44. Gifu prefecture is located in which country?


45. If you have a viral infection of the parotid glands what is it?


46. Which country made the 1911 film “Dæmonen”, directed by Jens Christian Gundersen, Alfred Lind?


47. What is the contribution of Georgy Grechko?

a Hero of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic

48. In martial arts, what is a waster?

a practice weapon

49. What is the city nickname of Ashburn in Georgia, USA?

Peanut Capital of the World

50. Puccini’s Turendot is set in which country?


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