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Fun trivia quiz questions general knowledge free online printable test is with fresh and useful information. Gregori (2007, p. 205) claims that Aristotle used the term “common sense” to refer to both individual senses acting as a unit, which Gregori refers to as “the perceptual capacity of the soul,” and the higher level “sensory capacity of the soul,” which represents the senses and imagination working together, for example, fun trivia quiz questions.

According to Gregori, by the time of Alexander of Aphrodisias, there appears to have been a standardization of the term koin asthsis as a phrase for the perceptual ability (not the higher-level sensory capacity) like fun trivia quiz questions.

When compared to Plato’s idea of the soul (pskh), Aristotle’s contains an added layer of intricacy in the shape of the noûs or “intellect,” which is unique to humans and allows them to view things differently than other animals with fun trivia quiz questions. It employs imagery derived from common sense and imagination, as well as reasoning (o, lógos) and active intellect.

The noûs detect real forms of things, whereas common sense identifies features of objects that are shared. Regardless of how academics interpret the facts, Aristotle’s “common sense” was not logical in the sense that it suggested no ability to explain the experience of solving fun trivia quiz questions.

Fun trivia quiz questions

1. What is Mon?

The Mon language is an Austroasiatic language spoken by the Mon people

2. Which word literally means “harmony energy way”, or with some poetic license, “way of the harmonious spirit”?


3. What is the name of Final Boss in the video game Darksiders?

Abaddon, a dragon

4. In the Bible, Aaron, what is in the Quran?


5. What word originally meant dark cosmetic eye powder?

Alcohol from Al Kuhul antimony

6. What is Eskrima?

a rattan stick to represent the sword

7. Which year was a common year starting on Friday or Saturday in the Julian calendar and a leap year starting on Thursday in the Proleptic Julian calendar?

Year 1 BC

8. Which Emperor of the Han Dynasty dies in 1 BC and is succeeded by his 8-year-old cousin Ping of Han?

Emperor Ai of Han

9. Who is a person appointed to govern a state pro tempore because the regnant monarch is a minor?

A regent

10. Collective nouns – A wiggle of what?


11. An idiomatic term for homosexuality in Chinese is duanxiu zhi pi meaning what?

“passion of the cut sleeve”

12. January 0 or 0 January is an alternative name for what date?

December 31

13. Which Sumerian farmer god defended Sumer with a bow and arrow, and wore a crown described as a rainbow?


14. What is the U.S. state dinosaur for Arizona?

Sonorasaurus thompsoni

15. Which US state drinks the least beer per capita?


16. What is Sirenia?

commonly referred to as sea-cows or sirenians, are an order of fully aquatic, herbivorous mammals

17. What is the name of a series of cabinet cards by Eadweard Muybridge, including six cards, photographs were taken in 1878?

The Horse in Motion

18. The Saptarishi is a Sanskrit dvigu meaning what?

“seven sages”

19. What is the romanization of the Japanese?

Use of Latin script to write the Japanese language

20. In ancient Sparta what was the penalty for bachelorhood?

Can’t watch women’s gymnastics

21. What is a generic term referring to a continuation of existence, typically spiritual and experiential, beyond this world, or after death?


22. What is the meaning of the Japanese form of the language of “Amaririsu” flower?


23. Who was a French artist and the inventor of the early motion-picture camera, possibly the first person to shoot a moving picture sequence?

Louis Aimé Augustin Le Prince

24. What is Gohan or meshi in Japan?

Plainly cooked white rice

general knowledge quiz bee miscellaneous quiz questions and answers general knowledge quiz for dummies with answers general knowledge family quiz family quiz questions and answers general knowledge
Gohan or meshi in Japan

25. Woodpusher, fish, and patzer derogatory words for a bad what?

Chess player

26. What is Whipsaw?

types of rip saws used in the conversion of logs into timbers in a saw pit

27. What is Pastel?

a common drawing material

28. What is the name of a converted merchant ship in service as a seaplane tender from 1916 to 1919 in France?


29. Nicosia New General Hospital is located in which country?


30. What is the highest waterfall in the Alps?

The Reichenbach Falls

31. Tampere University is located in which country?


32. Mark Kara, Stark Engineers, Strassacker Art Foundry architectured which famous US state?

Pegasus and Dragon

33. What is an extension of ISO 639‑2 to cover all known, living or dead, spoken or written languages in 7,589 entries?

ISO 639‑3

34. Hallandale Beach is a city in southern Broward County in which US state?


35. In Disney’s Jungle book name four vultures?

John Paul George Ringo

36. Which religion has the symbol of the Nine-pointed star?


37. Helsinki University Hospital is located in which country?

Helsinki, Finland

38. Abbey of Kells ruin is located in which country?

Republic of Ireland

39. Dinavar ruin is located in which country?


40. La Celestina was the first one in Spain the first what?

Theatre play

41. What is the Liberty Enlightening the World?

The Statue of Liberty

42. Burj Khalifa in Dubai was built in which year?


43. Eastern Air Lines Flight 14 overran the runway on landing and came to rest in Flushing Bay, one passenger was killed in 1945 in which airport?

LaGuardia Airport, New York

44. What is Taiyo in Japan?

An escort carrier

45. 1994 Christies sold what piece of Elvis memorabilia for $41400?

Amex credit card

46. Estadio Ciudad de Caseros is a football stadium, Caseros is located in which country?

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

47. What is the name of the seaplane tender in service from 1928 to 1933 in Australia?

HMAS Albatross

48. Lasarte (three Michelin stars) restaurant is located in which European city?


49. In digital imaging, what is the smallest addressable element in a raster image, or the smallest addressable element?

a pixel, pel, or picture element

50. According to Guinness’s book what’s measured in Milli-Helens?

Beauty from Helen of Troy

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