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General trivia quiz answers are for learners. Common sense (also known as sense) is sound, practical judgment in everyday situations, or a fundamental capacity to see, comprehend, and evaluate in a way that is shared by (or common to) practically everyone with general trivia quiz answers. The general concept of common sense stems from a historical-philosophical debate that spanned multiple European languages with examples of general trivia quiz answers. Other languages include terms like Latin sensus communis, Greek v (asthsis koin), and French bien sens, although they aren’t always easy to translate. Similarly, distinct shades of meaning exist in English, signifying more or less education and wisdom: “good sense” is sometimes seen as equivalent to “common sense”, and sometimes not with general trivia quiz answers.

The capacity with which animals (including humans) process sense-perceptions, memory, and imagination (v, phroneîn) in order to make various sorts of fundamental judgments was described by Aristotle, the first person known to have studied “common sense.” Only humans, according to his theory, have true reasoned thinking (, noeîn), which goes beyond common sense as well as general trivia quiz answers.

General trivia quiz answers

1. What is Blodpalt in Sweden?


2. In European history, which century is regarded as the beginning of the High Middle Ages, an age subsequent to the Early Middle Ages?

11th century

3. What is a large, deep, freshwater lake in the Andes on the border of Bolivia and Peru?

Lake Titicaca

4. What was an Ismaili Shia caliphate of the 10th to the 12th centuries AD?

The Fatimid Caliphate

5. Which sport uses a net, a racket, and a shuttlecock?


6. What is Tiger Cave Kiln?

Chinese ceramic ware

7. What is a traditional Luxembourgish green bean soup with potatoes, bacon, and onions?


8. What is Bokken?

Japanese wooden swords, also known as bokuto

9. Accra Beach is located in which island country in the Atlantic?


10. What type of race is the Tour de France?

Bicycle race

11. Nagoya city is located in which country?


12. During his career in 1943–1966, which football player from Hungary scored 729 goals in total?

Ferenc Puskás

13. What is a Parish?

Church jurisdiction division

14. The Chinese sexagenary cycle is associated with what?


15. You can’t kill yourself by holding your breath. True or false?


16. The Ogooué drainage basin is located in which country?


17. What is Asida?

Emirati cuisine

18. What is the type of Trindade and Martin Vaz volcano in Brazil?


19. As of 2020, how many hectares of forest area Afghanistan has?

1,208 hectares

20. How many sports were included in the 2008 Summer Olympics?


21. Hildesheim city is located in which country?


22. Bake-kujira (Japanese) is a which legendary creature from mythology, folklore, and fairy tale?

Ghost whale

23. Dunkerque handball club plays for which country?


24. What is Struthionidae?

a family of flightless birds, ostrich

25. What is the only food that doesn’t spoil?


26. Liga Albertina de fútbol is a regional football leagues in which country?

Argentina (Buenos Aires)

27. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Hamlet is the Prince of which kingdom?


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28. Who was Enheduanna (2285–2250 BCE) by profession and status?

Akkadian princess, priestess, and Sumerian-language poet, possibly the world’s earliest known female author

29. VfV 06 Hildesheim is a popular football club in which country?


30. A sporting event is held every year on Memorial Day. What is it?

Indianapolis 500

31. Aichi prefecture is located in which country?


32. What is the national airline carrier in Zimbabwe?

Air Zimbabwe

33. What is the creature Big Eggo in popular fiction Big Eggo?


34. Blue Duck Tavern is a what in West End, Washington, D.C.?


35. Like fingerprints, everyone’s what other print is different?


36. The Romans used a form of a wooden sword, named what, for combat training?


37. Which Canadian played her debut football match on 12 March 2000?

Christine Sinclair

38. Callard & Bowser introduced which breath mint candy in the 1780s in the United Kingdom?


39. Citrus crenatifolia is a citrus fruit from which country?

Sri Lanka

40. The Central Perk Cafe appears in which TV series?


41. BNSF Railway (BNSF) serves in which US state?


42. Wadi Hatta valley is located in which country?


43. Lower Saxony state is located in which country?


44. What is the fiction genre of The Magicians by Lev Grossman?

Wainscot (fiction)/ Masquerade (trope)

45. You are in the Logan Circle, which city are you in?

Washington, D.C.

46. Campo River (Ntem River) is passed through which country?


47. Frente de Todos is a political coalition in which country?


48. Bobel Cay island is located in which country?


49. 12la United is a football club in which country?


50. What are the only animals that can’t jump?


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