100 General Knowledge Funny Quiz Questions Printable Trivia

General knowledge funny quiz questions are encouraging to learn more and more. In order to discern truth from reality in issues that have become “common knowledge,” many strategies have been created with general knowledge funny quiz questions. The scientific method is commonly used in instances involving occurrences related to astronomy, mathematics, physics, and natural laws. In most legal cases, hearsay is prohibited under the rules of evidence (which may draw on “facts” someone believes to be “common knowledge”). A related word, “conventional wisdom,” also refers to allegedly prevalent information or analysis by dint of general knowledge funny quiz questions.

Examples of common knowledge: “Paris is the French capital.” The majority of people are familiar with several countries’ capital cities. “The Moon revolves around the Earth.” This is demonstrated via observation of the moon. Furthermore, scientific evidence backs up the claims of solving general knowledge funny quiz questions. The Earth was thought to be flat and the Sun to orbit the Earth at various times throughout history, but these beliefs were eventually proven to be erroneous without rightly solving these general knowledge funny quiz questions.

“Mixing ammonia with bleach is hazardous.” Accidents involving the combining of ammonia and bleach, despite the fact that they are both common home chemicals, are uncommon due to the potentially deadly risk in their chemical reaction, which is a commonly repeated cautionary tale and reality of general knowledge funny quiz questions.

General knowledge funny quiz questions

1. Where are Acıbadem kurabiyesi cookies originated?


2. Chrysondyon is an ancient Greek archaeological site in which country?


3. Cranes is a what in Penn Quarter, Washington, D.C.?


4. Eden Foods Inc. is an organic food company based in which city?

Clinton, Michigan

5. Quarter oz whiskey half-ounce sloe gin makes a black what?


6. What is the sign of Gemini (zodiac)?

The Twins

7. Groaty pudding was originated in which country?

United Kingdom

8. Swan Ranch Railroad (SRRR) serves in which US state?


9. Citrus mangshanensis is originated from which location?

Hunan, China

10. In football, how many points does a touchdown hold?

6 points

11. Fukuoka prefecture is located in which country?


12. Hershey introduced which breath mint candy in 1973 in the United States?

Breath Savers

13. What is Iaitō?

Practice weapon used in Iaido

14. Barclays Park Beach is located in which island country in the Atlantic?


15. Which of the following sports does not use a ball? Golf, tennis, hockey, or polo?


16. You are in the Shaw, which city are you in?

Washington, D.C.

17. Which player from Brazil played her debut football match in 2002?


18. Transmitter Solt, an industrial archaeological site is located in which country?


19. Baden-Württemberg state is located in which country?


20. How many players are on a baseball team?

9 players

21. During his career in 1947–1964, which football player from Northern Ireland scored 647 goals in total?

Jimmy Jones

22. Who casts Captain Roy Montgomery in the American crime-comedy-drama television series Castle (season 2)?

Ruben Santiago-Hudson

23. Fernando de Noronha archipelago is located in the Atlantic ocean in which country?


24. Dazaifu city is located in which country?


25. What sporting equipment is used for striking a tennis ball?

Tennis racquet

26. What is the fiction genre of The Highlander series?

Wainscot (fiction)/ Masquerade (trope)

27. In which country do you find Alderhurst Crescent street?


28. What is Goetta in the USA?

Ground pork and oats boiled together with onions and seasonings, congealed into a loaf, sliced and fried as a breakfast item or sandwich filling

29. Aboriginal Peoples Television Network TV channel is in which country?


30. In soccer, what body part can’t touch the ball?


31. Asferg Runestone is located in which country?


32. Marsi is an extinct language and people from which origin?


33. What was a Pre-Columbian polity in western Bolivia based in the southern Lake Titicaca Basin?

The Tiwanaku Polity

34. Which country tried unsuccessfully in 1995 to launch its first satellite FASat-Alfa by foreign rocket; in 1998 they were successful?


35. What is the fastest bird, clocked at speeds of up to 240 miles per hour?

Peregrine falcon

36. What is American Motors, Kenosha, Wisconsin?

A former automotive manufacturing plant

37. The first attempt of a scanner, in which a single photocell mounted at the focus of telescope would scan Earth due to the satellite movement from which mission in February-March 1959?

Vanguard 2

38. Saint-Michel tumulus is located in which country?


39. What is the most-visited museum in the world after the Louvre and the National Museum of China?

Tate Modern, London

40. What does CMOS stand for in a computer Complementary metal?

Oxide semi-conductor

41. Who was De Grisogono?

a Swiss jewelry designer

42. What is USS A. Collier (1864)?

United States Navy ship

43. Mathematisch-Physikalischer Salon is a horological museum in which country?


44. What are the fictional city where personal freedoms don’t exist and success depends solely on performance in compulsory examinations, in the Wind on Fire trilogy by William Nicholson?


