50 General Trivia and Answers Fun Printable Quiz Questions

General trivia and answers are appropriate for everyone. For a collection of agents, general trivia and answers is a specific type of knowledge. David Kellogg Lewis initially presented the term in the philosophical literature in his study Convention (1969). In a 1969 study, sociologist Morris Friedell defined common knowledge. Robert Aumann was the first to offer it a mathematical expression in a set-theoretical context (1976). Beginning in the 1980s, computer scientists were interested in epistemic logic in general – and common knowledge in particular as well as general trivia and answers. There is a slew of riddles based on the premise that mathematicians like John Conway have spent a lot of time delving into general trivia and answers.

In his 1972 book Meaning, philosopher Stephen Schiffer separately devised a concept he dubbed “mutual knowledge,” which acts similarly to Lewis and Friedel’s 1969 “shared knowledge.” General trivia and answers are good for practicing GK-free. David Lewis employed common knowledge in his groundbreaking game-theoretical analysis of convention. In this respect, common knowledge remains a fundamental idea for linguists and philosophers of language who adhere to a Lewisian, conventionalist explanation of language and general trivia and answers.

General trivia and answers

1. What is Haggis in Scotland?

A sausage-like pudding made from a sheep’s stomach filled with lamb pieces and oats

2. Cocking Lime Works, an industrial archaeological site is located in which country?


3. Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is a large museum located in which city in Shanghai?


4. Dimale is an ancient Greek archaeological site in which country?


5. Name the smurf spin-off characters that live underwater?


6. Cayo Cochino Menor island is located in which country?


7. What was a toffee ice cream flavoring and of a toffee-centered chocolate-covered candy bar similar to the Heath bar, introduced by the Blackstone Hotel in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1920?

Butter Brickle

8. First image of Earth from orbit, showing a sunlit area of the Central Pacific Ocean and its cloud cover on August 14, 1959 from which spacecraft?

Explorer 6

9. What is Brampton Assembly, Brampton, Ontario, Cana?

A former automotive manufacturing plant

10. One-quarter of people who lose the sense of smell also lose what?

Desire for sex

11. Which country has tried in 1998, 2009, 2012 to launch satellites, the first successful launch on 12 December 2012?

North Korea

12. Where is the home of the Beenleigh Blue cheese?


13. What is USS A. D. Vance (1862)?

United States Navy ship

14. St. Clement’s Church is located in which country?

Bornholm, Denmark

15. What does sputnik literally mean?

Fellow Traveller

16. Liga Amateur Platense de fútbol is a regional football leagues in which country?

Argentina (Buenos Aires)

17. In which country do you find Aldwych Street?


18. Owned by Bell Media, what is a privately owned television system with stations in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and Atlantic Canada?


19. Batanai is a football club in which country?


20. An archangel cat has what color coat?


21. Workers’ Left Front – United is a political coalition in which country?


22. What is the fiction genre of Most of the work of Tim Powers?

Wainscot (fiction)/ Masquerade (trope)

23. As of 2020, how many hectares of forest area American Samoa has?

17 hectares

24. Who casts Alexis Castle in the American crime-comedy-drama television series Castle (season 2)?

Molly C. Quinn

25. Mojo is a Filipino what?

Alcoholic fruit punch

26. What is Harees?

Emirati cuisine

27. What is Anthotyros?


28. Vix Grave tumulus is located in which country?


29. Wadi Suq valley is located in which country?


30. Debby Boone sang the No 1 song of the 70s name it?

You light up my life

31. Benito River (Mbini River) (Woleu River) is passed through which country?


32. Eltang stone, a runestone is located in which country?


33. Schwäbisches Turmuhrenmuseum is a horological museum in which country?


34. What is one of the eponymous fictional twinned city-states in China Miéville’s novel The City & the City?


35. The Volga is Europe’s longest river what is the second-longest?


36. Umbri is an extinct language and people from which origin?


37. What was a movement in the Middle Ages led by the Catholic Church?

The Peace and Truce of God

38. Éisleker Ham is a traditional dish in which country?


39. Grupo Uatumã is a what in Brazil?


40. What instrument did Glen Miller play?


41. Which basil is almost as popular as sweet basil, with a similar flavor?

Genovese basil

42. As of 2013, what is the third-ranked country by milk consumption per capita?

Sweden, 341.23 kg/capita/year

43. What is Oberthür’s grizzled skipper in Algeria?

a butterfly, Pyrgus armoricanus

44. What is a North American blend of cinnamon, clove, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice?

Pumpkin pie spice

45. Which vegetable has the highest sugar content?


46. What is Basco-béarnaise?


47. Where are Afghan biscuits originated?

New Zealand

48. Scarlet runner bean was a what type of ancient American crop?


49. Hasty pudding was originated in which country?

United States

50. In China it’s 19 grams but in Denmark, 42 grams average what?

Weight of man’s testicles

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