50 General History Quiz and Answers Printable Knowledge Easy

General history quiz and answers printable knowledge is easy for all. If you’re having trouble writing a college paper at school, remember to use these abilities. Since you first stepped into a history lesson, you’ve certainly cultivated a number of them. Furthermore, you may always request assistance from your teacher or classmates. Explore general history quiz and answers printable knowledge easy. If you are unable to contact either, you may always get help from a reputable online academic service.

Historical Sites Provide an Opportunity to Visit and Study You have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn about historical civilizations by studying history. Better better, your school may plan a field trip to numerous historical sites, allowing you to have firsthand experience with prior cultures. Find general history quiz and answers printable knowledge easy. For example, you may learn about Egyptian civilization and why it fell apart by visiting the pyramids of Egypt. Persepolis, Alhambra, the Colosseum in Rome, and Petra are some of the other historical locations you may see.

The legendary “Christmas Truce” between British and German troops takes place on the battlefields of WWI in 1914. Soldiers exchange presents and play football instead of fighting. Have fun with a general history quiz and answers printable knowledge easy.

Grab general history quiz and answers printable knowledge easy In 1973, Ajax forward Johan Cruyff wins his second Ballon d’Or, beating Juventus goalkeeper Dino Zoff and Bayern Munich attacker Gerd Müller to the title of a finest European football player.

After just three seasons in MLB, the Houston Colt.45s change their name to the Astros in 1964; owners claim the decision symbolizes a stride forward for the organization and the city of Houston. Explore general history quiz and answers printable knowledge easy right now!

General History Quiz and Answers Printable Knowledge Easy

1. Which defunct American magazine was first published in 1978?


2. What is an American multi-national auction house based in Dallas, Texas, founded in the 1970s and 1980?

Heritage Auctions

3. What was the name of British coin used in silver 1547–1945 (and thereafter only for Maundy), nickel-brass 1937–1970?


4. What is Ogyris amaryllis, on a stamp of Australia (1981, 80c)?


5. Battle at Bronker’s Spruit, Transvaal in which year, Farmers beat Britten?


6. Indonesian President Sukarno proclaims general mobilization in which year?


7. In 1448, which pope appoints Rudolf of Diepholt, Bishop of Utrecht, as cardinal?

Pope Nicholas V

8. Battle of Kelly’s Ford, VA was held in which year?


9. In 2014, which newspaper calls 2014 ‘The year the people stood up’?

The Guardian

10. In 1880, NY’s Broadway lit by electricity, becomes known as what?

“Great White Way”

11. In which tournament was held in 1906, at Christchurch, NZ: All-NZ final; Antony Wilding beats Francis Fisher 6-0, 6-4, 6-4?

Australasian Championships Men’s Tennis

12. Nyasaland secedes from Rhodesia & Nyasaland in which year?


13. Vicksburg campaign was launched in which year?


14. In 1585, the English fleet & Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, reach which location?


15. Intl cantilever railway bridge opens at Niagara Falls in which year?


16. Name one of only three Roman generals ever awarded the spolia opima.

Aulus Cornelius Cossus

17. In 1962, Street signs in Golden Gate Park were approved by which authority?

Park Commission

18. In 1862, Confederate raid on Union supplies at which location in Mississippi?

Holly Springs

19. In, which tournament was held in 2019, #6 Florida beats #24 Virginia, 36-28?

86th Orange Bowl

20. In which year, Strongman Louis Cyr withstands pull of 4 horses?


21. Crown of Christian V is owned by which country?


22. In 1600, Ottario Rinuccini and Giulio Caccini’s which opera was published?


23. Battle of Ft Fisher, NC was held in which year?


24. In 2016, 83rd Orange Bowl: #10 Florida State beats #6 Michigan by what score?


25. Pneumatic automobile tire patented, Syracuse, NY in which year?


general history quiz and answers general knowldge fun history trivia interesting facts
Pneumatic automobile tire

26. “A Hard Day’s Night” was one of the Beatles’ primaries “core catalogue” of 14 albums, released in which year?


27. De Clear-Alkmaar railway was opened in which year?


28. In which year, Transit 5A1, 1st operational navigational satellite, launched?


29. Which historic recession in the United Kingdom started in 1873?

Long Depression

30. In 1893, the 1st state anti-lynching statute was approved in which US city?


31. In 1626, which Holy Roman Emperor and Prince of Transylvania Gabor Bethlen sign Peace of Pressburg (Bratislava)?

Ferdinand II

32. 53 contract workers were killed during a fire at a Titan missile silo in Little Rock AFB, Searcy, Arkansas in which year?


33. In 1823, which Play by Helmina von Chézy with incidental music by Franz Schubert premieres in Vienna?

“Rosamunde, Princess of Cyprus”

34. League of Corinth was a historic military alliance activated in which years?

338 – 322 BC

35. In 1894, which team beat Australia by 10 runs in the 1st six-day Test Cricket, Australia needed 177 to win, all out at 166 on the 6th day?


36. In 1964, which Danish film directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer, starring Nina Pens Rode, Bendt Rothe, and Ebbe Rode, is released in France?


37. In 1661, Corporation Act was enforced in which country?


38. Famous singer Stevie Wonder released which album in November 1966?

Down to Earth

39. What is the Proclamation 10147 of United States President Joe Biden, signed on February 03, 2021?

National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month, 2021

40. Thomas Edison privately demonstrated incandescent light at Menlo Park in which year?


41. In 1669, 1st jury trial in Delaware; who was condemned for insurrection & sentenced to flogging, branding & slavery?

Marcus Jacobson

42. In 1830, Great Britain, France, Prussia, Austria, and Russia recognize which country?


43. Billy Bailey was executed in which year for murder?


44. French President De Gaulle re-elected (Mitterrand gets 45%) in which year?


45. What was the name of California’s 1st freeway that was opened in 1940?

Arroyo Seco Parkway

46. In 1688, Prince William of Orange’s troops arrives in which city?


47. Hawaiian post office was established in which year?


48. In which year, Prime Minister of Australia Harold Holt is officially presumed dead?


49. Symphony No. 9 (1985–1987) was composed by Robert Simpson on which occasion?

Dedicated to his wife, Angela

50. In 1939, which film, starring Burgess Meredith as George, Lon Chaney Jr. as Lennie, is released?

“Of Mice and Men”

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