45. The hummingbird, the loon, the swift, the kingfisher, and the greb are all birds that cannot do what?


46. What was the break of communion which occurred in the 11th century between the Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church?

The East-West Schism

47. What is Crémant de Luxembourg?


48. What is Bathieth?

Emirati cuisine

49. As of 2020, how many hectares of forest area Algeria has?

1949 hectares

50. The blood of mammals is red, the blood of insects is yellow in color, and the blood of lobster is what?


51. Morro do Pico volcano is located in which country?


interesting quiz questions with answers fun facts trivia questions and answers fun facts quiz questions and answers interesting facts quiz and answers interesting facts quiz with answers interesting quiz with answers
Morro do Pico volcano, Brazil

52. Liga division is located in which country?


53. Encantado (Brazil) is a what legendary creature from mythology, folklore, and fairy tale?

Shapeshifting trickster dolphins

54. What is the creature Olivia in popular fiction Working with Words (Journey Through the Jungle of Words)?


55. What is the longest muscle in the body?


56. Saint James parish (jurisdiction division) is located in which country?


57. What is kōki, or kigen?

Japanese imperial year

58. Battle of Aleppo is a significant war in which historic event involving Australia?

World War I

59. Azura wace power station is located in which country?


60. In western palmistry the index finger is linked to which planet?


61. Around 18,000 sailors and merchant seamen killed in which World War II battle involving the United States?

Battle of the Atlantic

62. Chuseok harvest festival is celebrated in which country?

South Korea

63. What is a fictional land, which is occupied by giants, in Jonathan Swift’s 1726 satirical novel Gulliver’s Travels?


64. In which type of engine, a piston complete a power cycle with two strokes?

Two-stroke engine

65. Which group governs in a plutocracy?

The most wealthy

66. An equestrian statue of Louis XIV on Place des Victoires, by François Joseph Bosio (1828), is seen in which French city?


67. Handaberd fortress is located in which city in Armenia?


68. What is the city nickname of Alpharetta in Georgia, USA?

Awesome Alpharetta!

69. The Seahorse Farm – Port Adelaide (Closed) was located in which country?


70. What is the most common name in the world?


71. If you are at Edgware, which city are you in?


72. Where do you see the motto “Come along and grow old with me; the best is yet to be”?

a Sundial motto

73. St Patrick’s-gate (1250) near St Patrick’s Cathedral is a historic gate in which city?

Dublin Gate

74. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, King Claudius has married whom?

Gertrude, his brother’s widow

75. Which tough-guy actor was once a drop hammer operator?

Robert Mitchum

76. What is a biennial event in the District of Columbia, United States?

DC Fashion Week

77. Her og Nå magazine is published from which country?


78. Who is the artist of the popular invisible artwork “Vertical Column of Accelerated Air” in 1966?

Michael Asher

79. What is a mustache similar to the Pyramid mustache but steeper, thus resembling a trapezoid?

Lampshade mustache

80. Carbon monoxide can kill a person in how much time?

less than 15 minutes

81. What is CAFA?

Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards

82. What is the signature scent, as a self-promotion campaign of Cindy Adams, US Journalist?

Gossip by Cindy Adams

83. Which country made the 1911 film “Bondefangeri i Vaterland”, directed by Pehr Qværnstrøm?


84. What is the contribution of Andrei Grechko?

a Hero of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic

85. What is the only sport to be played on the moon?

A round of golf

86. Liga Amateur de Deportes (Lincoln) is a regional football league in which country?


87. Cayo Cochino Grande (Mayor) island is located in which country?


88. Wādī Banī ‘Umar al Gharbī valley is located in which country?


89. Federal Consensus is a political coalition in which country?


90. What number sets to the right of the number ‘20’ on a standard dartboard?


91. Nyé River is passed through which country?


92. Bantu Rovers (Bulawayo) is a football club in which country?


93. HBC Nantes handball club plays for which country?


94. Edgware bus station is located in which English city?


95. Basketball player, Scottie Pippen, has a word tattooed on his forearm. What does it say?


96. Who was Corinna (fl. 6th c. BCE) by profession and status?

Greek poet

97. FSV 08 Bissingen is a popular football club in which country?


98. The two-stroke engine has high what compared to a four-stroke engine?


99. What is the elevation of the Pico do Cabugi volcano in Brazil?

590m/ 1940ft

100. What sport is Bela Karolyi known for coaching?

Women’s gymnastics

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